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There are various workouts for different body types, and depending on where you fall on the spectrum, one may definitely suit you better than another. My body type was always skinny fat, but I didn’t really realize this or understand how I should alter my workout routine and more importantly, how to eat properly so that I could achieve my ideal physique.

The workouts you do to sculpt your physique are certainly important, but it’s even more important that you eat properly by hitting your daily calories and protein. The way you calculate this depends on your body type. If you’re looking to drop weight, then you should go into a calorie deficit. If you’re looking to gain weight, then you’d want to eat at a calorie surplus. In both scenarios, it’s vital that you also hit enough protein.

The reason I mention this is that without eating properly, no workout will really make a dent in your physique the way you want. I see it time and again with people hitting the gym almost daily, and still not getting the results they’re after. It’s no different with driving. You won’t go very far by putting Kool-Aid in the gas tank of a car.

Now, before we get to the workouts for different body types, I want to discuss some of the very best workouts I believe you can find that will truly give you amazing results if you follow them. Regardless of your body type, there’s a workout plan that would suit you.

Kinobody Workout Programs

kinobody workouts

The workouts I’ll be discussing in this article are by Kinobody. This company changed my life during the pandemic and taught me the ins and outs of how proper nutrition combined with solid resistance training can completely transform your physique in just a few short months. The results I got shocked me, considering I’ve been a health & fitness enthusiast for years. Obviously, I’d been following the wrong advice.

While lots of programs and supplements make these bogus promises that you’ll get a rock star body overnight, I learned how the process of achieving your ideal physique truly works. Proper food consumption causes you to lose unwanted fat and maintain lean muscle. Proper resistance training sculpts your body into a new physique. When you combine the two, magic happens, and you’ll surprise even yourself as it’s happening.

A lot of workout gurus seem to hate the Kinobody culture and I totally understand why. It’s sort of like the weird alien spaceship in the midst of a world of never ending diets & fitness routines. It’s very easy to hate, and it’s just as easy to love. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m one of the die-hard fans of Kinobody programs.

Greg O’ Gallagher, the founder, goes against the grain of traditional health & fitness in his approach to attaining your ideal body. For instance, he believes that you’ll get into far better shape working out only 3 days a week as opposed to 6 or 7.

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take a physique quiz

He stresses how traditional cardio will actually HURT your results, and suggests that you walk daily instead. He also strongly believes that you should eat what you want, and not adhere to any kind of restrictive diet. Most diets fail in the long run.

His overall philosophy is that working out and eating right should NOT interfere with your life. It should be fun, painless, simple, and seamlessly fit into your day-to-day routines. And while I was also skeptical of his programs at first, my results are enough for me to disregard all the noise of the health & fitness industry for good.

It’s actually a relief to not be bouncing around from program to program any longer, because I know what works, why it works, and the exact results I’ll get, depending on the changes I make to my nutrition and workouts.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the different body types and the workouts I’d suggest.



overweight body type

If you’re looking to lose somewhere between 25 – 30 pounds, and gain muscle and definition, then the Kinobody program I’d personally suggest to you is the Aggressive Fat Loss or Movie Star Body.

Aggressive Fat Loss is a signature Kinobody program that is designed for people who are overweight and looking to lose more than 15 pounds of fat. The difference between Aggressive Fat Loss and Movie Star Body program is in its approach to nutrition.

The Aggressive Fat Loss program is designed to help you lose more fat more quickly. But unlike other programs, it’s set up to be realistically achievable, unlike many extreme fat loss diets that are unsustainable.

This program, like all Kinobody plans, sets up your exact daily nutrition, so you know exactly what you should be eating every day. It also incorporates a solid resistance training program that works hand in hand with the nutrition protocol.

What I’ve personally noticed in our Kinobody Facebook community is that many guys who were heavily overweight began their journey with the Aggressive Fat Loss program. Once they achieved a certain result, they transitioned over to the Movie Star Body program, and took their results to another level.



bulky body type

If you’re bulky, it’s likely that you have good muscle size already. However, you may be carrying on additional fat that you want to lose as well. I notice that a lot of guys who fit this body type have about 10 – 20 pounds of fat to lose, and their goal is to eliminate it and put on lean muscle.

If this is your situation, then I’d suggest going with the Movie Star Body program, which is what I personally discovered during the pandemic. This is actually a workout you can do exclusively from home, and it’s yielded some of the best results of any Kinobody program.

If you prefer to work out at the gym, there’s an option for that. 10 – 20 pounds can easily be lost within a few months on this program. When you combine the nutrition protocol with the workouts, you’ll start to see measurable results within a month.


Skinny Fat

I definitely fell into this category. I actually didn’t even realize that I had 15 pounds of fat to lose. I weighed 153 pounds and I’m 5″10, so I really thought this was a pretty healthy weight. Little did I realize there were patches of fat on various parts of my body that all added up. From my love handles to chest fat, and even face fat, it all came off within a few months.

The skinny fat body type feels skinny when wearing clothes. However, you’d know if you’re skinny fat if you feel you’ve got stubborn fat to lose in various places of your body. This could be your chest, belly, love handles, and other places where it seems to just sit stubbornly. While you want to burn off this unwanted fat, your goal is to also tone up and build muscle definition.

The Movie Star Body Program is definitely the best approach for this body type. Being skinny fat is actually a great body type to have to really experience transformative results in the shortest amount of time. The reason for that is that you don’t have all that much fat to lose in the first place.

Most people lose about 4 – 5 pounds of fat per month following the nutrition protocol of this program, so you’ll see that happening, while also building lean muscle due to the resistance training. Many of the people with “skinny fat” bodies see transformative results in only 3 months on the Movie Star Body program. This happened to me, and it’s why I have stuck with Kinobody ever since.



skinny body type

If you have a skinny body type, that means that you’re already at a very low body fat percentage. You may even have some definition. However, your goal is to fill out by packing on muscle mass.

In this situation, I’d definitely suggest getting started with the Greek God Program. This is perfect for people who are skinny and looking to develop muscle mass. Because the focus is on getting you bigger, you’ll need access to weights, either at a gym or a home workout station.

I’ve seen guys make some insane transformations on this program. You’d actually be packing on pounds by eating at a calorie surplus, while at the same time following the workout routine. When you adhere to both the nutrition protocol & exercises, you should pack on about 1-3 pounds of muscle per month.

As I mentioned earlier, the magic of Kinobody programs is in their combination of both the nutrition & workouts combined. When you adhere to both of them exactly as laid out, you’ll get serious results.


Which Workout Fits Your Body Type?

workouts for different body types

Depending on your body type, one of these workout programs would suit you better than another. If you’re overweight, I’d suggest going with Aggressive Fat Loss program, and if you’re skinny and looking to make gains, The Greek God Program is the right fit for you.

For the “in between” body types like skinny fat and bulky, I’d start with Movie Star Body, which is what I have most experience with. In fact, Movie Star Body can be great for any body type, because the nutrition protocol can be altered based on your caloric needs. I actually know people who were overweight who made amazing progress on it, and skinny guys who built up some serious muscle on the program as well.

But it’s always good to make some changes. I’m doing a hybrid workout of that program, and I may be diving into The Greek God program in the near future, now that I’ve leaned down enough. Another program I didn’t mention here, which you may want to check out, is Superhero 2.0. You can check it out here. If you already consider yourself to be in shape, it’s designed to take that to a whole new level.

Every workout listed in this article is a full-body routine that focuses on different body parts on different days of the week strategically so that you build a proportionate, lean, and muscular physique. They’re all powerful, and depending on what body type you have, one may be better suited for you.


I hope you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments regarding these programs or would like any more info regarding body types, let me know in the section below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading!

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