Why Is It So Hard To Lose Belly Fat? 5 Steps To Blast That Flab

I asked myself for years why is it so hard to lose belly fat? It wasn’t just belly fat, but it was fat around my chest – I wanted to destroy the man boobs, and the love handles, and no matter what exercises I did or how I ate, it never really seemed to make a substantial difference.

I’ve tried home cool sculpting, which actually seemed to make a difference, even if it was just in my head. I ate low carb diets for years and I’ve taken various fat burning pills. I bought plastic rats from the dollar store and put them inside my fridge to hopefully freak me out and stop me from overeating in the middle of the night.

I just wanted to get rid of the jiggly parts of my belly as well as extra fat anywhere else. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “If it jiggles, it’s fat”. You know, that line used to really piss me off, for a few reasons. First, because I knew it was true. And, second, cause I had too many areas of my body that jiggled.

Well, in this article, I’d like to let you know that it’s NOT so hard to lose belly fat or any other unwanted fat you’ve got on your body. If you’ve struggled for years with this, I’m totally with you and I get it. I also struggled for years with it, dealing with a lot of emotional ups and downs.

It’s an interesting concept too, because for so long, I was on the other side of this vast question of how to get rid of this extra fat. I was always trying new thing to blast that fat away, and it never worked. But what I’ll teach you in this article is what finally DID work for me, and it’s shockingly simple to do.

It will require some effort on your part, but nothing crazy. I’ve been in a healthy weight range for years. I’m 5″10 and I weighed 153 pounds. But what I’m about to share with you dropped me down to 141lbs in just a few months and it stripped unwanted fat away from my belly and other areas of my body. My body fat scale clearly showed that I went down 3% body fat in just a few months. More importantly, I was just really happy with what I saw in the mirror.

Here are 5 Steps I’d suggest you follow if you’re serious about losing belly fat…and you WILL lose it.

1) Don’t Diet – Do This Instead

The moment I realized it had nothing to do with eating low carb, and everything to do with eating the right amount of calories and protein is when my belly started shrinking and the fat started melting away everywhere else too.

I know this is a tough one for a lot of people, especially if you live a low carb lifestyle like I did for many years. This is tough also if you’re following any kind of diet.


The problem I see with dieting is not so much the diets themselves, but more the mental tricks they play on us. We realize that we’re restricted to certain foods and then eventually overeat and sabotage our progress.

I really think this is why I used to overeat literally while I was asleep. I’d eat properly throughout the day, and then ruin it in the middle of the night, half asleep by grabbing something out of the fridge like cake or a cookie or bread, and then any work I did to get in shape was ruined.


Eat at a 400 calorie deficit per day. That’s it. You must calculate your own calorie deficit. It’s completely dependent on your weight. Doing this will cause you to lose approximately 4 to 5 pounds per month, and this will be fat loss. Also, 400 calories is just enough of a deficit to start to seeing significant results while at the same time not starving yourself so you can still enjoy the foods you love.

So, to calculate your personal calorie deficit, visit this page here. Make sure to read the first section that says “track your calorie intake” and follow instructions there.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough if your goal is to seriously lose belly fat. I now eat McDonald’s if I feel like it, or pizza and donuts. It really doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you follow this.



Now aside from tracking your calories, you now need to track protein. It is one of the most important things you can put into your body for serious fat loss. While you drop fat, you’re still maintaining your lean mass, so your body will start to shape itself very proportionately when you take in enough protein combined with the calorie deficit listed above.

Don’t worry, all of this is very easy to calculate when you use the right tools, which I’ll mention in the next section. So, once you’ve calculated how many calories you need to eat per day, you should calculate how much protein you should be eating per day as well.

Please visit the page below to find out how much protein you should be taking in per day.


Scroll to the section that says “Hit Your Protein Goals” to do the calculation.

3) Use These Tools To Track Everything

Now, maybe you’re freaking out a bit cause of these calculations I’m asking you to do. They’re actually very simple to follow on a daily basis if you’ve got the right tools. Yes, it requires a bit of effort on your end – I’d say you’re adding 10 minutes per day tracking your food intake, but it’s so incredibly worth it, I promise you.

If you can follow this for a month, you’re going to be very happy with the results you’ll start to see in the mirror.

The two most important tools I use every single day to track my food intake are MyNetDiary and a Food Scale.

Without these tools, there’s no way I could have made significant progress.


In short, the food scale will make sure you are tracking your foods properly and not accidentally going over or under your calories by too much. I used to miscalculate meats for instance or even potatoes. I thought to myself, “oh that chicken breast is about 150 calories”. Oh boy was I wrong. That chicken breast is about 300 calories.

I’d do the same thing with a potato cause you see online a regular potato is about 100 calories. Nope, the potatoes I have here are regular russet potatoes and when I weight them on my scale, I see that this one potato is about 300 calories too.

My point here is, if you’re serious about losing belly fat, there is no room for miscalculations that are so huge. Small miscalculations are fine, and we’re never going to be perfect calculating all this stuff. But there isn’t room for a 200 calorie miscalculation just cause we eyeballed a food and guessed its calories.


It doesn’t have to be MyNetDiary. My understanding is that MyFitnessPal is just fine too. But because I personally use MyNetDiary, it’s what I suggest. So please install one of these apps on your phone.

Now, the food scale is important to measure your foods’ calories so that you know exactly how many calories you’re putting into your body, especially with home cooked foods. MyNetDiary is where you enter the information. So, that 5.01 ounces of lean ground beef (301 calories) or 8.78 ounce baked potato (229 calories) – it must all be entered into the app.

You aren’t a calculator but the app is. So, it tracks all the foods you eat throughout the day, while knowing your calorie budget.

These two tools will let you know exactly what you’re eating every day and keep you within your calorie budget very easily.

I’ve written a very detailed article on how to use both of these tools properly to track your calories and protein intake.


4) Walk Daily

Walking has completely replaced any other form of cardio I’ve ever done, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I walk 10,000 steps a day, and even got a treadmill that I pull out from under my bed for when it’s really cold outside and I just don’t want to walk through the bitter Chicago weather.

Walking 10,000 steps per day will burn approximately 400 – 500 calories and it takes about 90 minutes of time, give or take. You can break it up throughout the day, and walking around your house, to your car or mailbox, or anywhere, all counts towards these 10,000 steps.

I use MyNetDiary to track my daily steps, but you could easily use a fit bit or another app if you prefer.

Want to know exactly how many calories you’ll burn walking 10,00 steps a day?


5) Intermittent Fasting

This was a completely game changer for me as well. I didn’t fully understand what intermittent fasting even was until I began doing some research on it and then I realized, it’s not so scary as its name makes it sound.

It is NOT a diet. I don’t promote diets of any kind. Intermittent fasting is simply a matter of changing the hours of the day that you eat. You will not eat for an extended period, which could easily be your sleeping hours.

Personally, I just don’t eat after I wake up. I’m never hungry anyway. But what this allows me to do, is eat huge meals for dinner and snacks. I used to eat low carb and 5 to 6 meals per day, which was annoying for a few reasons.

I had to eat low carb, so there wasn’t really any bread or potatoes, or foods I truly loved. But not only that, I had to schedule all my meals throughout the day and make them a lot smaller. It was time-consuming always having to think up what I was going to eat every few hours.

I love intermittent fasting so much cause eating is actually ENJOYABLE like it should be. It removes all restrictions and allows you to freely eat how you want.

Not only does it allow you to eat freely, it has incredible fat burning benefits and I truly believe it has been incredibly helpful in fat loss.


So Is It Hard To Lose Belly Fat?

So, why is it so hard to lose belly fat? It’s not hard! I used to think it was impossible, for someone like me. I always gave excuses that it had something to do with genetics or my body type, etc… But it’s so simple that it’s mind boggling.  And I no longer hate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous line cause I figured out how to stop the jiggling!

If you’re serious about dropping body fat, then I strongly suggest following all 5 items listed in this article. But in all fairness, the first 3 items are most important:

  1. Calculate Your Calorie Deficit
  2. Calculate Your Protein Intake
  3. Use MyNetDiary & a Food Scale To Track Everything

Add walking and intermittent fasting into this mix, and you will supercharge your progress. I hope this article was helpful. More importantly, I hope it got you to think a little differently about the true possibly of burning fat.

I didn’t really want to bore you with more stories about my own fat loss journey, but this blog was created because I was so inspired by the results I got just by following what’s written here. I thought to myself, if complete strangers could find this website and just follow what I’m teaching, they will see incredible progress, and that would make me so happy.

A few friends have followed this plan with amazing results. My best friend dropped 25 pounds just following the steps I’ve laid out above. Thank you so much for reading, and if you need any clarification on anything written here, or if you’d like me to write on any other specific topic, I’d love to know any questions or comments you have. Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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