Why Are Calisthenics Athletes So Ripped? Here’s 7 Reasons

What makes them so different from other athletes?

Why are calisthenics athletes so ripped?

I’ve been doing variations of calisthenics training since the pandemic hit in 2020, and while I wouldn’t consider myself to be anywhere close to Bruce Lee’s physique, I’m more than happy with the results I got.

I dropped 16 pounds of pure body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass within a few months by following this simple calisthenics program.

It was shocking having my first ever body transformation, considering how many other weight training programs and cardio workouts I’d done for years.

I’ve learned quite a bit about the power of calisthenics, and this article will break down seven reasons why calisthenics athletes are so ripped.

1 – The Food They Put Into Their Bodies

This is, without question, THE most critical reason calisthenics athletes are so ripped.

This is the answer to anyone wanting to get ripped.

Calisthenics athletes are eating the right foods.

You could work out for hours, but if you don’t understand your body’s nutritional requirements to torch fat and build lean muscle, you won’t get the results you’re after.

Calisthenics athletes know that to get results, they need to fuel their bodies with nutritious foods that will help them build muscle and burn fat.

They typically eat a lot of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs. And they make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

You’ll see fantastic results when combining a healthy diet with a solid workout routine. So if you want to get ripped, start eating like a calisthenics athlete.

If you have extra fat to lose, then eating at a reasonable calorie deficit is how you start getting shredded. Eating at a lean bulk will benefit you if you’re already skinny.

You can learn which one is right for you here.

2 – Calisthenics Burns More Calories Than Weight Lifting

It’s no secret that calisthenics is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and get in shape. But what many people don’t realize is that calisthenics can burn more calories than weight lifting. Here’s why:

  1. Calisthenics requires a lot of energy. You’re constantly moving your body, which means your heart rate is kept up, and you’re burning more calories.
  2. Calisthenics works more muscles than weight lifting. When you lift weights, you usually only work for one muscle group at a time. But with calisthenics, you’re using your entire body, which means working more muscles and burning more calories.

So this is one of the significant reasons calisthenics athletes are so ripped. They burn calories and get in shape because of the calorie power behind the exercises they do.

More calories burned = more fat melted away = more shredded physique.

2 – The Unique Exercises That Make Up The Calisthenics Routine

Calisthenics athletes are often ripped because of the unique exercises that they perform.

These exercises are designed to build functional strength and muscle endurance.

And, because they use your body weight as resistance, they can be highly challenging.

3 – The Focus On Functional Strength

Calisthenics athletes are also ripped because of the focus on functional strength.

Functional strength is the kind of strength that helps you perform everyday activities with ease, such as carrying groceries or climbing stairs.

This type of strength is different from the kind of strength you would develop from lifting weights at the gym, which often leads to bulky muscles that are not very functional.

Calisthenics exercises are designed to target all the major muscle groups in your body, giving you a well-rounded workout that will leave you feeling strong and capable.

In addition, calisthenics is a very efficient form of exercise, so you can get a great workout without spending hours at the gym.

As a result, calisthenics is an ideal way to build functional strength and achieve a ripped physique.

4 – The Use Of Bodyweight Resistance

Another reason calisthenics athletes are ripped is because of the use of bodyweight resistance.

This type of resistance is incredibly effective for building muscle and burning fat.

And, because it doesn’t require equipment, it can be done anywhere, anytime.

5 – The High-Intensity Nature Of The Workouts

Along with point #2 above, calisthenics athletes are also ripped because of the high-intensity nature of the workouts.

These workouts are designed to push your body to its limits, resulting in an intense calorie burn.

And when combined with the other factors on this list, the results can be excellent.

6 – The Discipline Required To Stick With The Program

Finally, calisthenics athletes are ripped because of the discipline required to stick with the program.

This type of training is not for everyone.

It requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to push yourself.

But, if you’re willing to do the work, the results can be incredible.

7 – They Follow A Solid Calisthenics Routine

I couldn’t run this website or write this article without shedding some light on the importance of following a solid, science-backed calisthenics routine.

The Movie Star Bodyweight program is an incredibly effective way to get ripped with calisthenics.

The program is designed to help you lose fat and build muscle simultaneously. It incorporates a series of challenging bodyweight exercises that tax both your aerobic and anaerobic systems.

As a result, you’ll not only see an increase in your strength and endurance but also lose fat and build lean muscle mass.

In addition, the program is highly adaptable, meaning that you can adjust the difficulty to suit your fitness level.

Whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Movie Star Bodyweight program is a fantastic Calisthenics routine that can help you get shredded in months.

Why Are Calisthenics Athletes So Ripped? In Closing

So, there you have it—seven reasons why calisthenics athletes are so ripped.

This training may be perfect for you if you’re looking to get into fantastic shape.

Remember the importance of nutrition, focus on functional strength, use bodyweight resistance, and stay disciplined.

The results will speak for themselves.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions, let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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