Where To Buy Adjustable Dumbbells Online – 4 Great Amazon Deals

If you’re looking for where to buy adjustable dumbbells online, Amazon has a great selection with various brands and price points.  I’ve listed four of them in this article for you.

Depending on your specific needs, one set may suit you better than another. I’ve owned Gold’s Gym dumbbells for years, and although they’ve held up fantastically well, I may trade the dumbbells in for a new Bowflex set.

One of the great things about ordering adjustable dumbbells on Amazon is that as you do your research, you can get nice discounts on items that are as good as new, but may not come in the original packaging. This was my experience recently when I bought a weighted vest. I literally saved over $50 just cause my product didn’t come in its original packaging.

The adjustable dumbbell sets listed in this article are highly rated by customers. They’re also space-saving, meaning these are the equivalent of multiple dumbbell sets combined into one product that you can store in a small corner of your home.

So, here are 4 great options for adjustable dumbbells on Amazon.

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Bowflex 552 Adjustable Dumbbells – Amazon

bowflex adjustable dumbbells

Bowflex is a staple in the fitness industry and their adjustable dumbbells are some of the best you can find on the market. My best friend just got a pair of these and they’re exactly what you’d expect from Bowflex. They’re sturdy and simple to adjust & use.

These dumbbells adjust from 5 to 52.5 lbs in 2.5 lb increments. There is a unique dial system on them which makes it very simple and quick to adjust the weights so you can move easily from one workout to the next.


  • 2 adjustable dumbbells
  • 5 lbs – 52.5 lbs per dumbbell
  • Adjust weights in 2.5-pound increments
  • 15 settings
  • 2-year warranty on weight plates and parts
  • Combines 15 sets of weights into one
  • Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbell sets
  • Download Bowflex SelectTech App To Follow Trainer Led Workouts


Bestand Adjustable Dumbbell – Amazon

bestand adjustable dumbbells

Bestand has been a high-end dumbbell brand for over 15 years. This is a highly rated adjustable dumbbell and one of the main differences from the others on this list is that this brand doesn’t come in a pair. So, if you’re looking for a set, you’ll have to purchase two of these.

Bestand dumbbells are remarkably similar to Bowflex in a few different ways. They have an adjustable dial on the ends of them that allows you to easily change weights in 2.5-pound increments up to 52.5 lbs. Even the overall look and design of these weights is similar to Bowflex; my guess is they found some inspiration from them when building these out.


  • 1 adjustable dumbbell
  • Non-slip handlebar
  • 5 lbs – 52.5 lbs per dumbbell
  • Adjust weights in 2.5-pound increments
  • Chain locks keep dumbbells securely in place
  • The dumbbell tray is made of high-quality sturdy nylon
  • Nylon outer layer of weights helps prevent damage to the floor
  • 15 settings
  • 2-year warranty
  • Combines 15 sets of weights into one
  • Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbell sets


NordicTrack Adjustable Dumbbells – Amazon

nordictrack adjustable dumbbells

Nordictrack has been in the fitness industry since 1975 and gained its popularity due to the company’s treadmills and elliptical equipment. Their adjustable dumbbells are a high quality set and the most cost-effective pair on this list. Each dumbbell is adjustable up to 55 pounds, with 15 weight increments per dumbbell.

With this set, you’re getting the same value as 30 individual dumbbells. You can move up in weight using 2.5-pound increments and you can choose as little as 10 pounds as much as 55 per dumbbell. The dumbbells are high quality and constructed from a combination of steel and hardened plastic.


  • 10 pound handlebars
  • Smooth weight selector
  • Custom molded weight trays
  • Replaces 30 dumbbells
  • 15 weight increments per dumbbell
  • Adjust weights in 2.5 or 5-pound increments
  • Weights are adjustable from 10 lbs – 55 lbs
  • Solid construction of steel & hardened plastic
  • Trainer led workouts available with the iFit app
  • Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbell sets


ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbells – Amazon

ativafit adjustable dumbbells

ATIVAFIT dumbbells are another highly rated pair on Amazon. This is the heaviest set on this list, which ranges from 11 pounds to 71.5 pounds in 5.5-pound increments. This may be a perfect dumbbell set for you if you’re doing intense training, and need more weight for your workouts.

The dumbbells are shipped out separately in individual packages because each one is 71.5 pounds. As of this writing, you can get a $50 discount on the set.


  • Wear-resistant durable dumbbells
  • Each dumbbell adjusts from 11 pounds – 71.5 pounds
  • Dumbbells are adjustable in 5.5-pound increments
  • Quickly & easy weight change
  • Dumbbells are shipped in separate packages
  • The handle is made of durable non-slip rubber
  • Each dumbbell replaces 17 dumbbells
  • High strength plastic pedestal to store weights
  • Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbell sets


Which Dumbbells Are Best For You?

If you’re looking for where to buy adjustable dumbbells online, my suggestion is Amazon because you can do some thorough research on different brands along with their pros and cons. I rarely run into issues with Amazon, and if I do, they’re quick to resolve any problems.

If none of these sets is a match for you, there are plenty of others you can search through. I chose these specifically because they were some of the top reviewed items, and they all save a ton of space in your home.

It seems that in light of the pandemic, adjustable dumbbells have become much more popular since people haven’t been going to the gyms. I’ve been working out at home for years anyway, and my dumbbells have become a staple of a variety of different workouts that I do.

If you have any questions regarding anything in this article please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. Thanks so much for reading. I really appreciate you being here.

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