What’s The Best Way To Lose Body Fat – Follow These Steps

For years, I was obsessed with eating low carb because I thought it was the best way to lose body fat. As of this writing, Keto is what everyone’s doing to lose weight. But eventually, some other diet will show up and become the next big thing.

If you asked me today what’s the best way to lose body fat – my answer is going to be very different than what I once believed. My entire view on this changed within a few short months, because I watched my own body change more noticeably than I can remember since college. I dropped about 3% body fat in a very short time. Also, I lost about 12 pounds of weight, seemingly without any effort.

This website was created BECAUSE I was so inspired by the changes that were happening to my body by following such a simple eating and workout plan. I realized I need to share this information with other people who are looking to be happier with their bodies.

BTW, I wasn’t overweight. I was just the RIGHT weight at 153lbs if you asked me. BUT, I wanted to see definition and leanness in my body that I didn’t see when I looked in the mirror. I had a soft and untoned look for years and years, regardless of how I ate and what kind of exercises I did.

I’ve tried so many different workouts, and I’m going to tell you right now, you’ll drop more body fat (and weight) JUST by eating right. If your goal is just to lose body fat, then I’d say focus 100% on making a change to how you eat, and I can promise you will start to see results like never before. Add some walking into the mix and you’ll speed up the progress you make.

It requires some effort, but it’s nothing crazy. It’s simple to do, and if you’re serious about it, I have no doubt you’ll make significant changes in your body. My best friend lost over 20 pounds following what I’m about to explain to you. Let’s get into it.

Start By Eating At A 400 Calorie Deficit

One thing I see with various diets is that they have people eat at crazy calorie deficits that aren’t sustainable. They’re not sustainable because they cause people to starve themselves, and eventually they just can’t keep restricting themselves any longer. This kind of dieting works for a short amount of time.

What I’m talking about is a lifestyle. The calculation I use is this. If you want to lose 4 to 5 pounds per month, then eat at a 400 calorie deficit each day. This is not too big of a deficit, but it’s just enough for you to lose that much weight monthly.

Wouldn’t you like to look back 4 months from now, and see that you’ve lost 16 to 20 pounds seemingly without effort?

This method makes it feel like you aren’t doing all that much to see progress happening towards your goal of losing body fat, which in turn causes you to lose weight.

Please visit this link here to do the simple calculation for yourself. Once you have done it, you’ll know what your calorie deficit is.

This calorie deficit number is how many calories you should be eating each and every day in order to lose 4 to 5 pounds per month.

Eat The Proper Amount Of Protein

High protein intake can help boost your metabolism and help you burn fat at a faster rate. Proteins are in so many foods, but you’ll find the most in foods like chicken, beef, eggs, pork, etc… Once you’ve calculated your calorie intake above, the next thing you should be doing is calculating how much protein you need to take in each day.

In order to do this calculation, simply visit this link here. Scroll down to the heading that says “Protein Intake”. You can calculate how much protein you need to be eating per day by following that section of the site.

Once you have done that calculation, you should have two answers.

You should know how many calories you should be eating each day in order to lose 4 to 5 pounds per month. You should ALSO know how many grams of protein you should be eating each day in order to speed up fat loss.

Walk 10000 Steps Per Day

This isn’t essential. So, if you don’t want to walk, that’s fine. But, doing this WILL speed up your fat loss progress.

I never would have believed it prior to 2020. How on earth can you see more significant fat loss results by just walking than you can by doing intense cardio workouts?

I’ve had gym memberships where I did intense cardio workouts. I’ve done jogging 6 days a week. I’ve signed up for Kickboxing for the intensity of the cardio that goes along with it. I’ve done Insanity, the home work out that will absolutely kick your butt in the cardio department. I’ve done so many other kinds of cardio too, truly believing that if you want to burn fat, you HAVE to do insane cardio.

The problem with this thinking is, when you do such crazy cardio workouts, you end up ravenous and so hungry, it’s very easy to overeat. Also, do you ever look forward to 6 days a week of intense cardio workouts? It’s a lot on your body.

Yet, my body changed significantly when I followed the eating plan above combined with walking.

My purpose here is to make burning fat SIMPLE to accomplish. I want you to notice results without really feeling like you’re doing all that much. That’s when I got the best results.

When you walk 10000 steps, you burn about 400 to 500 calories. But that’s an estimate. You can calculate how many calories YOU will personally burn by visiting this link here. Scroll to the section that says “Your Personal 10000 Step Calorie Burn Calculation” to find out how many calories you’ll burn walking 10000 steps.

I walk 10000 steps 6 days a week. It’s about an hour and a half of time. I break it up though, into different chunks of my day. And, just so you know, walking around the house counts. Walking to your car counts. Every step you take counts. I’d say on average you’re already walking anywhere at least 1000 to 2000 steps a day without even knowing it.

Learn the different ways I implement it into my life right here. I do some weird stuff to make the whole thing very easily implemented into daily life.

Don’t Do Low Carb Or Low Anything

This is so contrary to my previous beliefs. But what can I do? It’s as if though I was blinded by popular belief until I went against the grain and tried something else.

I used to have a cheat day on Sundays. Oh man, I’m sure I overate by at least 2000 calories on those days.

But these days, there are no Sundays cause I’m no longer eating a low carb diet every day. I no longer have to save pizza and burgers and ice cream and snickers bars and whatever else I want just for Sundays.

I eat whatever I want whenever I want, every day of the week.

This was really hard for me to transition into. I just couldn’t believe that it was possible to burn fat eating a Kinder bar literally in bed as I was falling asleep.

Just follow the calculations above. Eat the right amount of calories per day to lose weight, and hit your protein goals. Add the walking to see faster progress.

It’s How I Lost 3% Body Fat & 12 Pounds

So, what’s the best way to lose body fat? Everything you’re reading in this article, ASIDE from the workout I do 3 days a week, is how I’ve seamlessly gotten more defined than I can remember being since college. It’s all I did to drop body fat and lose weight. I’m happy with my progress, and my intention here is to help you hit your own fat loss goals.

My best friend lost over 20 pounds just following the information here. Right before this, he had the mentality that the only way he could lose weight is by eating low carb. But at least he learned to make pizzas that LOOKED real, but really the dough was cardboard.

And he didn’t start seeing significant progress until he followed this method laid out here.

A few things I didn’t mention are the tools that have helped me. One of them is MyNetDiary – this is an app that I use on my phone to track calories. I strongly suggest using it yourself. It will make counting calories very simple to do.

The next thing is a food scale, which makes tracking calories incredibly accurate. There’s very little room for error when you have a scale that calculates what you’re eating. This is the one I use.

One last thing, and it’s not necessarily essential to have, but I bought a body fat scale. This is pretty much just a regular scale that also reads your body fat percentage. It’s not 100% accurate, but no body fat test is. I’ve found that by owning this, it’s keeping me accountable for my progress. This is the scale I use, and I absolutely love it.

I truly hope you found this article to be helpful. I’d love to know methods you’ve used to help you on your fat loss journey. If you have questions or comments on this topic, please leave them below. Thank you so much for reading!

2 thoughts on “What’s The Best Way To Lose Body Fat – Follow These Steps”

  1. Thank you for sharing this here. It is honestly an interesting one to see here and the way you have simplified all.of these here. I quite frankly think that the way you have explained this in details will contribute a lot to my understanding of what this is all about and be Able to follow it to the core by having to do much less. Thanks here

    1. Hey Tracy thank you for the comment.  It makes me happy to read what you said – that I’ve simplified the process of losing body fat in a way that helps you understand it and potentially follow it.  That’s really my goal of this site.  I just want people to see that the path to burning body fat and weight loss is EXTREMELY simple and very easy to follow.  It doesn’t have to be complicated whatsoever.  I’m wishing you the best on your journey.

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