What Is Collagen Protein Powder? Learn The Amazing Benefits

Protein powders are one of the most popular products in health & fitness stores like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.  I personally take a whey protein supplement after my workouts because of its muscle-building benefits.  Plus it’s important to supply the body with high-quality protein when your goal is to stay lean.  Some people take protein supplements to recover from injuries, and, and there are a variety of sources and forms of it.

That said, what is collagen protein powder? A lot of us know quite a bit about whey protein, which is what I’ve been taking for years. I down a bottle of Core Power or make my own smoothie right after a workout. However, I’ve been hearing quite a bit about the benefits of collagen, so I dug in and learned just how beneficial it actually is.

What Is Collagen Protein Powder?

A lot of fitness influencers are using this kind of protein supplement as it allows them to build muscle while getting a better complexion and even improving hair. Collagen is the most common protein in the human body, but it naturally decreases as we get older. The lack of it results in signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Collagen protein powder is simply a protein supplement that uses collagen as its source. The collagen protein is usually extracted from the bovine hide (or beef skin) or cattle bones that are separated from the cow’s meat and then treated.

If you look at some of the reviews online of different collagen protein brands, you’ll inevitably see a few that compare its taste to bone broth, at least for the unflavored versions. Bone broth is a good source of collagen protein as well.

Benefits Of Collagen Protein Powder

Here are some of the benefits of collagen protein powder:

  • Boosting muscle mass
    This benefit is the same as other protein powders on the market. However, collagen protein powder can actually help grow muscles faster. Collagen makes up to 10% of muscle tissue and it is required to keep muscles healthy and functioning properly.Studies show that it promotes the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine and it promotes muscle development following a workout. So you might actually see bigger gains in mass from your training after taking it for some time.
  • Stronger bones
    The bones in our bodies are mostly made up of collagen. Taking this supplement can help them become stronger. As stated earlier, the body decreases’ collagen naturally as it ages. There’s a study that revealed the effect of taking this supplement actually slows down bone breakdown, which can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Improved skin health
    As mentioned above, a lack of collagen will increase the visibility of the signs of aging. By taking this supplement, you can improve skin elasticity and hydration. It may also reduce wrinkles and dryness that will make skin feel and look more supple. I was surprised to see just how many customers online stated an improvement in their skin just by taking a collagen protein supplement.This protein powder can also promote the natural production of collagen in the body as well as other proteins that enhance the skin such as elastin and fibrillin.
  • Better nails and hair
    It’s not just for bone and muscle health. Collagen can also contribute to better hair and nails. Collagen supplements can help to strengthen the nails by eliminating plasticity. When we don’t have enough collagen in our bodies, our nails can become brittle and hair may break easily or fall out.It provides amino acids that help with hair growth. Collagen helps fight damage to hair follicles, and can even prevent hair thinning due to aging. What’s more, is it can actually slow the graying of hair as well.This was another surprising observation as I looked through various reviews on Amazon. Many customers reported an improvement in their nails and hair as a result of taking collagen protein powder.

How To Take Collagen Protein Powder

Just like whey, a container of collagen protein powder will include a scooper that serves as a guide for an individual serving. It can be mixed with a smoothie, coffee, or water – just like regular whey protein. Many people say that the unflavored version of the supplement mixes best with a hot drink, and dissolves instantly.

I follow a home bodyweight workout program, and we’re often provided with some delicious high protein meal suggestions. A lot of these recipes include collagen protein. I’ve seen recipes for collagen pancakes, brownies & cake. There are also some collagen protein bars available now making it easier to consume.

How Long Before You See Results?

  • Muscle Mass
    As far as muscle mass goes, there was a 12-week study conducted in which participants made significant muscle gains compared to a placebo group. Those who took a collagen protein supplement following resistance training 3 days a week saw noticeable improvements in overall muscle mass.
  • Skin, hair, & nails
    This varies, but there are people who see improvements in their skin in as little as 3 to 4 days, while others say it took up to a month before they began to see improvements. As far as hair goes, some who took collagen protein mentioned noticeable improvements to their hair and scalp in 14 days.

Final Verdict: Collagen Is An Amazing Protein Supplement

So what is collagen protein powder and is it worth the investment? After doing loads of research, I believe it’s absolutely worth the investment, considering the large list of benefits it has. My biggest reason for making the purchase it is because of its ability to actually boost muscle mass from my bodyweight training.

But I also love the fact that it’s excellent for your skin and hair. Collagen is known to improve skin elasticity, and promote healthy hair growth, all while building muscle and burning fat. It’s been said that many social media influencers prefer to use this kind of protein supplement over others because it helps them look good while getting fit at the same time. I plan to combine my collagen protein with whey each day so that I have a good balance of both.

I hope this article was helpful in your search to understand collagen protein better. If you have any questions, comments, or experience of your own with collagen, I’d really love to know. Please leave them below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading.

22 thoughts on “What Is Collagen Protein Powder? Learn The Amazing Benefits”

  1. Thanks for providing a great information about protein. for being a fitness freak , hope It will help me.

    1. Hi Rohit – thanks for the comment – yeah, collagen protein definitely has muscle building benefits, but I think whey protein actually may have some additional benefits that collagen doesn’t, from what I’ve been told by a few pros, so I’m combining the two. However, collagen protein is also great for your hair, nails, and skin. So I’ve started combining both after my workouts – whey 3 days a week, but I’m taking collagen 7 days a week now. Here’s a list of great collagen choices btw if that helps.

  2. This article has really widened my knowledge. I have been dreaming of something like this for so long, I can easily boost my muscles and this article has also stated various effects of this protein powder.

    1. Hi Victory – I’m glad to hear that the article helped you – yes Collagen is great for a variety of reasons, and definitely has muscle-building benefits. You may also want to look into whey. I take both, whey on workouts days, and collagen every day.

  3. My dad always say if you wanna know how healthy someone is, check their nails. I never new protein supplement could help in this number of ways. Thank God I got this faster.

    1. Hey Wilson – that’s funny! I had no idea! If you saw my nails when I was kid, I didn’t have them cause I chewed them up! Yeah, I started taking collagen protein because of the additional benefits, like nails and healthy skin, but also, because I heard it’s really great for muscles and joint health from many pros. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Collagen seems an amazing asset for fitness seekers. I have heard about protein powders but collagen is a new thing to me and is quite unique and gave me good information.

    1. Thanks for the comment Aman and yes, I believe Collagen is a new thing for a lot of people…I really started digging into learning a lot more about it recently when I started hearing many fitness enthusiasts swear by how good it is for your overall health. When I learned it has amazing benefits for not only your muscles, but also your skin, hair, nails and joints, I decided to start taking it.

  5. This is a very helpful insight! I’ve learned that protein and collagen works effectively in nurturing our skin and muscle recovery.

    1. Hi Alice – yep it’s supposed to help make our skin more elastic over time as we take it, and also is great for muscle recovery! Thank you for the comment.

  6. Collagen power is used for maintaining body muscles, right? It’s a protein supplement which is very much healthy for our bodies.

    1. Hi there Utsav – thanks for reaching out – yes I think it’s great for muscle maintenance, and most proteins help with that anyway, but I feel that collagen has many other benefits as well, which is why I’m taking it…for instance it helps maintain healthy hair, nails, and skin as well.

  7. Wow, this sounds like 2 in 1 supplement. For preventing early aging or wrinkle and as exercise protein supplement. I think I am gonna look into getting this.

    1. I absolutely agree with you about it being a 2 in one supplement lol! That’s sort of how I was rationalizing it in my head before I started making purchases regularly…it’s going to benefit my muscles for my workouts, but it’s also going to help me with my skin, hair, and joints. I did a ton of research and find that many health professionals consider it to be a fantastic supplement for our overall health, so I’ve been taking it ever since.

  8. I love products made from nature with very little or no additives what so ever. A protein supplement of this type looks inviting and I won’t mind getting it

    1. I also always opt in to products that are as natural as can be – collagen protein even FEELS totally natural – and the brand I have tastes like nothing…but does have a sort of bone broth hint to it – not the greatest thing in the world, but I take it anyway cause of it’s benefits. Good to know you try to take care of yourself with as few additives as possible, thanks for your perspective 🙂

  9. Collagen protein is a really amazing protein supplement. Everyone who wants to gain muscle and have stronger bones should get it.

    1. Hi there and thanks for your feedback! Yeah, I agree with you that it’s an amazing supplement for a number of reasons actually – I love that it helps maintain our muscles to be functioning properly, but also the additional benefits of hair, nails, and skin.

  10. I only know about the importance of protein to some extent, I never knew it has the ability as stated in this article. Collagen protein powder is a must for me moving forward. Thanks for this healthy post.

    1. Really glad you found the benefit from reading the article! Yes, protein in general is very important for maintaining muscle and also muscle growth. Collagen seems to help with that, but also is great for joints, skin, nails, and hair.

  11. Wow, its so nice knowing that collagen protein has such good benefits to our bodies systems. I know about protein but never knew it’s as great as it’s described here. This collagen protein powder is a must-get for me now.

    1. Glad to hear you learned some more benefits from taking protein in general. I’m still fairly new to collagen protein, and it doesn’t taste that great…well, come to think of it, I’ve got unflavored and it tastes like nothing! But from what I can tell, it seems to be great addition to my current diet.

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