The Best Way To Gain 10 Pounds Of Muscle

If you want to know the best way to gain 10 pounds of muscle, I’ll share with you techniques that have been working for me in the past year. It takes more time to pack on lean muscle than it takes to lose stubborn fat, and while I don’t feel I’ve put on 10 pounds of exclusive muscle, I HAVE gained 10 pounds after having initially lost 15 pounds of fat a year ago.

Let me explain how this whole process really quick. Gaining muscle is a matter of eating more food and ensuring that you’re following a solid resistance training program that truly challenges you. I’ll explain the best muscle-building program I personally know of below.

Your workouts should be intense and strategically designed to maximize strength and gains. The calories you consume must be dialed in to get maximum results. You should realistically be able to put on about 10 pounds in 5 – 10 months. Of course, you could gain more weight more quickly by pigging out on food, but the danger there is that you will likely put on a lot of unwanted fat too.

Since the goal is to put on 10 pounds of muscle with minimal fat gain, the process is a bit slower, and you should watch your calories very carefully to ensure you’re packing on about 1 – 2 pounds monthly. Some people can get away with 3 pounds, but the best gauge of your progress is to look in the mirror. Also, check your waistline.

If it goes up by more than a half-inch over the course of a few months, then you will probably want to re-evaluate how many calories you’re eating daily.

Without further ado, below is the best way to gain 10 pounds of muscle with minimal fat gain in just a matter of months.

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Eat Properly For A Lean Bulk

Gaining weight is a matter of eating more food. However, there are a lot of people who bulk and end up looking far more disproportionate than they wanted to. What that means is they overeat on their calories, and get bigger in all the wrong places. They don’t look lean and muscular. They look bulkier with quite a bit of extra fat.

See, when you’re making the decision to pack on lean muscle, the goal is also to minimize fat gain. However, that’s not so easy to do, and I can tell you right now, as I’m in the middle of a lean bulk, it can be a bit discouraging. But my advice is to stick with it, even if you put on a little of fat, which is probably gonna happen anyway.

I’ve been told that if 80% of your gains are muscle, and 20% is fat, that’s a very good trade off. Plus, it only takes a few weeks to a month to burn off the excess fat gained, even if it took half a year to pack on all that lean muscle.

About 6 months ago, I was really happy with the leanness of my body, and the definition I had from following a bodyweight training program. However, I recently decided to do a lean bulk, and increased my calories multiple times before I started gaining weight. I finally hit the sweet spot of eating 500 calories daily beyond maintenance.

I’m finally gaining over a pound per month. The positive is I see myself getting bigger, and proportionately building muscle. That’s awesome. But here’s what’s discouraging. I’m also noticing that the definition I had in my body only 6 months ago is not as prominent. It’s not gone completely, but I can see a softness that wasn’t there before.

Now, there’s no need to fret over this, because pretty much everyone I know who follows a lean bulk to gain muscle does the same thing when the bulk is over. That is, they drop to maintenance calories for a few weeks, to transition out of the bulk. Then they drop their calories down further until they’re in a deficit.

What this does is burns off any fat that you gained during the lean bulk. The beauty of this is that all your hard work will pay off in just a matter of weeks to a month after cutting. You’ll see the fat melt off, and all that will remain is the lean muscle you worked so hard to build.


Follow A Solid Resistance Training Program

This is so important, and the truth is, I never took workouts seriously until I discovered Kinobody, which is the company that helped me transform my own body in a matter of months.

If you’re looking to gain 10 pounds of muscle, this is the best workout program I know of to do that effectively.

The problem with a lot of muscle-building programs is that people end up far bulkier in the end having put on too much fat. Plus, the workouts themselves don’t give your body enough time to rest and recover in between workouts.

A lot of these programs have you hit the gym 6 days a week and overeat on your calories by ridiculous amounts. So in a matter of months, you’ve gotten bigger, but completely missed your goals of packing on lean muscle and definition in key areas that most people strive for.

This is why I strongly suggest the Greek God Program by Kinobody for anyone looking to pack on 10 – 15 pounds of muscle. Greg O’ Gallagher, the founder of the program has designed it in such a way, that it works around your schedule to give you optimal results in the least amount of time.

More importantly, in my opinion, is that you don’t have to overhaul your entire life in order to build muscle. I’ve come to learn that all Kinobody programs are equally powerful for different reasons, but they all have one thing in common. You get to still enjoy your life and be yourself.

That’s so key to me. Plus, every Kinobody workout is only three days a week. I have met many people followed 6 days a week training, who transitioned into Kinobody programs and saw far more transformative results working out less often than they used to.

I truly feel the reason for this is Greg, the founder, completely throws himself into every program he creates, and refines it multiple times until he’s seen valid proof that it will in fact get you results.

This is a matter of him understanding every single workout, repetition, set, and rest time, and how they all work together to give you optimal muscle gains in a matter of months.


Monitor Your Progress

This is very important, especially when you’re packing on muscle. I haven’t gotten as specific as to measure every single part of my body like a lot of other guys do, and if that’s how you want to do it, that’s awesome. The more precise in your measurements, the better.

My personal way of monitoring my progress is by taking weekly pics and observing the changes in different parts of my body. My chest, upper arms, and thighs are all getting bigger, and for the workout, I’m following, those gains are just right.

While my waist initially went down two sizes when I lost 15 pounds of fat, it has not increased since I’ve gained 10 pounds back. That’s a good sign that I’m on the right track.

As far as your workouts go, you want to never stay stagnant.  Increase weight for every workout each week if you hit your maximum reps for each set.

What I do is increase the weight of each movement by 2.5 – 5 pounds the following week if I hit my max reps of a particular workout the previous week.

Cut Calories When Your Bulk Is Over

I’m not there yet, and I will have to update this post in about 5 months when my lean bulk is over. My plan is to pack on another 5 or more pounds by then. Then, my plan is to transition into a calorie deficit.  This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s what most guys I know do after a lean bulk.  These are the guys who make insane muscle gains.

Going straight into a calorie deficit directly from a bulk though is a bit of a dramatic change. In my case, that would be cutting out 900 calories per day. So, transitioning to maintenance calories for a few weeks, then moving to a cut for a few weeks or a month, should effectively eliminate any extra fat that was put on during the lean bulk.

It seems minimal right now, but I’m sure that cut will make a world of difference in being able to see the muscle that was built during the bulk. In case any of this seems confusing, the Greek God Program discussed above explains in detail exactly how you should be eating, and in what order you should make changes, in order to get the most from packing on those 10 pounds of muscle.

Gaining 10 Pounds Of Muscle In Summary

That’s my best advice on how to gain 10 pounds. As mentioned above, you can realistically pack on that much lean muscle in about 5 – 10 months. I see some guys do it even sooner, but it’s very important to track your calories and put your all into every single workout.

The Greek God Program, by Kinobody, is a fantastic workout and I’ve seen it transform many guys who had skinny or average body types to packing on 10 – 15 pounds of muscle in about 6 months.

It’s all about eating at a calorie surplus and putting your all into every single workout you do. Beyond that, it’s about ensuring that the workout you DO follow, has a strategy and is designed to build in tension and volume over the course of time so that you achieve optimal muscle gains.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments regarding anything written above, please let me know in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading!

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