Synctuition Review – Meditation Unlike Any Other

Oh man, I’ve been looking forward to the day I could sit down and write a Synctuition review because this app is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. It’s marketed as a meditation app…but is it really just a meditation app?

It’s one of those products that’s so incredibly different from any kind of meditation app or audio you’ve ever listened to before, the only way to really understand it is to experience it for yourself. The awesome thing is Synctuition offers a free trial, which you can install onto your phone.

I’ve tried to explain the experience of Synctuition journeys to various friends and I never can fully do it justice. Every time, I realize it’s almost impossible to break down the experience it offers. That would be like trying to explain the experience of love in a logical or technical way. We all come from so many backgrounds and belief systems, and the way you’ll interpret a Synctuition journey is going to be very different from the way I do.

But I’m going to do my best to explain why I love it and why you should try it. You put on your headphones, turn on a journey, and go through a visceral experience that exists inside your body and mind.

If you grab a Synctuition free trial, you’ll get 4 free journeys, which is more than you need to decide what you really think of it. Let’s get to what Synctuition is and what you can expect to get from it.

What IS Synctuition?

Synctuition is a unique audio technology developed to relax your mind. What makes it so different from anything else out there is that the app was developed with top sound engineers who collaborated to help put together the very first app in the world that uses 3D sound.

Because of this, you want to listen to Synctuition adventures with headphones on and not through a speaker system.

Every audio you listen to is about 25 minutes long. Synctuition calls these audio experiences “journeys”. I’ll get to the details of those later on. They claim that each of these journeys has the equivalent effect on your brain as a 4-hour deep meditation session.

There are lots of meditation apps and music relaxation apps out there. I have almost 20 installed on my phone as of this writing. I meditate every morning, but this is not part of my normal meditation routine. Unlike other meditation apps, Synctuition stimulates the brain in unique ways. It claims to use our brains’ natural neuroplasticity which causes us to feel more creative, intuitive, and become better decision makers. It does this by creating millions of new synapses that keeps our mind feeling refreshed.

As far as what you’ll be hearing on audio, the sounds inside Synctuition were recorded all over the world and there are over 13000 already in the app, which were recorded in over 2000 exotic locations. It took the developers over 10 years to create Synctuition and there were over 1500 people involved in developing this unique application.

I actually use Synctuition at night before bed, because one of its benefits is to help with insomnia, which I’ve had for years. I haven’t had sleeping problems for at least a year now and I’m not fully sure if it’s due to this app, or other things I do to take care of my health, such as my new exercise routine and nutrition plan.

What Are These Journeys Like?

To put it into my own words, every journey is like visiting some surreal and magical place in your mind filled with exotic music and sounds. These sounds and music literally travel from ear to ear and around your head. I don’t know how else to explain it than that. It surrounds you in 3-D.

I listen before bed, and it’s almost like getting to be a part of an interactive bedtime story as you float through alternate universes. Sometimes you might travel through the stars to another galaxy, and other times you will travel through the depths of a rain forest filled with exotic animals.

Every single time you go on one of these journeys, you can expect to hear an array of sounds that literally feels like they’re traveling in and around your head. This is where the 3-D sound becomes a truly spectacular effect and if you’re wearing good headphones, you’ll truly wonder how on earth they made that happen.  I personally use these Bose Soundsport cause they just sound amazing.

It really caused me to drop my jaw so many times thinking to myself, who on earth created something like this and how on earth did they do it?

They say that when you listen to Synctuition journeys through good headphones, you are experiencing something close to a lucid dream simply by using your own imagination. And it’s very easy to use your imagination with these journeys cause they are so incredibly creative, detailed, and exciting.

How Many Journeys Are There?

There are currently 5 levels within Synctuition.

Each level has 20 journeys. So there are a total of 100 journeys, each one between 25 minutes long.

If you choose to get their free 7 day free trial, you’ll get the first 4 journeys in level 1 for free, which is more than enough to decide whether you want to upgrade.

I personally upgraded right after I finished my free journeys because I loved the experiences so much. They all differed from one another in unique and creative ways.

These are the levels inside of Synctuition. Each level has 20 unique journeys:

  • Level 1: Discovering Your Path – 20 journeys
  • Level 2: Journey Of Life – 20 journeys
  • Level 3: Inner Voice – 20 journeys
  • Level 4: My Inner World – 20 journeys
  • Level 5: Rebirth – 20 journeys
  • Level 6: Purpose (to be released)

The journeys inside each of these levels are filled with so many emotions, you may find yourself on a roller coaster as you travel through moments of pure joy, nostalgia, sadness, and back again. I think that’s one of the most amazing things about this app.

It almost as if you’re traveling through your own dreams, desires, and aspirations.

Other Benefits Of Using Synctuition


As mentioned above, the company claims that going through a single Synctuition journey has the same effect on your brain as a deep 4-hour meditation session. That is a bold statement. I will say that it has been easier to fall asleep using this app, and I feel overall more mentally alert after using this app. I’ve gone through every single journey in it as well.

Another benefit of the app is that it claims to improve sleep. As I said earlier, I have not had sleeping problems for about a year now, and I’m not fully certain whether its due to using this app or not. I’ve made various changes to my life so it could be a combination of all of them.


The company states on their site that when you listen to Synctuition journeys before bed, they prepare the mind for a night of peaceful sleep. Because of the binaural beats and relaxing music inside these 20 – 25 minute journeys, your mind is prepared for a night of deep sleep.

The combination of binaural beats and relaxing music are proven to raise melatonin levels, which are directly responsible for sleep. They consider a 25-minute session as a mental shower before bed. That’s exactly how I’ve used it, and I actually look forward to going to bed at night because of this app.

Final Thoughts – Synctuition Is Unlike Anything Else

I hope this Synctuition review was helpful. I know there are more benefits with a ton of scientific explanations to them that I may not have gotten into in a very detail.

That’s probably because what I love most about Synctuition is the experiences themselves. I feel that they’re so incredibly creative and unique. Every time I listen to one of them, my mind is sort of blown as to who was the talent behind such an amazing application.

There simply is no other meditation app or relaxing music that will give you even a remotely similar experience to what you’ll get here. That’s coming from someone who has many other meditation apps already installed on his phone. I think there’s a time to meditate, and there’s a time for Synctuition.

They may have similar effects on your brain, but once you experience what Synctuition has to offer, you’ll see exactly why I separate the two.

Click Here To Get Your Free 7 Day Trial Of Synctuition.

What are your favorite meditation apps? I’ve got a lot, but I consider Synctuition to be very different.  If you search online, you’ll be able to find many other Synctuition Reviews from happy customers.

If you have any questions about this app, please let me know in the comments or if you’d like to share your own experience with it, I’d love to hear from anyone else who has used this. If you grab the free trial, please come back and let me know what you thought in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading.

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