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Drop Unwanted Weight For Good 

Noom Uses Psychology based research to help you reach your weight loss goals. 


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How Can Noom Help You Lose Weight?


First of all, Noom is NOT a diet.  It's a program designed around your individual needs.  It educates you so you get to know YOUR body.  This, in turn, gives you the key to make precise lifestyle changes so that weight loss becomes effortless.

  • Noom's structured course helps you gradually master healthy habits
  • Its cutting edge technology makes food-logging a breeze
  • Become a master of your own habits, with a personal coach to answer any questions you have
  • Access a support group to keep yourself accountable and motivated on your journey
  • Learn WHY you eat how you do, so you can make positive changes!
  • Learn tips & tricks to make it a lifestyle personalized just for you
  • Access over 1000 recipes that make healthy eating delicious and simple
  • Get personalized feedback on the foods you log so you make healthier choices


of overweight or obese Noom users lost more than 5% of their weight in a 2016 study.


of participants using Noom lost weight over a 6 month study


Noom was ranked 1 out of 800 weight loss mobile apps according to a study by University of Sydney's Medical center

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