Lose Weight With A Walking Treadmill – 10,000 Steps A Day

So you want to lose weight with a walking treadmill and I’m here to tell you that it’s actually very simple to do.  I lost 12 pounds of body fat in just a few months just by incorporating walking into my daily routine, and I’ll explain to you how you can do the same.

Even though I don’t personally have a walking treadmill at the moment, I’ve actually been looking at them on Amazon and eBay this past week for the best prices.  This one is the number one best seller on Amazon that I found.  But I definitely have to do more research before I make a purchase.

If you already have one, then awesome – you’re already good to go and start the weight loss journey.  I’m personally looking for one that I can slide under my bed or into a corner of a room where it doesn’t take up much space.  I can’t stand big and bulky clutter.

The reason I’ve been looking for walking treadmills is that the weather here in Chicago is starting to get really cold.  I’ve been walking every single day (except Sundays I don’t really pay attention too much to my walking).

Now, if you want to lose weight walking, I’ll explain what I do,  and some more info on how I lost body fat and gained lean muscle.  It wasn’t JUST the walking that helped.  This program changed everything for me.  BTW, this exact method I mention below was also used by a few friends of mine, who have lost a significant amount of weight.

Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day

You may have heard this before, as there is so much information all over the internet about the benefits of walking 10,000 steps per day.  Well, I’ll tell you, from my own experience, it’s actually true.  Not only are there health benefits to it, but you’ll burn fat from your body more easily than you ever did doing insane cardio workouts.

Walking 10,000 steps per day takes about an hour and a half, at least in my experience.  I explore my city and walk down different streets I don’t already know.  I use the time to run errands that I need to run at the grocery store or pharmacy, etc…I always bring my headphones with me or my super cool Bose sunglasses 🙂  Yes, bose has sunglasses that are also speakers, and no one around you can hear what you’re hearing.  It’s kind of crazy.

Anyway, if you’re going to be using a walking treadmill, just make sure you’re tracking your steps.  Walking 10,000 steps per day burns approximately 400 – 500 calories each time you do it.  However, this is not set in stone for everyone, so if you want an exact calculation for you, visit this link and you can find out how many calories you’d personally burn.

Use MyNetDiary App

My guess is your treadmill will tell you how many steps you’ve walked, but if you’re serious about weight loss, then this app is an absolute must.  I’ve also heard of MyFitnessPal, which does just about the same thing, so you can choose whichever one you want to track your steps.

I break up my steps into two or three different sessions per day.  But you can do it however you want.  If you prefer doing one long session, that’s fine too.

The MyNetDiary app not only tracks my steps, but it ALSO tracks my daily calories, which is an essential part of the equation of losing body fat and weight.

Just jumping on a treadmill alone is NOT going to help you lose weight if you aren’t tracking your daily calorie needs with a proper eating plan in place.  Don’t worry though, the way I track calories is super simple, and I eat what I want.  There aren’t restrictions.  I don’t do low carb or low fat or low anything.  I just make sure to hit my calorie target per day and my protein, which you’ll learn about below.

Eat At A 400 Calorie Deficit Daily

There are crazy diets out there that tell you to eat at calorie deficits that simply aren’t sustainable because you are pretty much starving yourself.  You are pulled into a mental battle, because you WANT to eat but you CAN’T eat because the diet says you have to eat so little.

Not only that, but you’re stuck eating foods you really don’t want to eat.  Everything feels like a restriction.

My suggestion is to eat at a very liberal 400 calorie deficit per day.  Combined with walking 10,000 steps per day, you will see some serious changes start happening to your body over time.

Eating at a 400 calorie deficit daily will cause you to lose approximately 4 to 5 pounds of body fat per month.

Here is the link to find out how many calories YOU personally need to be eating per day.  Just head over there, do the calculation, write it down, and head right back here for next instructions.

Make Sure To Hit Your Protein Goals

If you want to lose weight, making sure to hit a certain amount of protein each day is also very important.  Again, I’ve written about this various times on this site, so please head over to this link and calculate how much protein you should be taking in each day in order to lose weight.  You’ll find the calculation under the section labeled “Protein Intake”.

I also quickly want to mention that I incorporate Intermittent Fasting into my daily life.  I absolutely love it, as it’s made eating so much more fun and enjoyable.  I think the biggest plus of this lifestyle is that i eat a HUGE dinner every night.  But this isn’t necessary in order to lose weight.  I just wanted to mention it and you can learn more about intermittent fasting and how I incorporate it into my life here.

Lose Weight – 10,000 Steps A Day

To sum up this article, you can lose weight with a walking treadmill but I also strongly suggest incorporating the other nutritional habits I mention.  Walking is a big part of the equation, but proper nutrition is equally, if not more, important.

I’ve done so many different crazy cardio workouts over the years, and my body never got as lean as it is now.  And now, I don’t do any cardio EXCEPT my daily 10,000 step walks.

If you’re serious about losing weight, i strongly suggest following the other advice given on this page.  Walking alone will NOT get you results without a system in place.

The system I follow is VERY simple:

Walk 10,000 Steps A Day
Eat at a 400 Calorie Deficit Daily
Hit Your Protein Goals

It’s that simple.  And I promise you the eating plan is extremely doable.  If you follow all these steps, you will not feel like you’re on a diet of any kind.  You’ll just wonder how on earth you’re losing weight so easily as the months pass by.  By following the info from this page, you can expect to lose about 4 to 5 pounds per month.  AND, you can eat pretty much whatever you want.  That’s a pretty awesome deal!


I hope this article was helpful.  If you have any experience with walking treadmills, or any advice as to which one you’d suggest, I’d love to know!  Also, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know and I’ll make sure to get back to you.  Thank you so much for reading!

6 thoughts on “Lose Weight With A Walking Treadmill – 10,000 Steps A Day”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing the topic, I have been trying to lose weight because I noticed am adding weight nowadays, your article explained in details what and how I will go about it to lose weight, I might not have the capacity to buy the treadmill machine but I can go to a gym center and do the needful. 


    1. Hi Aluko – thanks for your comment.  If you’re serious about losing weight, but you don’t have money to buy a treadmill, you can always walk outside if the weather permits.  In fact, I prefer walking outside but the weather is getting pretty bad soon where I live.  But more important than walking or doing any kind of exercise, is making a change to the way you eat.  You can learn exactly how to calculate your calories for weight loss at this article here.  Hope it helps and good luck!

  2. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. In this corona era, I work at home and seldom leave home. My belly gets bigger and bigger. I think about doing something to reduce my belly fat, but never take time to do research.

    Here comes your article, which provide exactly what I am looking for, losing weight with a walking tread mill. I never walk for a while and don’t know how is the feeling of walk 10,000 steps a day. 

    I plan to join a gym, but worry about the covid-19 problem. I have budget of $400 for a gym member. I just check the price of treadmill you suggest and cost of it is less that $400. I think it is good idea to purchase a treadmill, instead of going to gym, I can walk whenever I want to in the comfort of my home. Thank you for the great idea and I am going to purchase the treadmill, instead of joining the gym.

    1. Hi Anthony – thanks so much for your comment.  I want to say a few things about what you mentioned.  Walking 10,000 steps a day will help you burn about 400 to 500 calories.  It’s very simple to do, and you don’t have to do it all at once.  You can walk 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time.  Or break it up even further.  Also, just walking around your house or to the car, or wherever, on a lazy day, a person normally burns anywhere between 1000 – 2000 calories by walking anyway.  Lastly, if you really are serious about losing some weight, and don’t want to head out because of Covid-19, please make sure to also follow my tips on eating at a calorie deficit.  You can find that article right here.  Follow the eating plan listed in that article, and combine it with the simple walking, and you will lose about 4 to 5 pounds of fat per month very easily.  I’m wishing you the best and please let me know your progress!

  3. Hello, I read your article about losing weight with a walking treadmill 10000 steps and I want to say that I agree with you. I’ve proved by myself that walking every day in this distance it gives me a good result. I’ve tried both using a walking treadmill in the gym or walking in an open area, and both ways help me to lose weight and be more healthy. A good way to do my 1000 steps was the period when my daughter was a baby and I walk around with her in her stroller:)).

    Our nutrition has a considering impact on losing weight and be healthy. I proved that fact in various circumstance. 

    Thank you for sharing this helpful article, giving a detailed guide and encouraging everyone to start and make these 10000 steps a day. 



    1. Hi Alketa – thank you so much for your comment, and also for sharing your experience.  I love that you got in 1000 steps per day walking around with your baby in a stroller.  That’s what I mean too – we all have different ways we can incorporate it into our lives.  I have yet to buy a treadmill but it is something I’m strongly considering right now as the weather is changing.  I’m really glad to know that you’ve proven to yourself that eating well helps with weight loss.  The combination of walking daily and eating right will do wonders!

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