List Of Calisthenics Exercises & Videos

This article will provide you with a list of calisthenics exercises that you can do from home with minimal to no equipment. You’ll get information about a variety of exercises that work your entire body on different days.

Each section below will link to a separate article where you’ll find detailed information including video tutorials so that you can do each workout with proper form. You’ll find 5 different workouts in each section below.

The program that I follow is a complete full-body calisthenics workout routine, which you can learn about right here. It targets every muscle in your body on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It builds in tension and volume over the course of 90 days, and it can truly help sculpt your physique in ways you never knew possible.

I’ve broken up the workouts into sections below. Each section links to an article that further explains every exercise and provides you with video tutorials you can follow along with.

You’ll notice that there is a section just for push-ups, another for pull-ups, and yet another for chin-ups. The reason for this is that when you follow a solid calisthenics routine, it’s not enough to just do a single variation of pull-ups, or chin-ups. Simply doing regular push-ups will help, but doing multiple variations will give you the best result.

In order to maximize the effects’ calisthenics training has on your body, you should be able to understand the difference between diamond push-ups and regular push-ups. There’s also a major difference between doing assisted one-arm chin-ups and sternum chin-ups.

The same goes for the differences in pull-up exercises and core workouts. Because different variations of each of these movements target different muscles in your body, you can truly sculpt an amazingly proportionate and defined physique when you follow a solid workout program. You can learn about the full calisthenics routine right here.

So, below is a powerful list of calisthenics exercises you can do from home with minimal to no equipment.

5 Lower Body Workouts

This group of lower body workouts can truly build up your legs and also your core. When done with proper tension and volume, you’ll notice fantastic gains, as long as you are also getting enough calories in per day to help you build up lean muscle mass.

Here’s a list of lower body calisthenics workouts that I do one day per week:

  • Pistol Squats
  • One-Legged Hip Thrusts
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Single Leg Calf Raises
  • Squat Jumps


That link will also give you access tutorial videos, along with sets and reps, so you can perform each one with proper form.

5 Push Up Exercises

There are a variety of push-ups that work different muscle groups in different ways. These workouts are all designed to work your triceps, chest, core, and front delts. Depending on which variation you do, you’ll work one muscle group more effectively than another.

Here’s a list of fantastic push-ups exercises:

  • Classic Push-Ups
  • Feet Elevated Push-Ups
  • One Arm Push Ups
  • Diamond Push-Ups
  • Clapping Push-Ups


You’ll find video tutorials at that link in order to do each exercise with proper form.

5 Chin Up Workouts

Chin ups do a fantastic job at working your upper body, from your upper back, lats, biceps, and abs. Here’s a list of exercises that target each muscle group a bit differently.

  • Classic Chin Ups
  • One Arm Chin Ups
  • Close Grip Chin Ups
  • Sternum Chin Ups
  • Neutral Grip Chin Ups


That link also features tutorial videos of each exercise so you can perform each one with proper form.

5 Pull-Up Routines

The major difference between pull ups and chin ups is the grip of your hands. When you do chin ups, your palms are facing towards you and during pull ups exercises, your palms are facing away from you.

These are also different exercises completely than the chin ups listed above. Pull ups also work your upper back, lats, biceps, core, and other body parts.

Here’s a list of powerful pull-up exercises:

  • Classic Pull Ups
  • Commando Pull-Ups
  • Explosive Pull-Ups
  • Behind The Neck Pull-Ups
  • Hammer Grip Pull-Ups


You’ll find tutorial videos at that link for each exercise to help you perform each one with proper form.

5 Core Exercises

Here is a list of powerful core workouts. These are not the traditional sit-ups that we all know. In fact, when you implement these specific exercises into your weekly routine, you’ll notice a development in core strength that you may not have seen before. These are great at developing ab definition when eating the proper amount of calories per day.

The great thing about core workouts is that you’re working so much more than just your abdominal area. You’re strengthening other parts of your body simultaneously, which gives you far more balance and power.

  • Planks
  • L-Sit Holds
  • Side to Side Hanging Knee Ups
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Dragon Flag


You’ll find a video tutorial for each one of these so you can do them with proper form.

Calisthenics Workout List In Summary

Every workout listed above is powerful and has the ability to truly transform your physique in only a matter of months.

Here they are again:

I must stress, however, that without proper nutrition, any workout routine is not going to give you the results you’re after.

If you’re looking to burn off unwanted fat, then I strongly suggest checking out this article here.

It explains how to set up a calorie deficit for yourself. This calculation is what I followed when I began doing these calisthenics exercises listed in this article. I lost 15 pounds and dropped 3% body fat in only a few short months.

The calculation is set up to help you drop about 4 – 5 pounds of pure fat each month. The beauty of following this calorie deficit is it allows you to start to see the definition in your muscles in a very short time.

If you have minimal fat to lose and are looking to gain weight in the form of lean muscle, then check out this article here.

It will explain in detail how to increase your calories properly so that you build lean muscle and put on minimal fat. The goal would be to gain about 1 – 2 pounds of muscle monthly. I am personally eating at a lean bulk right now, and have gained about 5 pounds in the past few months. I’m also doing a hybrid routine of this calisthenics workout program.

I’m now combining free weights with calisthenics. However, you can still eat at a lean bulk while doing exclusive calisthenics. I simply suggest really making sure you give your all to each of your workouts, to maximize muscle gain.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments at all regarding anything here, please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. If you’ve got any calisthenics routine you personally follow that you love, I’d love to hear about it too! Thank you so much for reading.

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