How To Make Low Calorie Pizza – Simple & Delicious 410 Cal Recipe

If you want to know how to make low calorie pizza, I’ll give you the exact steps and recipe I follow to make my own. It’s a really simple recipe that’s quick and comes out delicious with melty cheese on a crispy crust. If you follow my steps, you’ll have a personal pizza that’s 410 calories in less than 30 minutes. There’s also a quick fix to make it even lower, at 250 calories.

You can skip straight to the actual recipe, which is the final section of this article. Everything else explains calorie content of each ingredient you’ll be adding to the pizza.

To make a low calorie pizza, it’s very important to pay close attention to the ingredients you’re putting into it. After all, there’s a huge difference in calories between thin and deep dish crusts. There’s also a substantial difference in calories between regular pepperoni and turkey pepperoni. Same goes with high fat and low fat cheeses. It all matters.

Also, I won’t be getting into how to make a low calorie pizza crust. I use a ready-made crust. The pizza I make takes no more than 20 minutes from the moment you think, “I want an awesome low calorie pizza” to the moment it’s on your plate ready to eat.

So let’s get to the ingredients you need to make your own low cal pizza and then the final section of this article will give you the simple recipe I follow to actually prepare it. You’ll see the exact calorie breakdown of the pizza in the recipe section below.

Mini Pizza Crusts

You need to first know what kind of pizza crust you are going to use. Most pizza crusts I see at the grocery store have about 400 calories per crust, which is way too many if you’re trying to make a low cal pizza.

The crusts I buy are from Aldi. They’re amazing, and they’re 290 calories per crust including the pizza sauce that goes on it. They’re mini thin crusts and come in a package of 3.

However, if you want a super low calorie crust that’s more like a flatbread, I’d suggest buying Flatout Pizza crust, or a similar brand. These are only 130 calories per crust, and if you go this route, you can easily prepare a pizza that’s a little over 300 calories.

This recipe you’ll see below uses the Aldi mini pizza crust.

Make sure to have 1 mini pizza crust handy for this recipe.

Low Fat Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Shredded mozzarella cheese is actually lower in calories than most other cheeses, like cheddar or Colby jack. So, even the full fat version isn’t going to add that many extra calories to your final pizza if you go the full fat route.

However, I personally buy low-fat mozzarella cheese, which tastes just the same to me. Plus, you’re saving yourself 10 calories per quarter cup. Regular mozzarella cheese has 80 calories per quarter cup while low fat mozzarella cheese has 70 calories per quarter cup.

I always measure out my cheese using a food scale, so I know exactly how many calories I’m putting onto my pizza. Visit this page here to learn how to measure the calories in your cheese properly.

I usually use about 1.5 ounces of reduced fat mozzarella cheese, which is a little over 100 calories, and it’s enough to cover an entire mini pizza crust.

But since our goal is to make a low calorie pizza around 400 calories, I suggest using just 1 ounce of cheese, which is 70 calories, and you should still be able to get a nice melty final product.

Make sure to have 1 ounce of low fat mozzarella cheese measured out for this recipe.


Low Calorie Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce isn’t really high in calories, and unless you plan to add gallons of it to your pizza, you don’t need to worry too much about calorie count with this. With the brands that I use, 2 tablespoons of pizza sauce has only 15 calories. And it’s more than enough to cover a personal pizza.

There are other brands with slightly higher calorie counts that I don’t use. Contadina Pizza sauce is a lower calorie option, which you should be able to find at most grocery stores. It’s a squeezable pizza sauce in a plastic bottle.

contadina pizza sauce

And, if you prefer to go with a premium brand that has a more authentic taste, you could go with Botticelli. Both brands have 30 calories per quarter cup of pizza sauce. And as I mentioned above, 2 tablespoons of pizza sauce has 15 calories, and it’s more than enough to cover a personal pizza. But you can alter the amount based on your preference.

Other Toppings

Other toppings I add include spinach, onions, green peppers, and pepperoni. I don’t really count the calories in the vegetables, because they are so low, that they’re barely adding anything to the pizza.

I do, however, count the calories in the pepperoni. I use turkey pepperoni, such as Boar’s Head or Hormel. Both brands taste great to me, and they each have 70 calories per serving, which is 16 slices. 16 slices of turkey pepperoni has 70 calories.

Compare that to regular pepperoni, which has 140 calories in only 14 slices. And regular pepperoni doesn’t have nearly as much protein in it, which is one the most important factors to help with weight loss. This pizza overall has a good amount of protein from the cheese and the meat, as well as the crust itself, having about 20 grams of protein total, from all the ingredients.

boars head turkey pepperoni

Recipe For Low Calorie Personal Pizza

And now, for the recipe! It’s very simple to follow and you’ll have a delicious personal pizza in your hands in under 20 minutes.

  • 1 Aldi Mini Pizza Crust – 290 Calories
  • 1 Ounce Reduced Fat Mozzarella Cheese – 70 calories
  • 2 Tablespoons Pizza Sauce15 calories
  • 8 slices of Turkey Pepperoni35 calories
  • Any veggies you’d like to add
  1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees
  2. Spread the pizza sauce evenly on the pizza crust using a spoon
  3. Add vegetable toppings to the pizza crust
  4. Spread turkey pepperoni out on top of the veggies
  5. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese evenly over the crust
  6. Bake for 7 – 9 minutes on middle rack. For a crisp crust, wait til edges are golden brown

That’s the entire recipe that I personally follow. I think one of the reasons it’s so delicious is because Aldi’s Thin Pizza crusts are really tasty and come out perfectly crisp. Yes, I know that I add the cheese on TOP of the other ingredients, which seems a bit backwards maybe, but I really love covering up all the ingredients with cheese. You could go the traditional route of layering the cheese on the crust first, then putting your ingredients on top and I’m sure it would be just as good.


I thought to myself, maybe 410 calories is too much for some people, and the simple alternative here is to swap out Aldi’s mini pizza crust with the Flatout Pizza Crust I mentioned above. Since these crusts are only 130 calories each, you’d be saving yourself a total of 160 calories.

So, if you choose to make this recipe using Flatout Pizza Crust and keeping everything else the same, you’d have a 250 calorie personal pizza.

If you choose to use Flatout Pizza crust, I can’t say for sure exactly how it’ll turn out, but you can always experiment. I would suggest adding more cheese since the flatout crust seems to be a bit larger than the Aldi mini crust I use. Even with adding another half ounce of cheese, the entire pizza would still be under 300 calories.


That’s My Low Calorie Pizza Recipe

And that’s how to make a low calorie pizza that’s delicious, nutritious, with melty cheese and a crispy crust. This has become one of my very favorite things to prepare lately. I’m going through a crazy pizza phase. Last week I ate pizza 6 days in a row…and I prepared this exact recipe 2 of those times.

If you’re watching calorie intake to lose weight, then it’s important that you understand how to calculate a calorie deficit, so that there’s no guesswork on your weight loss journey. You’ll lose 4 to 5 pounds per month when following a very simple calculation. You can learn step by step how to calculate your own calorie deficit right here.

I really appreciate you being here and taking the time to look at this low calorie pizza recipe. I hope you found it useful. If you try it, I’d really love to know what you think. If you have any questions or comments about anything here, please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading!

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