How To Lose Weight With Walking Daily – Fat Blasting Cardio

Want to know how to lose weight with walking daily? It’s pretty simple actually, but there are a few other factors that must be taken into account. For instance:

  • how long are you walking for each day?
  • are you eating more calories than your body needs to lose weight?

Those two questions really determine whether you’ll lose weight walking daily. After all, you could just walk a few hundred steps around your house each day and you won’t really notice a difference on your scale.

If you want to lose weight walking, I think that’s fantastic and I know for a fact you can do it. I lost 3% body fat and 13 pounds in a few short months while doing it. Walking is way simpler and more relaxed than other forms of cardio and has great calorie burning benefits.

So, let’s cover some basic details you need to know so you’re best prepared to understand how you can effectively lose weight by walking.

How Many Steps Daily To Lose Weight?

I learned this from various professional fitness gurus, and there’s a reason “walk 10,000 steps a day” is such a popular search term online. It’s because it truly works and has some very powerful weight loss benefits.

If you walk 10,000 steps daily, you’ll burn approximately 400 – 500 calories each time you do it. However, that is a rough estimate, and everyone will burn a different amount of calories.

Click here to learn exactly how many calories you’ll personally burn walking 10,000 steps.

You’ll find a calculation based on your own weight so you can find out exactly how many calories you’ll burn walking.

That’s about it. I don’t want to make this section any longer than it needs to be. When you’re burning approximately 400 – 500 calories daily, you can easily start to notice a physical difference in the mirror and on the scale within just a month of time.

Later in this article, I’ll explain exactly how you can easily lose 4 to 5 pounds per month implementing this walking strategy into your daily life.

How To Implement Walking Into Daily Life

If you choose to walk 10,000 steps a day, which is optimal for fat burning and weight loss, then you’ll probably want to get creative with it. The thing is, walking 10,000 steps takes about 90 minutes to do, give or take.

The weather has changed significantly where I live, and I’ve had to come up with new ways to incorporate it into my life. Not only that, but responsibilities have also changed, and what was working 3 months ago by walking first thing in the morning is no longer working for me. Also, I don’t ever complete all my 10,000 steps in one session.

As for weather related issues, I finally bought a very basic treadmill for walking purposes. I slide it under my bed, and when I need it for walking, I use it. Actually, even if I walk about 45 minutes on the treadmill, I use that time to learn, by watching tutorial videos on different subject, something I can’t do while walking outside.


During the winter when it’s super cold outside, I’ll get maybe 4,000 steps in on my treadmill. That’s about 35 – 40 minutes.

Then, I’ll walk my dog a few times during the day, which gets me another 1,000 – 2,000 steps.

And in the evening, I may walk to the grocery store to get some needed items, which is another 3,000 steps, there and back.

That’s 8,000 steps right there. And here’s something cool I’ve learned, and it’s pretty consistent. I get about 1,500 – 2,000 steps in per day, doing nothing but random activities, like walking around my house, to the mailbox, or to my car. Any kind of normal walking you do anyway does add up.

Click here to learn weird ways I incorporate walking 10,000 steps into my daily life.

Walking Is Better Than Kickboxing For Weight Loss?

You might be saying, “what!?!?” How on earth can walking help you lose weight more effectively than doing intense kickboxing? I’ll explain that in just a moment, but first, I’d like to quickly share some results I got when I used to do intense cardio regularly.


I used to go to kickboxing classes once a week, WHILE also doing Shaun T’s Insanity on other days. And my results? I didn’t lose weight. I didn’t gain weight. I stayed the same. My body stayed soft, just as it had for years, and I couldn’t get defined and lean. Why is that? Isn’t intense cardio supposed to blast fat? Well, here’s the problem.

I also was often overeating at night when I did these workouts. When you do crazy intense cardio, it’s very easy to become extremely ravenous and overeat. If you eat more calories than your body needs to burn, you’ll gain fat. Insanity simply kicked my ass every single day, and it felt like I was dying halfway through each workout. I dreaded each morning knowing that was gonna be this 30 minutes of hell each day.

There are studies conducted that high intensity cardio can actually reduce the body’s ability to burn fat effectively. In fact, they’ve done comparison research studies that show low intensity cardio such as walking actually burns more fat than high intensity cardio workouts.


Because walking is so low key, and an activity we’ve been doing all our lives, it really doesn’t feel like a cardio workout. But it is, and it’s so effective when you walk 10,000 steps a day, it is an incredibly powerful tool for weight loss. And the beauty is, when you break up those 10,000 steps into different parts of the day in creative ways, it won’t even feel like you’re doing much at all, but you’ll definitely notice a difference on the scale and mirror at the end of the month.

It blows my mind to this day that I couldn’t drop body fat effectively for years even though I jumped from cardio program to program and worked so hard to get results. And then all of a sudden, I do something every day that feels almost like nothing at all, and results come so easily.

Sometimes the simplest things we do are the most effective, and walking is something I will never stop doing. Plus, I love getting fresh air outside on beautiful days.

I track my daily walking using 2 apps – MyNetDiary and Sweatcoin.  Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to walk.  They used to give out cash, which you still can get in the form of Amazon gift cards.  But mostly now you redeem points for different prizes.  Some of them look amazing, like an all inclusive Disney World trip.

The app is free to download and you can learn about it here.

Eat Properly Or Sabotage Your Efforts

I hate to write out such an unfriendly headline here, but as far as losing weight and burning fat goes, this is the most important topic of the article. I didn’t mention it earlier, because you came here to learn how to lose weight with walking daily and not a lecture on proper eating.

But don’t worry, you can eat what you want – whether that’s pizza & fries or cake & ice cream.  It’s a topic for another conversation, but I don’t restrict my foods any longer like I used to (low carb madness), which I feel is a huge reason for my fat loss progress…allowing myself to enjoy eating what I feel like eating.  And I believe you should too.

Here’s the thing though. If you walk daily, while also overeating throughout the day, you’re sabotaging the fat burning benefits you get from walking. A month will pass, and you may become discouraged when you don’t see a significant difference on the scale.

If you want to learn about how eating at a simple calorie deficit will help you lose 4 to 5 pounds a month, click here.

I won’t get into too much detail about this topic, because it is written about all over this website. I attribute my own results much more to having changed my diet than I do to any exercise I’ve done.

Now, when you combine proper diet, which is very simple to do. It doesn’t have to be complex, and that’s what inspired me to create this blog in the first place. Eating should be fun, and free of restrictions. If you want McDonald’s sometimes, that’s fine. Pizza is fine, and so is ice cream.

But, you do have to adhere to the math if you really want to lose weight. That math is your calorie deficit.

Learn Your Personal Calorie Deficit By Clicking Here.

Simply scroll to the section that says “Eat at A Calorie Deficit” and you’ll have your calculation in less than 30 seconds.

That’s How You Lose Weight Walking

When I threw out my cardio workbook that said “you have to do intense cardio 6 days a week to lose weight”, everything changed. I lost 13 pounds of body fat over the course of just a few months, and the only thing I changed cardio-wise is I started walking every day – 10,000 steps, and that’s it. No more intense cardio ever again. Interestingly, I got into better shape by walking than I did by completing Shaun T’s Insanity.

I track all my steps using 2 free phone apps – MyNetDiary and Sweatcoin.  Sweatcoin is awesome cause it tracks your steps, and also rewards you with very cool prizes, including cash.

You can install it for free right here.

Now, remember, it’s not just the walking that makes the difference. Your calorie intake is incredibly important to your success. So, depending on the amount of calories you put into your body each day, your results will vary. This is why I stress the importance of eating at a calorie deficit if you are serious about losing weight.

One thing I didn’t mention, is if you already have a good grasp on your diet, & feel that you eat reasonably well (same amount of calories each day) consistently, then if you implement walking daily, you should notice a change within a month. I mention the calorie information, especially for those of us who may be binge eating or not having a consistent calorie intake every day.

I hope you took away a good deal of information from this article, from how walking can help you lose weight to simple ways you can incorporate it into your life every day.

If you have any other questions, comments, or experience with the topic in this article, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave any feedback in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading!

Here is a video BTW that will give you more information regarding how to get to 10% body fat by walking 10,000 steps. Hope it helps!

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