How To Lose Weight And Drink Alcohol

So, I decided to write this post cause I love to have myself weekend adventures pretty regularly.  But I’m ALSO pretty obsessed with nutrition and being in shape.  If you ask just about any health nut how to lose weight and drink alcohol, they’ll tell you to steer clear of it altogether, cause it just adds calories to your diet, which in turn, causes you to gain weight.

Well, listen, there’s truth to the fact that there are a lot of extra calories in alcohol, and very specifically beer, but I also can’t stand restrictions.  I feel like every single diet out there restricts you from being a human being and enjoying yourself, which is why I’m actually really grateful for discovering a plan that’s laid back and actually works at burning fat, building lean muscle, and allowing you to eat what you want, AND drink whatever you want, including beer.

I’m gonna break this down in a way that is easiest to digest.

Stay Within Your Calorie Budget

Just remember that.  You can still drink regular beer if you want to lose weight, but you’ll have to drink less of it if you’re actually determined to LOSE weight.  Now, the first thing you need to understand, if your goal is to actually LOSE weight, is you need to be eating at a calorie deficit every day.  And this website is dedicated to teaching you how to eat at a calorie deficit that allows you to eat like a regular human being that can enjoy foods you love.  I see diets out there that tell you to eat at CRAZY calorie deficits that restrict you from almost all foods you love.  Those diets aren’t sustainable because eventually, you’ll lose your mind, and then overeat cause you’re not allowed to be yourself and enjoy life.

I don’t want to rewrite the entire calculation from another article I’ve already written, so if you could just please head on over to this link here, you can find out how many calories you personally need to be taking in daily to LOSE weight.  By following this calculation, you will lose approximately 4 to 5 pounds per month, especially if you follow the section about walking.  And I mean, seriously, walking is something we all do every day anyway.

So, you can lose weight while still drinking beer.  My best friend is a beer nut.  In fact, at this moment, he has 4 cases of beer in his fridge, no joke!  AND, he lost 25 pounds in the past 3 months following what I teach.

Regular Beer Has WAY More Calories

Just remember that.  You can still drink regular beer if you want to lose weight, but you’ll have to drink less of it.  So, if you want MORE beer, I’d strongly suggest switching to light.  Anyway, it’s so popular now.  I swear I go to the grocery store and and my new favorite light beer is Blue Moon light.  I forget exactly what it’s called, but try to stick to beers under 100 calories.  Goose Island even has their own.  I mean, you don’t have to stick to the traditional Miller Lite and Bud Light anymore is what I’m saying.

Listen, a Corona or a Tecate have 140 calories per beer.  A Blue Moon has 170 calories.

Once you follow the calculation from the page I told you to follow to find out how many calories you need per day to lose weight, you’ll quickly realize this all adds up.  If I had 5 regular Blue Moons in a night, that’s 850 calories.

I weigh 141 pounds and my current calorie intake is 2,115.  I need to eat 2,115 calories per day to stay at my current weight.  If I drink 5 Blue Moons, that’s 2,115 I need to eat – 850 calories from beer = 1,265.  So whatever food I eat for the rest of the day can’t exceed 1,265 calories, or else I will GAIN weight.

Blue Moon Light (or whatever it’s called) only has 95 calories a bottle.  So, if I drank 5 bottles of that, I’d only be taking in 475 calories, and I’d be able to eat a lot more for the rest of the day.

Hard Liquor Has WAY Less Calories

Now, I actually stick mostly with hard liquor.  I specifically like to drink tequila and vodka, cause they’re about 64 calories per ounce.  That’s about 64 calories per shot glass.  I’ve ALSO been told by some professionals that when you do decide to have a night of drinking, as long as you’re following your calorie requirements to lose weight, you don’t need to calculate EVERY single shot you drink.  So, when I have a drunken Saturday night, I’d say I calculate about half the shots I drink.  That’s if I drink a lot that night!  But beers, I defintely always add to my calorie budget cause they’re heavier, and if you drink a lot of them, those calories really add up.

Eat Food & Drink – Enjoy Life

Once you know your calorie budget that you need to eat daily in order to lose weight, you’re good to go.  Hit your calorie and protein goals and you should be fine and you’ll still be on track to losing weight.  Just know that drinking a ton of beer takes away calories that you COULD be getting from delicious food.  Also, there’s no nutritional value from drinking.  I drink about once a week, and I haven’t noticed a change in losing weight and getting into shape, cause I do pay attention to what I’m putting into my body.

You CAN Drink Alcohol and Lose Weight

If you want to know how to lose weight and drink alcohol, just visit this link above.  Here it is again.  It is HOW you make this work, whether it’s alcohol or food.  In fact, this article probably didn’t need to be so long.  All you need to pay attention to if you want to lose weight is the calories and protein you’re putting into your body.  This plan will teach you exactly how to do it step by step.

Let’s say you need 2100 calories per day to lose weight, and you need to eat 112 grams of protein to hit your protein goals.  And you want to have a night of heavy drinking.

You could technically have 4 scoops of protein powder – 120 calories per scoop.  At least my friend has a protein powder with that calorie amount.  Each scoop of protein powder has 30 grams of protein.  Multiply that by 4 scoops, and you’ve got 120 grams of protein.  BAM, you’ve hit your protein goal for the day.  Also, 120 calories x 4 = 480 calories.  So, 2100 calories – 480 calories = 1,620.

You’ve got 1,620 calories left for the day.  You COULD just have a binge-drinking night and use the rest of them on the beer…and you wouldn’t gain weight.  You’d still be losing weight cause you’re following your calorie deficit calories.  But seriously, do you WANT to do that?  You’d be STARVING for food.

Anyway, hope this makes sense.  You CAN lose weight while drinking.  I don’t really suggest it for nutritional reasons, but it can be done.  You just have to follow certain rules.

4 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight And Drink Alcohol”

  1. I must say, this is THE perfect article for me hahaha. I hate to admit it but I absolutely LOVE to drink. And I pride myself in it when I’m around my friends. Unfortunately, I have noticed a bit of beer gut and I’m not liking it at all. This is literally the perfect article for me and I know what to keep note of for the future. Thank you so much for this article! Glad I decided to stick around your website

    1. Hey Misael thanks for the comment!  Don’t think of it as a “beer gut”.  Think of it as an “too many calories” gut.  I love to drink too!  And it’s funny how I’ve learned to incorporate it into my life – Saturday night is when I’m hanging with my friends and getting loopy.  So, i actually eat less food earlier in the day, and hit my protein goals, saving PLENTY of my calories for Beer and drinks.  Of course, I do mostly drink light beers as I mentioned just cause I can drink more of them throughout the night.  Oh, and if you drink hard drinks, I’d strongly suggest using sugar free mixers or low calorie juices, cause you’re saving tons of calories that way.  So glad you stuck around the web site thanks!

  2. This is a very useful article. We rarely get nice contents like this. I’ve been adding a lot of weight lately and was told to stop drink beer and alcohol. I think I’ll stick with the guidelines and instructions you gave in your article. I actually thought it was not possible to lose weight and taking alcohol at the same time. Thank you for this. 

    1. Hey David – thanks for the comment…the way I see it, alcohol is no different than McDonald’s or Taco Bell.  None of those foods are really great for you, but you COULD eat McDonald’s every day and STILL lose weight.  You just need to make sure to calculate your calorie deficit, follow it, and you’ll lose weight.  When people say things like “don’t drink alcohol or beer” to lose weight, that’s such a general statement.  What they SHOULD say is, “don’t drink so much alcohol that you go over your calorie budget”…it’s all about the calculations we implement.

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