How To Feel Confident About Your Body – Beyond The Surface

I decided to go off on a tangent with this article today. Maybe it’s cause I’m in an odd mood today, and I made a decision when I created this website, to just go with the flow of whatever is moving me at the moment. Have you ever wondered how to feel confident about your body and drop the insecurities about it?

I think this topic is more deeply rooted in the various insecurities we have growing up. Maybe our dislike for our bodies comes from various ideas that have instilled in our brains as kids.

I think maybe our parents instill some ideas inside of us at a young age that weren’t necessarily put there with bad intentions. However, as children, we’re very influenced by our parents, and a lot of our beliefs stem from our environments as we were raised.

I’ll tell a little bit of my own story first to explain why I think I became insecure with my body in the first place, but I’ll give some suggestions as to what’s helped me feel more confident over the years.

And, to this day, I still have insecurity issues with my body, but I know for sure, I’ve overcome major barriers. I’ve created this website as a result of the confidence I’ve developed, and it’s probably good for me to write regularly about the topic.

Lack Of Body Confidence – Childhood

I think it was somewhere around the end of elementary school and beginning of middle school where I was chubby and overweight. Let’s see…why did this happen? Well, my grandma made me some pretty fattening snacks every single day. I always had a delicious meal waiting for me when I arrived home from school.

Now, I loved the snacks she made me, which were homemade omelets with cheese & salami (yes salami is awesome in an omelet), sandwiches, or peanut butter snacks, and these were not little snacks. They could easily be considered meals.

There also really weren’t restrictions in my household as to what could or couldn’t be eaten at any specific time of the day. Most of my friends had “dinner time” or “snack time” or some kind of regulations so they knew what and when to eat.

We had no rules in my house. I could eat the entire fridge if I wanted to and as late as I wanted to cause I didn’t have a bedtime either. Maybe that’s why I fattened up! I made a lot of my own snacks too. Cheesalami is salami stuffed with cheese on the inside and then microwaved for 15 seconds. What’s my deal with salami!?

But the insecurities with my body began shortly afterwards. My dad would call me different names like “fatoo” – where on Earth did that name even come from? And he’d poke my belly jokingly. But even at a young age, I understood that something was wrong with my body, and the lack of confidence about my body (and self-image as a whole) started.

I clearly remember jogging on a treadmill at 13 years old because of this. I started doing sit ups, and random exercises, cause I began to think that I’d later get the approval of my dad. Maybe I won’t be so fat after I do these exercises.

Man, it’s weird to even write about this stuff, cause it’s like you block so much of it out, but I do believe it’s a big part of why I’ve become who I am today.

Lack Of Body Confidence – Adulthood

You could say I had an eating disorder especially right after starting college. I remember gaining the freshman 15, and then I met a wrestler on my floor who didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. We became friends, and he taught me how to lose weight and get lean with an eating and workout plan.

I lost a lot of body fat, and got into super lean and defined shape within just a few months. I wish I could remember exactly what the workout and eating plan was. I know for sure I changed my diet to eating 5 smaller meals per day, and working alternating muscles every other day.

Only since I started this website, have I seen a new transformation begin to take place, one that I haven’t seen since college.

What’s funny is when I lost all that weight and I came back home for the holidays, my mom freaked out, and thought I was too skinny. I didn’t even realize how much my body must have transformed. At the time, I didn’t have the obsession of looking in the mirror constantly so I really didn’t know.

But this obsession with staying in shape and eat right has followed me for years, as I’ve tried new workouts and nutrition plans so many times, I’ve lost count. And nothing I ever tried since college gave me a positive self-image until 2020, when I tried something completely different and I abandoned all my prior beliefs about nutrition and exercise.

Find Your Confidence – Make A Change

It’s hard to write this article, because I don’t know if you’re lacking confidence with your body because you’re overweight, underweight, or neither. Maybe you’re not confident with your body because of mental barriers that have been instilled since childhood.

I wish I was totally fine with my body, whether that meant being chubby all my life or having a perfect body. I don’t even think there’s such thing as a perfect body. But I do know that I’ve always lacked confidence and strove to improve it in different ways.

The advice I can give to you is to make a decision to make a change. If you want to lose body fat and weight, well I can definitely give you tips that you can check out here, because this website is dedicated to helping people get into their ideal shape.

But this topic goes so much deeper than just “being overweight” or “underweight”. This topic I truly believe has so much more to do with us having skewed perceptions of ourselves. And in this case, we need to work hard to change those perceptions.

I think one of the best ways we can make a change and start moving into a more positive direction is to find motivation from other people who have worked hard to improve their own body image. I searched through YouTube to find some videos from people who have worked hard to feel confident about their own bodies.

Some of these videos are speaking more to women, while others are targeted more to men. But I feel this topic is important for anyone looking to develop more confidence with their bodies.

Below Are Some Links I Found:





I believe the lack of confidence in our bodies bleeds into other areas of our lives into our overall confidence, such as our relationships with others, our jobs, etc… This is something I’ve struggled with all my life, and it’s why I began making music in high school, because it was the outlet I discovered to be able to express myself and find my voice.

Body Confidence Meditations

This final topic here just revolves around meditation. I understand if this isn’t your thing but I will throw it out there because it is something I’ve grown to incorporate into my daily life. I meditate every morning for 15 minutes, and I feel that it helps me maintain a level of calmness throughout my day that would probably not be there otherwise.

I don’t think it’s any kind of miracle cure, but meditation is a way to exercise your brain, the same way working out exercises your body. When done regularly, you may begin to notice subtle differences in your own reactions to the world and to your own thoughts and create a much more positive and confident environment for yourself.

Here’s A Body Image Guided Meditation & Hypnosis Session I Found:



Can You Develop A Positive Body Image?

I think you definitely can, but I also believe the journey there may encompass a lot more than just your body image. If you want to know how to feel confident with your body I think it’s important to understand where the feelings of inadequacy stem from.

I realized that a lot of mine stemmed from things that were said to me when I was a child, and my beliefs about my body changed, especially after entering college and the years that followed. I’m still obsessed about nutrition and fitness, and I don’t think that will ever go away. It’s something that’s just ingrained in my soul now.

I left the various links above, because I do feel that being happy with our body image is much more a mental issue than it is a physical issue. Sure, we can improve our bodies physically, by eating right and exercising, but in the end, I think there is a deeper issue that stems from various other insecurities we have.

I hope this article was helpful. I’d love to know your thoughts on the topic, and I do completely understand that it’s a sensitive one. If you have any questions or comments at all, I’d love to read them and please leave them below. Thank you so much for reading.

2 thoughts on “How To Feel Confident About Your Body – Beyond The Surface”

  1. first off… love this article most especially the topic …this is a common thought that people share,…. a very sensitive and important topic that does with ones thinking and mind, this article explains a lot, is educative, fun to read, show tthe problem and provides the answer …i think is article is a job well done

    1. Thank you very much for the comment.  It actually really encourages me to write more articles like this that cover the emotional and sensitive nature many of us experience in different ways regarding our bodies.  I want this website to branch out into areas that have to do with our mental state and how it’s affected by this.  We have to learn to cope with our imperfections in different ways, and learn to view ourselves in a more positive light but it’s really hard to do sometimes.  I guess this is a broad topic that can go in so many different directions but definitely one worth bringing to light.  Thanks again for the positive feedback. 

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