How To Develop A Healthy Mindset For Weight Loss

I’ve come to learn that the hardest part about losing weight has far more to do with overcoming mental barriers than it has to do with the process of burning off fat. This negative mindset stops us from developing essential habits that will give us the ability to hit our goals.

I believe that if we didn’t have these barriers in place, dropping unwanted pounds would be simple and everyone would have their dream bodies. Because of this, it’s so important to develop a healthy mindset for weight loss.

After all, the process of losing weight is just math. I can give you the numbers. You can plug them into your calculator, and know exactly how many calories you must eat per day to lose a targeted amount of weight monthly.

Still, the number of people who actually choose to take action are few. I find that more folks end up feeling defeated and resort to fad dieting and quick fixes. This, I truly believe, has more to do with mindset than anything else.

So let’s get to the root of why it really is so hard to lose weight and why mindset is such an important part of the equation for long-lasting success. Let’s begin by dissecting the health and fitness industry, and why that’s one of the biggest reasons people have trouble making progress on their weight loss goals.

The Health & Fitness Industry Is Filled With Lies

I truly believe that the health and fitness industry thrives off of insecurities and lack of knowledge we have as a culture about weight loss. This causes a never-ending loop of people jumping from one program to the next in hopes that one of them will somehow be the ultimate fat loss savior.

I know because I was in that position for years. I wasn’t overweight. But I was soft and had a skinny-fat physique that I wasn’t happy with. I jumped from one workout routine to the next. I tried eating plan after eating plan. I did every cardio exercise under the sun. I couldn’t make a dent in my physique.

What’s interesting is that some of these workouts and nutrition plans are laid out to be incredibly simple to follow. I actually love Beachbody and their workouts. I’ve followed many of them. Look at the P90X eating chart. There’s nothing complicated about it.

In fact, I followed that exact chart for years. It shows you blocks of food you should eat daily. Your protein, carbs, veggies, fruits, and dairy are all broken up into chunks so you can easily understand your daily food intake.

While I followed that chart religiously for a long time, I still never felt completely confident in my body and how I looked. I still saw patches of fat, on my chest and my stomach. However, I continued with that plan.

I feel that chart is valid, and it helped me stay within a certain calorie range on a daily basis. However, it wasn’t specific enough. The thing with weight loss is one size doesn’t fit all. That chart kept me at a 2,400 daily calorie budget, but I was eating too much.

This is why the stubborn fat never came off. More about this below.

Keto Is Just A Fancy Word

Then there are other plans and diets, such as Keto, which took the world by storm. Once upon a time, Atkins did too. Countless people have seen tremendous weight loss results with both those diets. But, how many people actually kept the weight off long term?

See, the health and fitness industry shows us a lot of stuff that looks quite magical. Magical diets and magical results are simple to follow. Just get started and watch the fat melt off in only a matter of days.

Not all diets promise results like that, but whether it’s Keto, Paleo, or any other fad diet that surfaces in the near future, these are all plans with restrictions.

Restrictions, I truly feel, are at the core of why most diets are not sustainable. Not a single one of them really takes into account that you have a life you’d like to continue living, just as you already are.

Because of this, a mental battle is born the minute we decide to embark on a diet to lose weight. There’s a battle we fight internally to keep going long after the first day of the diet is behind us. We are now months into it, and this is no fun. We try so hard to believe in the process and to continue moving forward. But it’s not easy, and my guess is this is where a lot of people throw in the towel.

Letting Go Of Old Beliefs

I decided to write this article to lay out exactly what changed and how I finally lost 15 pounds of fat and built lean muscle in only a few short months. This happened so quickly that it was baffling. After years of hitting brick walls with so much strenuous effort, it turned out to be such a simple process.

My results were enough inspiration for me to begin writing articles to help people learn the truth about weight loss and how simple it can be.

One of the first steps I took in the right direction was learning and implementing new methods of eating and exercise that I hadn’t ever tried before. These are the very concepts that the health and fitness industry frowns upon. Why?

I think it’s because you don’t really need to spend much money at all to lose weight. You don’t need pills and powders. You don’t need fad diets.  So, I went against the grain of this monstrous industry and walked the other way.

One habit I had to let go of was eating 5 – 6 small meals per day. Another habit holding me back was my low-carb lifestyle. I truly believed the only way to lose fat was to eliminate carbs from your diet.

I also had to become comfortable eating late at night, when I’ve heard for years that midnight snacking causes weight gain. I believed breakfast was the most important meal of the day. If we missed that meal, we’d gain weight. I haven’t had breakfast in ages.

Making A Change

For years, I couldn’t hit my goals, and in only 90 short days, it was cake. Why?

This isn’t so easy to answer, because part of my success lies in the fact that I was determined to make a change. As much as I’d love to teach determination, I really can’t. That lies within you 100%. But if you’re searching for another diet for quick fat loss, I don’t think I can help you.

You know deep down if you’re ready for a true change or if you’re still on the lookout for a quick solution. If you’re ready to put in the work required to actually make long-lasting change, then the truth is, the work isn’t even that hard. What matters is you’re ready for a true change.

Discovering Kinobody

I was doing another round of Beachbody workouts with my good friend. The funny thing is, I’d seen some advertisements online for a company called Kinobody, and it struck a certain chord in me. I was very intrigued. The advertising was really out there.

There’s no need to diet. Eat what you want. You’ll get better results working out 3 days a week instead of 6. Intense cardio actually hurts your fat loss efforts. The guy in the ads flat out said that the majority of the health and fitness industry is filled with lies and this is why people stay stuck. I now agree with all of it. But at the time, I was thinking…

Who says that? Who is this guy Greg who runs this company? What is Kinobody anyway?

I looked through the website and found endless pictures of guys who are completely ripped and their transformations apparently happened over the course of a few months. They went from overweight or skinny-fat like I was, to having complete body transformations. They eat whatever they want. They work out only 3 days a week. They don’t do cardio. They just enjoy life. What on earth is this?

I continued on with the Beachbody program I was doing with my friend, but this Kinobody company lingered in the back of my head the whole time. When we finished our Beachbody workout a few months later, I bought the Kinobody home workout program and dove right in. I learned the ins and outs of the company’s fitness philosophy.

Learning The Truth About Fat Loss

This is really where the real change began to happen. I read so much information inside the program I purchased about how and why our bodies change. These changes are a direct result of how we eat and work out.

The company taught me things I’d never known. It was the first time I followed a program that taught health and fitness far differently than the mainstream. The Kinobody community actually may have more haters than followers, and I think that’s because Greg doesn’t budge with his views on health and fitness.  This program taught me everything.

Weight Loss Resources For You

This article was focused on a healthy mindset for weight loss more than anything else. Normally I provide links to different resources that will help you with the weight loss process. So here are some articles that can help you.

Each one of these articles will educate you on topics I believe are very important to understand.  They are laid out in a way that’s easy to digest, and you should have a much better idea of how and why weight loss happens.

Healthy Weight Loss Mindset In Summary

My goal with this article was to demonstrate that weight loss becomes simple and sustainable once we develop new habits. I understand that it isn’t easy to break old patterns, but they must be eliminated in order to form new daily practices.

Whereas I’ve written plenty of articles on how to lose weight, and tips and tricks I use to make the process simple, I realize that all the tips and tricks in the world won’t do anyone any good without proper thinking in place.

To develop a healthy mindset for weight loss, there’s quite a bit of determination, consistency, and perseverance involved, but once you’ve got these habits in place, the weight loss journey can actually be an exciting adventure.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments regarding anything written here, please leave them below, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading!

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