How To Count Calories And Lose Weight – Use These Tools

If you want to know how to count calories and lose weight, it’s actually pretty simple to do. It DOES require some effort on your end, but if you’re willing to put that effort in, you can definitely do it.

It’s exactly what I did to lose 12 pounds of body fat in just a few months, and honestly, it feels like I barely did anything to make it happen. All I really did was start to count calories properly.

I stopped eating restrictive diets. I used to eat low carb for years, but I was never actually paying really close attention to calories, which is what matters most if you’re serious about losing weight. When I finally went against these beliefs that I’ve held for years, and threw out low carb and low fat, and low anything, I started to make progress towards my fitness goals unlike any other time in my life.

It’s very simple to do and I’m going to explain how I did it. You’ll need a few tools to make this as simple as possible.

Get A Food Scale

I swear having a food scale is a HUGE reason for me having dropped about 3% body fat and 12 pounds of weight in just a few months. I’m actually so surprised at how helpful it was that I wish I’d been using one for years. This is the food scale I have and I use it daily.

Honestly, I never wanted a food scale, and I always sort of calculated food calories in my head. That meal is about…hmm, like 200 calories or so.

That’s not gonna work. You need to get as close as possible to a real number. A food scale will help you do that. It’s crazy how one banana can be 140 calories, while another banana is only 75 calories and they don’t even look that different in size.

Did you know that when you weigh meat, you should be weighing it on the food scale BEFORE you cook it, and not after? If you measure meat after it’s cooked, you’ll be calculating incorrectly and overeating on your calories.

It’s funny but before having a food scale, I just figured a chicken breast was about 150 calories or so. What I’ve learned is that what I once thought was 150 calories, is actually closer to 350 calories. If you learn to measure foods on the food scale, you’ll be on your way to losing weight.

But there are a few other things you need to know to make this all work seamlessly.

Install MyNetDiary On Your Phone

MyNetDiary is the app I personally have installed on my phone. You can also use MyFitnessPal which I believe does just about the same thing. I use the app to calculate all my calories for the day. It also helps me know exactly how much protein I’m eating daily, which is important to helping my body speed up fat loss.

As of this writing, I’m eating 2,315 calories per day. The app knows that’s my daily calorie budget. So, every time I eat, I enter the foods into the app. It’s very simple to do. Let’s say you make a steak dinner. Well, weigh your steak on the food scale before you cook it. It’s say it’s an 8 ounce boneless New York Strip steak. Well, you enter that into the app, and the app records it for you. That’s 486 calories.

You’ll want to calculate the rest of the foods as well, and enter them into the app. I weigh potatoes on the food scale, then enter it into the app. The extra minute it takes you to do this is going to truly ensure you get the weight loss results you want.

Also, the app is great for scanning products. Let’s say you’re having a Snicker’s bar. Just scan it, and it automatically goes into the app. Also, most major chain restaurants and all the meals available at those restaurants are in the app. If you’re gonna get a steak burrito bowl from Chipotle, that’s already in the app. If you’re gonna grab a Big Mac and fries from McDonald’s, it’s in the app.

But how many calories per day should YOU be eating to lose weight? Good question.

Eat at a 400 Calorie Deficit Daily

This maybe should have been the very beginning of this article, but I wanted to equip you with the tools you needed first to make this easy on you.

I won’t put this calculation here because I’ve already posted it in other places of this website, but in order to lose 4 to 5 pounds per month, you should be eating at a 400 calorie deficit.

In order to calculate that calorie deficit, just head over to this link and do the calculation. Once you’ve got that, head on back here, cause I’m gonna mention the importance of protein as well.

Make Sure To Eat Enough Protein

Everyone’s protein intake needs will be different as well. Head to this link to calculate how much protein you need each day. Just scroll down to the section that says “hit your protein goals”.

Eating enough lean protein is very helpful to speed up weight loss and help you achieve your fitness goals. You can get proteins from lean meats, nuts, dairy, and plenty of other sources. You’ll find bits of it in almost all foods.

That’s All You’ve Got To Do

That’s how to count calories and lose weight pretty much. I know I added later in the article, but just make sure to calculate a calorie deficit for yourself. Once you’ve calculated your calorie deficit, figure out how much protein you should be eating per day.

I very strongly suggest getting a food scale, as it will ensure you’re actually tracking calories properly. I measure my food, then I use MyNetDiary to enter my daily calorie information so that I don’t go over my budget. That’s about it.

If you’d be willing to walk 10,000 steps a day, this is something I do daily, and it’s very simple to do. Doing that burns about 400 to 500 calories each time you walk. You can learn more about that here. It’s not necessary though but it will definitely speed things up.

My best friend lost 25 pounds following the information you’re reading on this page, and he did not incorporate walking each day. He simply followed the rest of the information you see here.

I truly hope this article was helpful in giving you insight as to steps you can start taking right now to calculate calories efficiently and lose weight. I’d love to know any methods you’ve found to be successful or not so successful in your weight loss journey. Please share your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and I’ll make sure to get back to you promptly. Thank you for reading!

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