How Does Coffee Help With Weight Loss?

Could you imagine a planet without coffee? Even if you don’t drink it, I think we’d be one messed up human race if it wasn’t readily available. Who knows what kind of madness would break out. I’ve truly come to enjoy the time I spend with my morning coffee each day.

The internal medicine doctor Dr. Bob Arnot, MD, found that coffee can help in losing weight. He’s the author of ‘The Coffee Lover’s Diet Book‘, which was originally published in 2017. It contains information on how coffee can improve health and why it should be included in any diet. So the question is, how does coffee help with weight loss?

Experts and coffee connoisseurs continue to research the other benefits of coffee beyond just drinking it, like using ground coffee beans as an organic body scrub. And weight loss is one of the benefits that has been found in drinking coffee.

However, similar to Apple Cider vinegar, there are properties of coffee that can benefit you when you’re trying to lose weight. It would be a stretch to say that simply drinking coffee will help you shed pounds because there simply isn’t enough evidence to make such a claim.

While Dr. Bob Arnot’s book will give you a much more detailed explanation of coffee’s weight loss benefits, this article will be a basic breakdown of how this drink can help you burn fat.

Is There A Specific Kind of Coffee To Take For Fat Loss?

Though there are many medical professionals and experts that put their focus on black coffee, there are a number of studies regarding the weight loss benefits of green coffee beans. This refers to the raw regular coffee beans that are unroasted.

These can also be purchased to be personally roasted by the buyer to create a coffee based on his or her preference. The extract from green organic coffee beans is heavy on chlorogenic acids – an antioxidant that contributes to reducing weight naturally.

While scientific evidence to support this info may still be required, it seems that these chlorogenic acids could be helpful on your weight loss journey.

Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

So, let’s discuss black coffee. It’s associated with weight loss due to the amount of caffeine in one serving. However, caffeine alone can’t help someone to slim down. That said, take a look at pretty much any weight loss supplement on the market, and the majority of them contain a significant amount of caffeine. There’s a reason for this.

This natural stimulant can improve mental alertness, pushing oneself more whenever exercising or doing sports activities. Trained athletes would especially benefit from having better endurance & performance.

Those who are seeking to push harder on their daily workouts can also find coffee beneficial. After all, you’ll find lots of pre-workout supplements on the market that are specifically intended to give you a boost before you start your workout.

How Does Caffeine Boost Metabolism?

Another benefit of caffeine in coffee is how it can boost metabolism. This stimulant can increase the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). To get technical for a moment, BMR refers to the number of calories the body requires to perform its most fundamental life-sustaining activities.

As far as weight loss goes, this is the rate that burns calories while resting. A faster or higher metabolism allows a person to lose more weight when at rest or while exercising.

So, drinking coffee means you’re getting caffeine in your body. Caffeine will cause your body to burn more calories, meaning you’re at a weight-loss advantage by simply drinking coffee.

Is Caffeine An Appetite Suppressant?

As Dr. Arnot states in his book, coffee can also suppress appetite that decreases a person’s calorie intake. Drinking a cup of coffee before a meal might help a person to eat less, but having it for 3 to 4 hours before a meal may not have any effect at all.

These findings are referring to caffeinated coffee. I can tell you from my own experience with intermittent fasting, that coffee definitely helps keep hunger away.

I pretty much drink coffee and sparkling water during the early hours of the day, and I have no hunger cravings until the evening when I eat my first meal.

What About Supplements That Contain Caffeine?

There are a number of food supplements that either modify coffee or use coffee as a flavor in them. Most of the research revolving around the weight loss benefits of coffee has been conducted with animals.

So, any kind of coffee supplement that claims to help you lose weight may need more research before making such claims. As mentioned earlier, this includes the widely popular green coffee extract, which is one of the most popular ingredients you’ll find in many weight loss supplements.

Final Verdict On Coffee For Weight Loss

So, how does coffee help with weight loss? In short, it seems to be the caffeine that truly helps. As stated earlier, caffeine has metabolism-boosting benefits.

This is why you’ll find caffeine as being one of the main ingredients in weight loss supplements. In fact, it’s so popular that you’ll often find certain products that clearly state in their advertising that it’s caffeine-free, to attract those who do not want caffeine.

Caffeine is known to be an appetite suppressant as well, so coffee can help keep you fuller longer. In my own experience, it works well, in the hours prior to eating, and I feel it’s great for those who do intermittent fasting as I do.

Aside from caffeine, green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acids, which are known to help with weight loss naturally. This is why you’ll notice many weight loss supplements using green coffee beans.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions regarding anything discussed, please let me know below, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading!

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