Looking To Buy Amazon Halo? Body Fat Percentage Results & Much More

When you buy Amazon Halo you’ll have access to a number of incredible features that are so shockingly get amazon halopersonalized, I’m a bit blown away and inspired by how far technology has come.

The one that caught my attention right away is the fact that you can get body fat percentage results that rival some of the top technologies out there. It’s an overall wellness wristband that can help you track your health and mindfulness in a number of different ways.

There is no display screen on the Amazon Halo, so the app is essential because it’s how you will retrieve all your personalized information.

And if you’d like to learn more about its specific features and what they’ll do for you, read on, as they will be discussed below.

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Get Body Fat Percentage Results

The very first feature that caught my attention is the fact that you can get an accurate body fat percentage reading. In fact, Amazon Halo claims to give you personalized body fat results that are 2 times more accurate than a smart scale. Not only that, but it will take a scan of your body, and you can see what you’d physically look like at different body fat percentages! How insane is that?!

It makes my head spin because I’ve been using a digital body fat scale which I love for its 13 measuring functions. One of those functions is the ability to track body fat percentage over time. I know it’s not completely accurate, but that never bothered me, as long as I could see progress being made.

Body fat measurements in general can be inaccurate. Smart scales must be stepped on with bare feet, to send you bioelectrical analysis through a small current. If people step on smart scales at the wrong time of day, results can easily vary.

Also, calipers, which are at this point an outdated method of tracking body fat, are very easy to get wrong measurements with if you use them to pinch fat in the wrong areas.



Amazon claims its technology is much more accurate than other methods. You take a picture of your body from the front, sides, and back. Then, Amazon combines the images to create a three-dimensional effect, which then calculates your body fat and body composition.

They did an analysis on thousands of people’s bodies from various backgrounds and compared results from different body fat testing methods from DEXA (the most accurate body fat testing available) to body fat scales, and the results concluded that Amazon’s Halo is twice as accurate as a body fat scale.

Analyze Your Tone Of Voice

This was another mind-blowing feature to me, possibly even more so than the body fat feature. It creeps me out a bit because I know very well that it’s not just WHAT we say to others, but HOW we say it, that determines how people emotionally react to us. Our body language and tone of voice go a long way as far the quality of our relationships go, and if we can learn to interact with our friends, family, and coworkers more effectively, then this little device is a game-changer.

The way it works is it uses microphones to track your speaking. Based on this, you’ll get results whether you’re putting more negativity or positivity into the world. Are you a positive person with high energy or the other end of the spectrum? I personally don’t like small talk, and can’t really fake it either. I tend to stay silent at certain gatherings because of that. So what does that make me? It would be interesting to know.

The way tone analyzer works is when you speak, from random mumbling, to normal conversations you have with others, it’s all tracked, analyzed, and compared to normal speech. Amazon Halo then relays this information to you so you can get a better understanding of how you are perceived by others. As I said, creepy, right?

But is this feature useful? I think if we’re being honest with ourselves and we genuinely have a desire to make improvements in our relationships, then yes, it could be very useful, even if it’s painful to find out the truth of how we generally put ourselves out there into the world.

The app will give you updates throughout the day of when you sounded frustrated, friendly, sad, happy, hesitant, aggressive, kind, and more. The Halo only monitors how you say things and not the actual words you use to say them.

Track Your Sleep Quality

Amazon uses a point system to determine whether you had a great night or poor night of sleep. 85 to 100 is considered great sleep while 0 to 49 is considered poor. It also breaks down the amount of time you spend in different stages of sleep, from REM, to both light and deep sleep.

There is also a sleep temperature measurement that is tracked. You’ll notice that your sleep temperature will change depending on the foods or drinks you consume. This can be useful in regard to making dietary changes as what you put into your body has an impact on the quality of your sleep.

Based on the results you get from tracking sleep quality, the Halo will give you tips on how you can improve overall sleep. For instance, it will determine how much time you spent in bed, compared to how much time you actually slept. For instance, they will give you suggestions as to what to do to make improvements. Based on making the changes suggested, you’ll notice your sleep quality score go up.

Track Quality Of Your Daily Activity

Amazon Halo is a great activity tracker. It tracks heart rate using movement along with an optical sensor. These two factors alone can determine your overall activity level. You get different amounts of points based on the kind of activity you do.

The kind of activity tracked could be as simple as grocery shopping to cardio workouts. They suggest you set a goal of earning 150 points per week, and if you surpass 300, then you’re considered to be a very active person.

As many other activity trackers do, Halo will track your steps and calories burned throughout the day. You have access to a variety of workout videos in the app that are provided by well-known fitness companies such as Orange Theory among others.

2 Reasons Amazon Halo Is One Of A Kind

I believe that two things stand out which make Amazon Halo stand out.

  1. The fact that you can get body fat percentage results accurately with this device is fascinating to me. And the research behind this technology is so interesting, as the company scanned thousands of people’s bodies from different backgrounds and ages to make this feature twice as accurate as a digital scale.
  2. The tone of voice analyzation feature is creepy but I believe incredibly useful for people who want to improve their relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. Having access to this can give you a much better understanding of how you are perceived by others. And even if it’s tough to face the truth of how we communicate, I think if we are brave enough to face our true selves, and make decisions to change aspects of the ways we choose to interact with others, this feature is a game-changer.

As far as the other features go, you’ll find that they are comparable to other products out there. However, I feel that Amazon added some of their own little twists to the Halo which makes it stand out among other health and wellness items in the marketplace. I like that this isn’t just a fitness tracker, but also a way to check in on your overall emotional state and mindfulness.

One thing I didn’t mention earlier is that when you purchase Amazon Halo, you receive a free 6-month subscription to the app. After this, you must pay $3.99 per month. I do feel this is worth it because of all the great companies they’ve partnered with within the app to bring you fantastic tools to improve your life. Some of these companies are Weight Watchers, Orange Theory, Mayo Clinic, Headspace and more.

I hope this article helped you get a better understanding of exactly what you can expect if you get Amazon Halo. If you have any questions at all, or if you have personal experience with the Halo, I’d really love to know what it is. Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading!

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