Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones Review

I’m a Bose junkie…I can’t deny it. But after owning these headphones, I decided I won’t go with any other brand again. This probably has a lot to do with me being a musician, and ridiculously picky with the sounds I hear coming out of the headphones in my ears or speakers in my living room.

I’m writing this Bose Soundsport free wireless headphones review because I’ve had these now for the past few months…well, I’ve actually had two pairs, something went wrong with my first pair in the left earbud, and Bose replaced them without question. I was just bummed for a few days waiting for them to send me a replacement. But now that I’ve got them again, these are simply amazing. BTW – at the time of this writing, Bose has updated these to a newer improved model.

As someone who is keen on fitness and exercise, it’s very important to me that I’ve got excellent earbuds for my workouts. I sweat a LOT, and these have got to withstand that. They’ve also got to stay in my ears cause in the past, earbuds would always fall out when I sweat too much. It’s not just that, but previous earbuds just didn’t fit in my ears properly.

Right before I decided to buy these, I ordered a different set of earbuds off Amazon. They’re called Anker earbuds, and people were raving about that company being comparable to Bose. I got them mainly cause I was trying to save like $30. That was a dumb idea.

I think what sold me on those headphones is that yeah, they’re wireless, water resistant, and perfect for working out. What really intrigued me was those earbuds claimed to be trusted 12 Grammy award-winning producers.

They arrived, and, even after setting the EQ to my specifications, something just didn’t sit right with me in my ears. Sometimes it just sounded a little twangy, and almost metallic sounding. I wasn’t impressed.

And anyway, I thought to myself, okay, I just spent $120 on these…but I could get Bose for only $30 more. I already own other Bose speakers. However, I never invested in Bose headphones.

Anyway, I returned them, and ordered Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones, and I was just completely blown away. I still cannot figure out how Bose does it. Every spectrum of sound, from bass to treble and everything in between just sits perfectly in your ears.

Anyway, I’ll start the review speaking of the sound…

Amazing Sound Will Blow Your Mind

I could go on about this forever. It’s almost magical how incredible Bose has been able to make their products sound. Whoever the engineers are behind their headphones and speakers simply understand the spectrum of sound in a way I’ve never heard in any other brand.

And as I mentioned earlier, I’m a sound junkie and music is pretty much what I live and breathe. I’ve spent my life around speakers, various headphones, and thousands of instruments. I’ve recorded hundreds of songs, listened to final mixes in various speakers, and nothing compares to Bose sound. Period.

It’s really funny. I went back to some old earbuds I had from a few years ago while I was waiting for my replacement Bose ear buds to arrive, and holy crap, it’s amazing how what you once thought sounded pretty good, now just sounds terrible.

Owning a pair of Bose headphones might make you a little bit sound spoiled, just warning ya!

When you put these on, you don’t just listen to music. You literally become lost in the world of the artists who created the music. You’re suddenly floating through a universe of sound, and unfortunately (or fortunately), once you experience that, it’s really hard to go back to other headphones.

That’s why I was saying earlier I just don’t see myself investing in another brand again. You won’t experience music and sound like this anywhere else.

Excellent Workout Headphones

As I mentioned earlier, my exercise and workout routine is very important to me. I can’t go for a jog or even a walk without listening to music or sometimes an audio book. These Bose earbuds just stay in your ears. It takes a little bit of fidgeting around with them though, and I do wish Bose’s instructions were a little clearer on how to make sure they’re securely placed in your ears, but it’s pretty simple to figure out on your own. Plus, there are videos on YouTube explaining how to do it.

Whenever I’ve owned other ear buds, they fall out of my ears when I’m jogging, or they start to slip out, causing me to constantly have to push them back in, especially as I sweat more. Something about my ear shape never seemed to match up with whatever headphones I owned in the past. These are a bit different in the sense that once you put them into your ears, you sort of turn them so that they lock in and are secure. They won’t fall out.

And that’s what makes them awesome for workouts. I never used headphones before when jump roping for instance. But I used these perfectly and they stayed in my ears wonderfully throughout my entire jump roping session.

According to Bose, these headphones are built to last sweat and humidity. I don’t know where I read this too, but you could technically take a hose and spray them a certain distance, and they’d still be fine.

Bose Soundsport Free headphones have an IPX4 rating, which means they are protected from splashing water, no matter which direction the water is being sprayed from.

These headphones can withstand rain. They’re both splash-proof AND sweat proof, but not waterproof, meaning you can’t submerge them in water.

They are resistant to rainy weather you’d encounter on a jog, and any amount of sweat that you have during a workout, so for most intense activity, they’d be perfectly fine.

Charging Case & Find My Earbuds Option

I think one of the most surprisingly convenient things about these headphones is the charging case.  This is the first set of headphones I’ve ever owned that comes with a case that you can charge separately.  

So, if you’re out and about with the case and your ear buds, and the case if fully charged, but your earbuds die, you can just place them inside the case to fully charge them.  It gives you two additional full charges.

Another thing I wanted to mention is if you lose your earbuds, which happened to me actually, having the Bose app installed on your phone is great, because it literally has a GPS function so that you can find out exactly where your headphones are, and just go tet them.

Pay In 4 Payments – No Interest – Friggin Awesome

My head flipped when I found out Bose offered 4 monthly payments with no interest. It made the decision to purchase these so much easier. You can only get this offer from, and not Amazon or anywhere else. Plus, when it comes to products that are pricey like Bose, I almost always purchase directly from the retailer cause you get the official warranty in case something goes wrong with the product.

I paid for these headphones in 4 monthly installments and I didn’t have to pay any kind of interest. So, I think I paid around $37 per month for 4 months, and that was it. You own them completely after that.

Now that I know Bose offers this, I’m seriously considering upgrading other parts of my house, where I’m using some not so great speakers, like my living room soundbar… I cheaped out with a crappy soundbar that’s twangy and annoying a few years ago. Yeah, Bose’s is pretty damn expensive, but these headphones finally sold me on pretty much everything Bose.

Final Verdict – You Can’t Go Wrong With Bose

I hope this Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones review was helpful. Maybe I sound overly ecstatic about these, but it’s because I truly believe these are an incredible investment. You simply can’t go wrong with Bose. I’ve owned 2 different Bose speakers. I now have their sunglasses too, which are awesome.

Making the purchase of the Soundsport Headphones solidified something. It’s made me realize that I can’t cheap out on audio equipment from here on out. And in the end, the amount you’re saving from trying to go with a lesser product just isn’t worth it, at least if quality sound is of utmost importance to you.

These are sweat resistant. They’re awesome for workouts. They stay in your ears. The sound quality is unmatched by any other brand. Possibly one of the best things is when you visit and you can pay with Bose Pay. They let you make the purchase by paying in 4 equal installments, which is exactly what I did to make them affordable right away. It makes the whole purchase so much easier.

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I hope you enjoyed this review. I’d really love to know what your own experience is with Bose products or if you have found other headphones that you swear are the best out there. I love talking audio equipment! Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll make sure to get back to you soon! Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones Review”

  1. Hi Paul! Thank you for this outstanding review! I have never heard about Bose! Can you imagine? Now I am pretty much pleased I have visited your website. I love fitness and moving my body. And listening to music while I am walking is great. I love that they are wireless. Because I don’t like all these strings around my head. I see that you have an ad about getting a $ 50 discount. That is great! Thank you very much! I will visit their site and get my discount. 

    1. Hey Sylvia – thanks for the comment.  Glad you like the review.  Can you tell just how crazy I am about Bose products in general 🙂 – Yeah they offer some really cool discounts so make sure to grab the $50 off.  I agree with you totally about the wires wrapped around my head – they drive me crazy.  So, this was my first purchase of totally wireless headphones, and I’m so surprised at how great they sound, especially considering there are no wires.  

  2. This is perfect! I have been looking for some decent earbuds that will actually stay in my ears during my workouts. I have been trying to get back into exercising but both of my last two pairs broke because my sweat kept messing them up. These are prefect because they are sweat resistant and they are soundproof! Thank you so much for providing this for us!

    1. Hey Misael – these are really sturdy and will definitely withstand sweat.  I’ve tried them while walking, running, and also jump roping, and they stay in my ears.  They aren’t soundproof exactly but if you turn them up, they get loud and sound fantastic.

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