Best Full Body Calisthenics Workout Routine

This article will share with you the best full body calisthenics workout routine that I know of. I’ve included tutorial videos to help you complete these movements with proper form. This program has changed my entire perspective on health and fitness, and given me a boost of confidence in my overall life that I’m forever grateful for. Prior to following this routine, I knew very little about bodyweight training.

It’s amazing to me now how little I actually knew about what it takes to get into serious shape, considering I’ve been a health nut my entire adult life. What’s even more mind-boggling is how much my body changed in only 3 months following exclusive calisthenics in the midst of the pandemic.  If I can do it, you absolutely can.

For years, I plowed through workout after workout in Beachbody’s arsenal of exercise routines. If I wasn’t doing that, then I was going to the gym at least 5 days a week to lift and jog. I started interweaving kickboxing classes into my routine at one point as well.

Yet, I was always frustrated with the extra stubborn fat I had that I couldn’t seem to get rid of for the life of me. So, one day I discovered Kinobody and their full body calisthenics workout routine that I’m about to share with you.

calisthenics workout routine

My skepticism was high, cause there are a million programs out there. But what I thought was interesting about Greg O’ Gallagher, the founder of the program, is that he approached fitness and nutrition in almost the exact opposite way that I see most of the health & fitness industry go about advertising their products. So, I dove in and just followed the program exactly as it’s laid out.

I lost 15 pounds, dropped 3% body fat, and went from a 32 to a 30-inch waist, all while building lean muscle, simply following this routine.

Below you’ll find the exact workouts, which are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please know though, to get serious results, you must adhere to proper eating. That is the number one factor to burning off unwanted fat and sculpting your body.  It’s something I neglected for years, but when you get that part right, that’s when the true change happens.

Proper nutrition is about 90% of your success. It’s what cleans up the canvas (your body) so you can build lean muscle onto it, which comes from the workouts. Also, one of the other big players in my success with this program is that I walk 10,000 steps every day. This is all explained in detail in any Kinobody program.

Let’s get to the details of this calisthenics workout routine. Please know, no equipment is absolutely required, but I strongly suggest that you at least have access to a pull up bar.

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Monday Workout

calisthenics workout routine

Mondays are primarily focused on upper body exercises. You’ll notice a few workouts below that may seem a bit intimidating. Don’t stress over this. I totally understand if you can’t do a handstand push-up or one-arm chin-up.

In fact, there are great tutorials in the Kinobody dashboard where Greg shows you step by step how to work your way up to the most advanced workout. So if you can’t do a single chin-up, don’t stress it, and if a handstand push-up is impossible right now, it’s okay.

In order to work my way up to doing handstand push-ups, I began by doing pike push-ups. Eventually, I developed enough strength to do hand stand push-ups against a wall, which is what I currently do. Also, with one-arm chin-ups, you can begin by doing assisted variations of this exercise.

Wednesday Workout

best calisthenics full body workout routine

Wednesday workouts focus on your lower body and core. While these are calisthenics movements, they can be brutal. Your bodyweight alone can provide an insane amount of tension to really help you build up lean muscle.

After going through one round of this program, I’ve come to learn that owning a weighted vest and dip belt have become incredibly handy in order to really intensify these movements, as well as movements from other days of the week.

Friday Workout

calisthenics full body workout

Friday works your upper body. If you’re overwhelmed by seeing a one arm push up below, don’t be. I was unable to do a single one-armed push-up for months. The Kinobody bodyweight program (Movie Star Body) provides you with step-by-step tutorial videos for this movement so that you do what’s comfortable for you. Then, when you’re strong enough, you can move to the next variation of the movement.

Importance Of Eating Properly


While I’ve saved these for last, they are crucial for your success when it comes to achieving your ideal physique. See, the eating plan you follow is what determines whether you’ll gain weight or lose weight. Maybe you’re looking to gain weight in the form of lean muscle, and don’t have much fat to lose. In that case, you’d want to eat at a lean bulk.

However, if you’re looking to lose unwanted fat, then it’s important that you eat at a calorie deficit. This is what most people do when they begin the program, as most of the guys I know were looking to shed off another 10 – 15 pounds.

That calorie deficit is designed to help you drop about 4 – 5 pounds of pure fat per month. It’s always important to ensure you’re getting sufficient protein in your diet, regardless of whether you bulk or do a deficit. The reason for this is that getting enough protein helps you maintain and build lean muscle. This way, when you do lose weight, it’s in the form of fat and not muscle or bone density.

30 Second Body Type Quiz

Not everyone knows which direction to go when it comes to the proper workout for their body type. If you’re bulky or overweight and have significant fat to lose, then I strongly suggest the bodyweight routine that I’m following, which is the Movie Star Body Program.

However, if you are underweight and are looking to get bigger and gain lean muscle, then I’d advise a different program like Superhero 2.0 or Greek God 2.0.


Walking Daily – The Ultimate Cardio

One thing that I found fascinating when I began doing Kinobody workouts, is that Greg, the founder, advises that the only cardio we need to do is walk daily. So, that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I began, and it has been a true game-changer as far as fat loss goes. I walk 10,000 steps a day. This burns approximately 400 – 500 calories per session.

This has helped me drop unwanted fat, and keep it off far more effectively than any Orange Theory session or Insanity home workout ever did. Plus, it’s far more laid back and simpler to follow on a daily basis.

Calisthenics Workout Routine In Summary

full body calisthenics workout

This is, without question, the best full-body calisthenics workout routine that I know of. It’s an absolutely killer program that you can do from home or anywhere for that matter. In all my years of being a fitness fanatic, this is the first time a program truly did exactly as it claimed to do, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

I’ve stuck with Kinobody and its programs ever since. In a sense, it’s made my life easier too, because I no longer jump from program to program trying to figure out what works. I also no longer diet, thank God.

While I’ve shared with you the basics of the workouts that you can begin doing right away, the program does become more advanced month after month. It’s a 3-month program. As you develop strength, your workouts increase in tension and volume. So month 2 has some additional variations to it, and month 3 does this as well.

In fact, month three is the “shrinkwrap phase”, where the goal is to give your body a muscle tightening effect that you clearly see in the mirror. This happens because of a slight tweak in your eating plan combined with the workouts themselves also changing.

These workouts, combined with walking daily, and following an eating plan designed for your body type and goals, will absolutely yield you amazing results. I can say that with so much certainty because I’ve seen it time and again with various people. Plus, it happened to me as well. Follow the program to a “T” and you’ll crush it.

I know this may seem simple, and it is. In fact, in my opinion, it’s the reason it works so well, where other programs fail. If you’re questioning whether working out only 3 days a week can actually yield you serious results. The answer is yes. The workouts are intense, and your muscles need time to recover. Your body and mind will thank you, not to mention, you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make physically in less time than you did when you were at the gym 5 days a week.

(Movie Star Body)

I hope you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments at all regarding anything listed here, please let me know below, and I’ll be more than happy to. get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading.

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