Best Foods To Eat To Burn Fat – Not What You’d Think

Now, if you asked me the best foods to eat to burn fat about a year ago, my answers would have been completely different.  But 2020 was a game-changer for me, because I tried an eating plan that went completely against my beliefs, and I burned off 12 pounds of fat, helping me be more confident on my journey to my ideal body.  I attribute the majority of my progress to the foods that I’m putting into my body.  The foods that you put into your body are important, but more importantly, it’s about HOW MUCH of these foods you put into your body.  That is THE key to burning fat!

For years, I’ve been struggling to get into shape by trying different approaches to eating and working out.  And, it’s not that I’ve been OUT of shape.  In fact, I’ve pretty much always been in a healthy weight range, my height being 5″10 and my weight for years being right around 150 – 155 lbs.  Probably around the holidays, I hit 160 lbs.  But I’ve had that “skinny fat” kind of body for years.  It’s the kind of body that was never really out of shape or in shape.  For years, it’s been soft looking with very little definition to it, and what I WANTED was to be defined, and have a low body fat, which I think is the goal of a lot of people.

I’d get discouraged watching movies with dudes with seemingly perfect bodies – I guess examples would be Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Ryan Reynolds in Amityville Horror (the original is way better).  And then there’s the random guys you see at the gym and wonder how it is that they get into shape like that.

Eat At A Calorie Deficit First

I can’t really write this article without first stressing the importance that if you want to burn fat off your body, regardless of what foods you choose to eat, you NEED to be eating at a calorie deficit.  You won’t burn fat off your body if you’re eating MORE calories than your body requires to effectively do so.  You could eat twinkies all day long and still lose weight.  You could eat McDonalds every day for a month and still lose weight.

BUT, if you don’t eat at a calorie deficit, you won’t see the results you want.  In fact, if you eat ABOVE your maintenance calorie requirements, you’re gonna gain fat.  So, if you look at the scale and you aren’t happy with the numbers you see, it’s because you aren’t eating the calories you personally need to get into the shape you want.  You can read an article here that will calculate the calories you should be personally eating each day to start burning fat off your body right now.

Lean Proteins

Okay, let’s get into foods.  Lean proteins are anything from chicken breast, pork tenderloin, lean ground beef, steak, fish, whey protein, eggs, and there’s a lot more I’m just not thinking of right now.  You’ve may have heard this before, but eating lean proteins really helps when it comes to burning fat off your body.  They don’t always have to be lean proteins, but the leaner the meat, the fewer calories there are, and the more food you can eat throughout the day.  For instance, when I eat ground beef, I usually try to go for 93% or 96% lean, just cause it’s not as fatty and filled with calories you don’t need, but it’s not a requirement by any means.

Now, proteins are first on this list to cause the most important thing to understand next to eating at a calorie deficit, is that you need to make sure you’re ALSO taking in the right amount of protein daily.  Everyone’s intake is different, and again, please read this article to calculate your personal protein requirements, and also your personal calorie requirements.  Read the “calorie deficit” and “protein intake” sections carefully.  Follow the calculations, and you’ll know exactly what you need in your body daily to start losing 4 to 5 pounds per month.


I LOVE carbs!  Who doesn’t love carbs?!  You know, for years, I was eating variations of low carb diets, and it kinda sucked, cause I could never really eat what I wanted to eat, except on Sundays, which was my cheat day.  I don’t have cheat days anymore, cause I eat whatever I want pretty much every day.

But anyway, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, beans, couscous, pizza, chips, sandwiches, beer & liquor, and so much more fall into this list.  Actually, some of this stuff could go under a “fats” category, which I ALMOST put into this article, but deleted it and replaced it with “eat whatever the hell you want” below, and you’ll see why once you get there.

I’m writing this section about carbs really just to add space to this article I guess.  My beliefs have changed.  I no longer feel that carbs are bad for you, and you CAN eat freely them throughout your day.  As I mentioned before, if you want to burn fat with the foods you eat, make sure to follow 2 things.  Eat at a calorie deficit, and make sure to hit your protein goals daily.  I linked to that page again in case you didn’t calculate your personal requirements earlier.  It’s super quick and simple and if you start doing that, you’ll start seeing very positive changes happening to your body in a short time.

Eat Whatever The Hell You Want

Yeah, I had to really put this in here, cause I know you found this article trying to find the best foods to eat to burn fat.  And maybe my answers in this article aren’t really meshing with your own beliefs or what you wanted to see.  I just no longer believe in eating salads to burn fat, or having to have hard-boiled eggs and cottage cheese.

I no longer believe in restrictive dieting, because I lost more than 11 pounds of fat by following a simple equation, which you can find the links multiple times in this article.  I eat pizza, burgers, ice cream, snickers bars, and whatever else I want.

I DO intermittent fasting, which I believe has definitely helped.  But you can incorporate that into any diet.  I’m going to stress again that you can eat what you want to burn fat, but you MUST make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories per day in order to lose fat.  Everyone’s calorie requirements are different.  Again, calculate it here.

Can I Really Eat Anything?

There aren’t specific foods you need to eat in order to burn fat.  But I’d put lean proteins highest on the list and hit your protein goals, which you can calculate along with your calorie requirements.  The rest is really up to you.  I wouldn’t suggest eating McDonald’s every day, as it’s got very little nutritional value and it could cause other problems in the long run for your health.  

I was truly nervous to stop eating the way I had been eating for years, and trying something new, but it had really surprising results.  And I know I’ve still got a ways to go, but what’s important is that I’m happy with my current physique.

Everyone’s goals are different.  Everyone has a different idea of what will make them happy looking in the mirror.  I’m still working to make more progress, and I can assure you that you’ll make major changes in your body if you start paying attention to HOW much your eating, not just WHAT you’re eating.

I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Best Foods To Eat To Burn Fat – Not What You’d Think”

  1. Hi again! This is yet another very helpful article. I actually used to think that when you want to lose weight then you have to practically live on vegetables like eating cabbage, spinach and the likes. It’s really cool to see you can eat protein and carbs and lose weight. My sister would be happy to see that she doesn’t need to stop eating to lose weight. Thanks for this 

    1. Hi Fay thank you for the comment – yes, it’s amazing how simple it can be to drop fat and lose weight when you don’t restrict yourself.  It’s funny how you mention vegetables and cabbage and spinach, I mean, I think a lot of us have that image in our heads as what we’re supposed to eat to lose weight.  For years, I thought it was low carb and nothing else.  But now, I realize it can be so much more fun, simple, and liberating to eat whatever you want.  You just have to follow a few simple rules and that’s it.  I hope your sister finds value with this information too!  

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