Best Calisthenics Workout Routine – Melt Fat & Build Lean Muscle

What I’m about to share with you is, what I believe to be the best calisthenics workout routine that exists.   Of course, that’s my opinion, but this is coming from a guy who has completed so many different workouts over the years, I’ve lost track. I’ve also followed multiple eating plans and diets.

It wasn’t until I discovered the Movie Star Body Program n the midst of the pandemic that everything changed.  When I lost 15 pounds of pure body fat while also building my physique with lean muscle in the course of 3 months, it shocked me.

It’s amazing what bodyweight training can do for your physique when you’ve got all the right components in place working together. I was never overweight, but I had patches of flab that I’ve tried to eliminate for years, specifically on my chest, love handles, and stomach. I tried everything.

It wasn’t until I discovered this simple calisthenics routine that I saw a real body transformation happen in only 3 months. I’ll break down the details of the workouts for you in this article.  You’ll also find before & after photos from others following the same program.

Please note, this post contains affiliate links & I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. I full-heartedly believe in this program and as an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Quick Summary Of This Calisthenics Routine

The beauty of the Movie Star Body Program is that the workouts are only 3 days a week and you can do them from home, or anywhere for that matter. They are so powerful, that the results you’ll get will have you wondering why you were ever going to the gym 6 days a week.

I’ve actually spoken to other guys who used to train way harder and longer in the gym, and they got better results following this program than they ever did with intense gym training.

Now, this part is VERY IMPORTANT. If you’re serious about building lean muscle while burning off unwanted fat, the eating plan is absolutely critical.

The workouts will not have the same impact if you don’t adhere to the eating protocol. Luckily, the eating plan is actually enjoyable. It’s not a diet, but there are a few rules you need to follow. Make sure to read about that in the section below the workouts.

The workout plan itself is broken up into 3 phases that all build upon each other so that you’re progressively getting stronger and leaner. There’s month 1, month 2, and month 3. The Monday and Friday workouts listed below are from month 1. The Wednesday workout is from month 2.

Now, without further ado, let’s discuss the calisthenics workout routine from the Movie Star Bodyweight Program.

Monday Workout

The Monday workout is intense on your biceps, chest, and shoulders, and it’s designed in a way to start shaping your physique from day one. Doing this entire routine only takes about 30 minutes, and that goes for all three days of the week.

One thing I want to quickly mention is that you may be freaking out saying you can’t do a one-armed chin-up or a one-armed push-up.

One of the great things about this program is you have the option to choose from many variations of each workout so that you can eventually work your way up to the most difficult variation.

If you want a more extensive explanation of each of these Monday workouts, including variations, visit this page here, where I break them down into detail. But this is the order I do each of the workouts. As I mentioned earlier, this is month one of the program.

  • Handstand Pushups:
    6 to 10 repetitions: 3 sets total (rest for 2 to 3 minutes in between sets)
  • One Arm Chin Ups:
    4 to 6 repetitions : 3 sets total (rest for 2 to 3 minutes in between sets)
  • Feet Elevated Push-ups:
    10 to 15 repetitions per arm: 2 sets total (rest for 1 minute in between sets)
  • Bicep Curls (using resistance bands or dumbbells) Or Closed-Grip Chin Ups):
    10 to 15 repetitions: 2 sets total (rest for 1 minute in between sets)
  • Side to Side Hanging Knee ups:
    8 to 12 repetitions: 2 sets total (rest for 1 minute in between sets)

Wednesday Workout

Wednesday primarily works your lower body. For a more extensive explanation of Wednesday’s workout, including modifications, visit this page. This Wednesday workout is from month 2 of the program.

  • Pistol Squats:
    6 to 8 repetitions : 3 sets total (rest for 2 to 3 minutes in between sets)
  • Lunging Jumps:
    8 repetitions: 3 sets total (rest for 1 to 2 minutes in between sets)
  • Step-ups:
    8 to 15 repetitions: 3 sets total (rest for 1 minute in between sets)
  • One-legged Romanian Dead Lifts:
    8 to 12 repetitions: 3 sets total (rest for 1 minute in between sets)
  • One-legged Calf Raises:
    15 to 20 repetitions: 3 sets total reps (1 min rest)
  • L-sit Holds:
    hold for 5 to 30 seconds: 3 sets total (rest for 1 minute in between sets)

Friday Workout

These Friday workouts heavily target your biceps, triceps, chest, and back. Also, if you take a look, each workout day ends with an exercise that specifically targets your core, so your full body is covered throughout the week.

Again, don’t be nervous about one-arm push-ups if you can’t do them yet. The Movie Star bodyweight program has plenty of modifications that make it perfect for beginners who want to work their way up to the hardest workout.

Click here to read a more detailed explanation of all the Friday workouts below.

  • One-Armed Pushups:
    6 to 10 repetitions: 3 sets total (rest 2 to 3 minutes in between sets)
  • Sternum Chin Ups or Bodyweight Rows:
    6 to 10 repetitions: 3 sets total (rest 2 to 3 minutes in between sets)
  • Diamond Pushups With Feet Elevated:
    10 to 15 repetitions: 2 sets total (rest for 1 minute in between sets)
  • Bicep Curls (Using Bands or Dumbbells – Or Chin Ups – Close Grip):
    10 to 15 repetitions: 2 sets total (rest 1 minute in between sets)
  • Hanging Leg Raise:
    6 to 12 repetitions: 2 sets total (rest for 1 minute in between sets)

The Eating Plan – VERY IMPORTANT!

There’s a food plan that goes along with this workout that you must adhere to if you want to achieve serious 3-month results. This is actually the most important part of the program.

Luckily, the eating plan is incredibly simple. It’s NOT a diet. In fact, you can eat whatever you want, and I mean it. If you want pizza, french fries, and ice cream, you’re fine.

There are only two rules you need to follow:

  1. Eat the right amount of calories each day
  2. Eat the right amount of protein each day

Now, your calorie and protein intake will differ from mine. Right now, I’m trying to gain weight, so my calorie intake is at 2400 per day. But when I started the program, I was eating at a calorie deficit, because I had quite a bit of extra fat to lose. So, I ate 1800 calories per day for 2 months. Then I increased it slightly for the “shrinkwrap” in month 3 of the program.

The shrink wrap effect works because of an increase in calories in month 3 for two days a week, in conjunction with an increase in workout intensity. This combination starts to shape your body in a way so that your muscles really start to show, and the fat really melts off. But you work your way up to month 3 from the previous two phases.

The whole program is strategically put together. There’s not a single thing left out, from exactly how you should be eating, to which exercises to do and when.

Just follow it exactly as it’s laid out.

The Private Facebook Community

I want to quickly mention that one of the hidden secrets of joining the Movie Star Body program is the private Facebook community. I can’t stress enough just how powerful this group is. Everyone in there is incredibly supportive, open-minded, and willing to help you with any questions you have.

When people hit plateaus, or can’t figure out the direction they should go, there are coaches and other members who give excellent advice. I attribute a lot of my own progress to being in that group, asking questions, and figuring out where to take things.

Plus, it’s incredibly inspiring to be in a group of thousands of people all dedicated to transforming their bodies. It often happens, when someone who’s been quiet in the group, suddenly speaks up and shows their 3-month transformation. And everyone else is just blown away.

An Amazing Calisthenics Workout Routine

I realized the other day that I dropped from a 32 pair of jeans to a 30.  I’ve worn jeans with a 32 waist my entire adult life. That’s enough for me to regard this as the best calisthenics workout routine that exists.

Everyone’s results vary. I’m sometimes jealous at how shredded other guys in the program get. It’s so easy to compare. But you need to remember, your body is your own. That’s all there is to it. I’m happy with my results, but now I’m inspired to take them to the next level, wherever that is.

Follow the program to a T, and you’ll get results, period. Now, remember what I mentioned above. It’s incredibly important that you follow both the workouts AND the eating plan. They compliment each other magically, and their combination is exactly why people get insane results with the Movie Star Body Program.

This workout routine is what marked a new path in my health & fitness journey. It inspired me to start writing articles to help others traveling similar roads. I’ve learned so much since I began this program, and I do my best to share this new knowledge with others willing to listen.


I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions or comments regarding this workout routine, let me know below and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. I know it very well, so if anything was unanswered, just let me know. I really appreciate you being here. Thanks so much for reading.

28 thoughts on “Best Calisthenics Workout Routine – Melt Fat & Build Lean Muscle”

  1. I love the fact that this particular workout isn’t just about losing weight but also about working out and keeping fit. I love the fact that this is a three day a week routine which eases the stress for those that are not as disciplined as others and really do not have the time for a six-day option.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Mitch thank you for the feedback.  I’m glad you love the fact that it’s 3 days a week.  Just as you said, I feel that this eases so much of the stress of working out in general.  Still, a lot of people have this belief that we can only get fit by going to the gym 6 days a week.  Yet there are literally thousands of people who are following this program and proving otherwise.  

  2. Great article. Although Calisthenics has been around for years it is one of the forgotten exercise programs I feel. These days everyone is into weights at the gym. 

    One other thing not noted about Calisthenics is that, it has been for decades a method submariners use to maintain fitness. In the confines of submarine there is not much room for for a gym so Calisthenics is the go to fitness program there.

    You mentioned the benefits and true you do not need to fork over hundreds of dollars for gym memberships and other exercise equipment if you adopt calisthenics as a way to stay fit, agile, and keep your weight under control.  

    1. Hey Michael thanks for the comment!  Wow that’s very interesting about the submariners.  I had this whole picture in my head of what that must have been like.  But it makes total sense.  I mean, these workouts really can be done from anywhere.  You mentioned that calisthenics is a forgotten exercise – and I think it really blew up again during the pandemic cause no one could go anywhere.  Interestingly though, many of these same people who started doing these workouts got into the best shapes of their lives.  Just goes to show how powerful it can really be.  

  3. We do like this workout and want to try this workout. And have been trying to lose my love handles for years. If this can shape my sides the way I want them then wow we are all in.
    The diet is no problem we have been incorporating our diet with a good food calory count.

    1. Hey Matthew & Deloris thanks for the comment! Yes, for sure it will eliminate your love handles. I had them for all of my adult life and I was always insanely frustrated trying to figure out how to shrink them down, with different workouts and eating plans…doing this program for 3 months pretty much eliminated them, along with fatty pockets on other parts of my body as well. I’m glad to hear that you have no problem with the eating plan, as that is probably the most important part of the MSBW program – and it’s the main reason the fat really melts off. It’s incredibly simple, and fun, so I don’t even consider it a diet. The actual workouts are what start to shape your physique with more lean muscle. Let me know if you have any other questions at all. 🙂

    2. Exercise is important for our bodies to maintain physical health. These types of workouts are really helpful to maintain our well being.

      1. Thanks for your take on this. Yes, they’re some amazing exercises and I feel that they’ve actually helped not only my physical health but my mental well-being as well.

  4. Hi,

    Very in-depth breakdown and fitness plan.
    Not just just but also using a favourite method of mine which is calisthenics!

    Body weight exercises get overlooked but still work a treat!

    I have done calisthenics for a while, not to the point of doing one arm pull ups or anything (I’m not that good) but it’s all good to work towards with variations of the exercise in question.

    One of the biggest things I tell people when they ask me about fitness is diet.

    Now, for me this is the most important part of the process.

    As it can determine so many things about you, your body and mind.

    It’s also important to stress that not one diet fits all.
    I really enjoyed the workouts and exercises you mentioned, I’m going to give this workout a go next week for sure.

    Great post and keep up the great work mate!

    All the best


    1. Hey Lee – I really appreciate your comment on this. It’s aweseome to know that you’re big into bodyweight training as well. It seems from what I’ve seen that calisthenics really blew up when the pandemic hit. I hadn’t seen them much until then, but I’m so glad I did. I’m also not able to do more than a single one arm pull up yet, but I finally was able to do one! And it really was only because I was able to do different variations up until that exercise.

      You are SO on point about diet. I’m really glad to hear you see it that way! Without the proper eating plan, we can’t possibly expect to get the results we want. Luckily, the diet can be customized for everyone’s personal needs, as long as you’re getting the right amount of calories in daily.

      Let me know how the workout goes when you do try it. I’d love to know your results!

  5. The workout focuses on every part of our body. And, this is an important thing with any exercise. I appreciate the way things are explained.

    1. Yeah they are full body workouts, from pull ups, to push ups, and a variety of core workouts as well, so throughout the week, you’re hitting your entire body with awesome tension and volume. Glad you found it helpful and thanks for the comment 🙂

  6. Calisthenics is one of the types of exercises that helps you burn fat and build lean muscle. And of course, back it up with the proper meal and nutrition plan.

    1. Hey Manny – you’re totally on key with what you said about nutrition and proper eating. In fact, that’s where the ultimate fat burning comes from, and the calisthenics exercises actually help shape your physique with the lean muscle you’re after too. Thanks for chiming in!

  7. The good thing and beauty thing of these workouts that I love is that they’re only 3 days a week and you can do them from home, or anywhere for that matter. Looking at the various skills learned in this post, am good to go. Thanks for the body building post.

    1. Thank you for reaching out and letting me know your thoughts! Yes, they’re only 3 days a week, and I love that they can be done from anywhere. I’ve now got some rings that are going to be great to take with me on road trips. I’m glad you found the article to be helpful 🙂

  8. Victory Oseghale

    One of the best articles on bodybuilding I have gone through. It is well detailed and it talks about managing what you take in and the various exercises.

    1. Hi Victory thank you for your comment – thank you so much for your kind words and I’m so glad to hear you found the article to be helpful. I absolutely love this workout!

  9. Excellent workout routine to start. From workout plan to diet plan, It includes everything. Everyone should follow this.

    1. So glad to hear you found it to be helpful! Yes, it’s the combination of both the diet and the workout. Together, they’re an amazing concoction that can truly help you transform your body. I’ve seen it with so many people at this point, it’s truly an amazing program. Let me know your progress with it. I’d love to know!

  10. One thing I notice here is how important what we eat is, you can consume everything you see and still get lean muscles and burn fat. It takes a great sacrifice and dedication

    1. Hi Wilson – thanks for commenting – yeah, eating proper calories daily for your specific goal is the most important part of the program. Depending on the goal, you either lose weight in the form of fat, or gain weight in the form of muscle. The workouts themselves really help define your body as well. It is a great dedication, but it’s also a very fun program that works around your lifestyle.

  11. Thank you for this calisthenics routine, the fact that I can do it at home is encouraging because I find it a drag going to the gym at times. So this method is a life saver and I am sure of doing this routine 3 times a week.

    1. Hi Harry – I’m so glad to hear it was encouraging. Yes, it’s only 3 times a week, and honestly, I’ve gotten better results with this than I ever did by going to the gym or even working out 5 to 6 days a week. It really is spread out in a way that is easy to do, from the workouts and eating plans both. I also am not a huge fan of going to the gym anymore, especially with how powerful these exercises are. Let me know your progress with it, I’d love to know it goes!

  12. With this simplified daily exercise schedule, I hope I can loose this fat. Less than 30mins DAILY will really do a great difference. Let try it

    1. Hi and thanks for letting me know your thoughts on the workout. Well, the first month I’d say the workouts are around 30 – 40 minutes. In months 2 and 3, they increase to about 40 – 45 minutes. And yes, you can absolutely burn off fat with this program, but the fat loss is almost entirely due to your eating plan. So, make sure to follow the calorie deficit calculation exactly as its laid out.

  13. Hi Paul,
    Great information, Great post and keep up the great work mate! Exercise is important for our bodies to maintain physical health. Very in-depth breakdown and fitness plan.

    Not just but also using a favorite method of mine which is calisthenics! With this simplified daily exercise schedule, I hope I can lose this fat. I’ve seen many people asking money for such diet plans, and the knowledge your giving is free and worth it.

    Thank you so much for in dept knowledge. Just having one question. What is your take on supplements, do you promote supplements intake?

    1. Hi Samantha – thanks for the comment and the kind words on the article! It’s really nice to hear that it resonated with you. I do my best to share the knowledge I learn on my own fitness journey here in my little corner of the internet :). That’s awesome to hear you do calisthenics as well! The exercises listed here are great, and as far as losing fat goes, that’s really all due to the eating portion of the plan. So, they both really need to be integrated together for optimal results. As far as supplements go, there are certain ones I will suggest, such as collagen protein or whey protein. But I don’t really discuss in too much detail fat loss supplements because I really believe that losing weight all boils down to eating at a reasonable calorie deficit. You’ll get much faster results doing that than you will taking pills. That’s been my own experience anyway.

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