9 Inspirational Fitness Sayings and Quotes

Today, I’ve decided to write out 9 inspirational fitness sayings and quotes. I’ve really enjoyed writing some of my previous motivational quotes articles because it allows me to connect with the core of why I write. It’s been a passion of mine to help others hit their fitness goals.

If you’re on a fitness journey to gain muscle, lose weight or both, we often need inspiration along the way. We travel this journey alone, even when our own family and friends support us. When you’re determined to truly hit fitness goals, it requires a determination that is very difficult for people on the outside to truly comprehend, unless they’re in our shoes.

So, my goal today is to share with you 9 inspirational fitness sayings and quotes to keep going on your journey. When you feel defeated or like not moving forward, refer to these quotes, take a breather, and move forward. You can do this.

1 – Fitness: A Lifestyle With No Finish Line

There are only two aspects of my life that I really feel have no finish line. One of them is music. I’m an avid indie musician and musical notes have been coursing through my veins since I was a child. The other is fitness.

When you make the decision to become fit, it should become a lifestyle. This is why I get so frustrated with the many fad diets and supplements that come out regularly. They take advantage of people’s insecurities and want us to believe there are quick fixes to getting into shape.

But true fitness is a journey. It takes daily effort and a positive mindset. These things don’t just magically appear. They have to be developed with practice. The best way that I know of to do this is to follow a proven workout routine & eating plan that encourages healthy habits, and sets strategic fitness goals that you will achieve, month after month.

You will start to see powerful and noticeable results, and the more you’ll treat it like a lifestyle. The healthier and better you feel about yourself, the more you’ll begin to realize that this is a lifelong journey. It’s nothing crazy. It’s just health and fitness, and when done right, it can exist in the background of your life. And you’ll feel amazing.

2 – The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

The mind is such a powerful thing, and I completely understand how easy it can be to feel defeated on some days. These are the days when we have to just pick ourselves up and keep going. I’ve been feeling that way this week actually, and maybe that’s what inspired me to write this article today.

I think the hardest thing in the world is setting off on a journey to lose weight or build muscle when you feel it’s not possible. Losing 100 pounds of fat, or gaining 20 pounds of muscle all take time, but they are doable.

As I mentioned above, when you follow a proven program that has shown itself to work, that’s a great starting point. Regardless of where you’re at now, just trust in the process. Progress takes time. It’s not instantaneous, regardless of what the fad diets want us to believe.

Here’s a motivational fitness video to help you get your mind into the right place. It takes daily practice, but positive mindset is incredibly important. Daily meditation can help with altering the mind over time amazingly well.

3 – Sweat Is Just Fat

I’m not actually sure of the legitimacy of this quote, but I do like it, cause if you just envision sweat to be fat, well, I think that’ll give you more inspiration to keep on sweating and moving towards your fitness goals.

Seriously, envision the sweat coming out of you to be fat, and it may just inspire you to get more workouts in!

4 – Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress

It’s absolutely true, and progress is slow. It’s never fast. This is why magical pills and fad diets just don’t help anyone make progress in the long run. They’re quick fixes that can’t do more than make you feel something at the moment.

But real progress happens slowly, over time, with consistent work. The only way you could make no progress at all is if you didn’t do a thing. So, just get up, and start moving. Follow a proven workout routine/eating plan, and trust in the process.

You WILL make progress, as long as you do the work. It may be slow, but you’ll be so proud of yourself in just a few months.

5 – If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You

inspirational fitness sayings and quotes

I really like this saying because it makes me think of the many fad diets and countless supplements the health and fitness industry throws in our faces constantly.

The truth is, no fad diet or supplement with empty promises of overnight weight loss will truly change you. Sure, it’s possible to lose weight on a crash diet, but that’s a quick fix, and nothing more. If your goal is to lose the weight, and keep it off, then magic potions will never be the answer to your problem.

There’s no substitution for the development of new habits, consistent work, and taking steps day by day to achieve your desired result. The workout plan I follow changed my entire perspective on health and fitness when I lost 13 pounds of fat and gained lean muscle in only 3 months.

It opened my eyes to new possibilities and challenged me in ways I never thought possible. But now I feel so grateful to be able to write articles to help others achieve their fitness goals.

6 – Stop Competing With Others And Start Competing With Yourself

inspirational fitness sayings and quotes

I’ve gotten caught in this trap so many times, I’ve lost count. I know how hard it is to not compare ourselves to others, especially since we live in a world where social media dominates constantly.

We see other people and want to be like them, or wonder why we aren’t achieving the same physique as theirs. But this just causes anger, confusion, and a lack of inspiration.

Everyone’s fitness journey is completely different. We all have different body types and everyone’s goals are different. I’ve come to just be proud of the transformation I’ve personally made, rather than get down on myself because I don’t look like the next guy.

I’m not perfect. No one is. Just trust the process of the workout and eating plan you follow. Stick to it, and focus on your own personal progress. How much weight have you lost? How far have you come in dropping body fat? What’s your plan to build lean muscle? It’s all about you. There’s no need to compare to anyone else.

7 – No Excuses. Just Do The Work

I truly believe excuses are why people don’t get what they want in life. I hear them all the time. These are excuses about why they didn’t start their eating plan or their workout routine. And all they’re doing is postponing the start of a fitness journey.

Just do the work. It’s that simple. Here’s a workout plan that did wonders for me and I’m watching it do wonders for countless other people as well. Maybe it can inspire you to get started. Just do the work consistently, exactly as it’s laid out, you will see tremendous success.

But, excuses need to be thrown out the window. All that matters is you begin and keep going. Then come back to me in 3 months so you can share your transformation.

8 – Work Hard In Silence. Let Success Be Your Noise

There’s a truth to this quote in pretty much every aspect of life. I’ve come to learn that my mind is most calm in when I stop trying to prove myself to others, and just get to work quietly.

The need to prove ourselves to others is completely understandable. We all need recognition and love. But, when we can just confidently move forward towards our goals silently, I truly feel we’ll see some of the most significant changes, both internally and externally, that we’ve ever known. It requires quite a bit of self-discipline to do this, and I know how hard it can be.

I used to announce to everyone whatever new exercise or eating plan I was following. But really I didn’t have much to show for it and no one took much interest. When I started my newest workout routine, I decided to keep quiet about it and work quietly and steadily.

Within a month, my best friend was asking me what I was doing, and he was going to drop everything to follow my program. Within 3 months, I was giving people fitness advice to follow. It’s an amazing feeling because I did nothing but make a quiet transformation following this workout program to a T.

In the end, who are you doing it for? Others or yourself? And, yes, your results will speak for themselves when people are astounded with your transformation, asking for tips from you. It’s a great feeling!

9 – Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Your Body

This quote is a reminder that being truly fit and healthy requires that you treat your body with love. When we dive into fad diets and search for supplements that will magically help us lose weight, we aren’t treating our bodies with care. In fact, we’re doing the exact opposite by putting band aids on ourselves, hoping that they’ll stay on.

You feed your pet every day with nutritious foods. Plants need regular water and sunlight to grow. We need to be consistently in charge of fueling our bodies with the right foods and nutrients.

This is not easily done for many people who don’t pay much attention to their everyday diets. This must become a daily habit if you want to get into the right mindset for weight loss and hitting your fitness goals. When you become truly passionate about taking care of your body by fueling it with all the right stuff that it needs, you’ll be much more equipped for all the challenges that lie ahead.

Now Go Crush Your Fitness Goals

I hope these 9 motivational fitness quotes gave you something to think about on your journey to get into shape. Sometimes all we need is a little push to keep going. These resonated with me this morning and felt inspired to list them out.

If you have any questions or comments regarding anything in this article or about fitness and health in general, please leave them below, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading.

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