7 Motivational Quotes For Weight Loss – With Pics To Inspire You

It’s a cold and cloudy day here in Chicago and it felt fitting to list out some motivational quotes for weight loss.  I’ve done this a few times, and I really enjoy this activity.  It pulls me away from the familiarity of writing about nutrition and fitness products.

It transitions me into a different mindset of the “why” we are so determined to transform our physiques and lose weight.  There’s no easy route to fat loss, and we may get down on ourselves along our journeys.

Oftentimes, all we need is some motivation to keep on going.  We can’t always get that from family and friends, because the journey to weight loss is a deeply personal one for many of us.  It’s a road we travel alone, even if others are supporting us on our paths.

Here are 7 motivational quotes for weight loss in no particular order.  I hope they give you inspiration when you feel defeated, or when you simply need a boost of motivation.


It really is important to congratulate ourselves on the tiny steps we take every single day to transform our bodies.  Real progress doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens as we take very small steps to move us closer to our goal.  These little steps every day are creating change in our bodies.

Whether it’s a small alteration in your diet, or a new workout plan you must learn, pay attention to the baby steps you take, and don’t get lost in the big picture.  If you make a mistake, then great!  That’s part of the process. Just start again.  I promise you’ll be so proud of yourself and the changes you’ve made in just a month from now.


The best shape I’ve ever been in came from doing all things in my life with moderation.  At first, it really surprised me, because, for years, I believed that the only way to transform our bodies was with a 24/7 hustle with strict eating plans and intense cardio workouts.  But I was wrong, and my lack of progress was proof of that.

I started to see true results when I stopped eating 6 small meals a day.  Change happened when I threw out my restrictive low-carb lifestyle.  It wasn’t giving me the fat loss results I wanted.  I also ceased 6 days a week of deadly cardio training.  It wasn’t toning me up the way I desired, which was a major bummer considering how much work I put into it.

But I dropped 13 pounds, lost 3% body fat, and gained lean muscle when I discovered a program that went completely against the grain of traditional dieting and exercise.  I now work out 3 days a week, and I eat all the foods I love.  Life is so much more balanced than it ever was for years.

So, what I’ve learned is our bodies will thank us when we choose a life of balance & moderation over one with restrictions.



I can’t tell you how often this has happened to me.  I would get extremely discouraged looking at other guys’ progress, yet I couldn’t figure out how to shape my own physique like theirs.

When we compare ourselves to others, it is extremely difficult to maintain inspiration and joy to keep going.  Their journey is theirs and yours is your own.  Plus, we have no idea what struggle they went through to achieve their own body transformations.

I guarantee that they struggled just as much as you’re struggling now to achieve your own weight loss goals.  We must focus on our own progress day by day, and not let the success of others discourage us.  Stay on track and you’ll eventually be a huge inspiration to others wanting to follow in your footsteps.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to allow yourself to practice again and again.  Make mistakes and embrace them.  This is how we can make substantial progress towards our weight loss goals  Practicing again and again while making mistakes is how we move forward.  There is no other way.

Mistakes are inevitable.  So, whether you’re going to the gym, trying a new home workout, or trying to wrap your head around a new eating plan, keep practicing the moves, until you’ve got them dialed in.  Let the mistakes happen, and enjoy the process.


All the fad diets in the world want you to believe you can change your destination overnight.  Unfortunately, these diets more often than not fail, because the proper mindset isn’t in place.  Real weight loss happens over time as you take small steps every day towards your end goal.

In order to arrive at your destination, you must first make the decision to go there.  That decision is your change in direction and the beginning of a beautiful journey.


What I like about this quote is the fact that it encourages us to start slowly.  There’s no need to dive full force into any weight loss program.  It’s a process.  Every time I’ve ever started a new workout or eating plan, I made sure that the first week was a slow and steady pace.

The best progress I’ve ever seen has come from taking things slowly and building them up over time.  One of my best friends is starting a new workout & weight loss plan that she was inspired to get from my own results with the same plan.

But it was just too much for her to dive into the eating portion of it and the exercise portion all at once.  She didn’t even understand the concept of counting calories accurately yet.

I told her just begin with the eating plan.  Spend time understanding how it works and what you’re supposed to do.  Worry about the workout next week.  Take it one little step at a time, and in a month from now, you’ll see that you’re making so much progress because you took it slowly from the start.


It’s so simple, but it couldn’t be more true.  And just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.  These things require practice, tweaking, and maintenance.  The progress you make towards your end goal happens because specific habits practiced every day.

If your nutrition plan requires that you consume 2000 calories a day, then find a way to do it and stick to it.  Get a food scale and an app to track your calories so that you’re completely on target.  Do it every single day, and you’ll have gained a skill that will do wonders for your weight loss progress.  Not to mention, you’ll have separated yourself from the crowd.

This goes for anything in life, and not just eating.  Develop a discipline.  Practice it regularly, and watch your life transform.

Now Go Make It Happen

I hope these quotes gave you some inspiration to take your fitness goals to the next level.  Whether you need a pick-me-up on a day when you’re not feeling motivated, or some extra fuel to take your workouts to the next level, I hope these resonated with you.

If you’d like to learn about a very simple yet powerful home workout & nutrition plan that helped me drop 15 pounds and burn off 3% body fat in only 3 months while also building lean muscle, visit this page here.

My inspiration to help others lose weight and hit their fitness goals came as a direct result of that program.  It altered my entire viewpoint on nutrition and fitness and I don’t see myself ever going back to restrictive dieting and insanely ineffective workouts ever again.

One of the biggest revelations about fitness & nutrition that I ever had is that transforming your physique does NOT need to be physically and emotionally draining.  It can be fun, painless, and simple when you follow the right plan.

I want to thank you for being here.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

22 thoughts on “7 Motivational Quotes For Weight Loss – With Pics To Inspire You”

  1. People intend to transform their physiques and lose weight, so as to look smart, be fit, and be confident with themselves etc. There are a lot of reasons people want to lose weight, but the issue is keeping up with the journey. These inspirational quotes are really motivational to keep going until you hit your goal.

    1. Hi Glad – thank you for your comment. Yes, sometimes all we need is the motivation to keep on going, and often times we can find that in words.

  2. These quotes are very motivating overall. But, the most appealing to me is the first one that said to observe the tiny changes.

    1. Hi Aman – glad to hear you found them motivating overall – I love that quote too…cause all those tiny changes add up over time.

  3. fitness journey is not an overnight process but a lifetime commitment. These motivational quotes are very helpful and true!

    1. Hi Maggie – thanks for your feedback – I’m glad the quotes resonated with you. It’s definitely not an overnight process – it’s a commitment, and I feel that the rewards are amazing.

  4. Determine Why we want to Lose Weight. Clearly define all the reasons we want to lose weight and write them down. This will help us to motivate ourselves with fat loss.

    1. Hi there and thank you for your take on this – I actually think you have a great point – writing these things down and clearly defining the actual reason we want to hit our fitness goals is a huge deal that can be a huge motivation!

  5. Victory Oseghale

    I love the part “comparison a destroyer of joy” it got to me. I’m glad a could pick out a line I can work on.

    1. Glad to hear that line got to you Victory! It’s so true also, in my own life, I notice I become very unhappy the moment I start comparing my own results with other people…we need to focus on our own progress and no one else. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts 🙂

  6. Little changes we dont want to notice means a lot, take note of them. Also, I have learned to never compare my progress to anyone – it gives peace of mind

    1. Wilson – thanks for letting me know your thoughts on this – and it makes me happy to hear that you’ve learned to not compare your own progress to anyone else. It’s a very healthy thing to focus on your own journey and not get caught up in those kinds of details like comparison. And yes, totally agree we should absolutely pay attention to how the little changes make a huge difference over time.

  7. It’s really motivating for someone who wants to start losing weight. This will help them for sure. I liked the one which says to have patience, which is very important.

    1. Thanks for your comment on this :). I’m glad the patience quote resonated with you…I think any kind of long term results we want in life do require quite a bit of patience, as well as perseverance.

  8. These mitivational quotes are quite inspirational, and I believe when you put your mind to keeping fit or losing weight, you should be determined to achieve.

    1. Hi Harry – thank you for your comment on the quotes. I agree with you – when you put your mind to anything, and develop the habit of staying consistent, we can achieve amazing things in life.

  9. Its important to note that one cannot change his or her destination over night, it takes alot of dedication and sacrifice. Then learn to do programs that fit your schedule, do not kill yourself because you see others doing it.

    1. I’m glad to hear that the quote resonated with you – yeah, we cannot expect any kind of miracles overnight. It does take quite a bit of dedication and sacrifice as you say. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  10. Take your time to carry out the routine, take it slowly and a steady pace. Nothing good starts overnight, take your time and start small. I learnt alot here guys

    1. Thanks for your perspective on this – I agree with you, nothing great can be accomplished overnight. We need to start small as you say, and take baby steps. It’ll all eventually lead to incredibly transformations, mentally and physically. I’m glad these quotes resonated with you.

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