7 High Calorie Foods For Weight Gain : PART 2

Below you’ll find a list of high calorie foods for weight gain. I actually started this list in a previous article and came to realize there were more obvious ideas coming to me as I was closing it out.

So, I figured to continue here where I left off. If you’d like to see the previous article, which includes 7 high calorie foods to gain weight, then visit this link here.

Some of the foods on this list are not necessarily healthy and I wouldn’t suggest eating them regularly. However, if the goal is simply to gain weight by adding calories to your diet, you’ll have a much easier time doing that with the foods listed below.

If you’re looking to gain weight in the form of lean muscle, without adding fat to your body, then definitely check out this article here before indulging in the foods listed below. Doing that requires a very specific strategy so that you’re making gains in all the right places.

1 – Cheese

  • 1 Slice Cheddar Cheese = 90 calories
  • 2 Tablespoons Cream Cheese = 100 calories

Who doesn’t love cheese? It’s so easy to eat and there are a million ways to prepare it! Also, it’s quite easy to add two slices of cheese to a sandwich, which instantly adds almost 200 calories to your day.

But it’s not limited to sandwiches, as we all know. I love to mix it in with my eggs, or melt it on pasta or a baked potato.

When it comes to cream cheese, it only takes 2 tablespoons to hit 100 calories, and personally I find it very easy to spread 2 tablespoons or more onto a large bagel. So, you can easily surpass that, not to mention the fact that the bagel is very calorie-dense as well.

2 – Bread

  • 1 Slice of Multi-Grain Bread = 110 calories
  • 1 Regular Sized Bagel = 250 calories
  • 1 Large Butter Croissant = 300 calories

There’s a reason the Keto diet and pretty much all diets scream at the top of their lungs to the world that bread isn’t allowed. Well, it’s not so much the carbs in my opinion as it is the fact that bread just has a lot of calories, especially if you eat a couple of sandwiches.

To add in even more calories, pay attention to the kind of bread you get. If you opt in for a sub using delicious french bread, or a brand that uses hearty thick slices, you’ll really pack on the calories fast.

One of the highest calorie breads that I know of is a large butter croissant. Add a couple of slices of cheese to that, and you’ve hit 500 calories in an instant.

3 – Pasta

  • 1 Cup of Cooked Pasta (140 g) = 220 calories

Pasta is delicious and it’s very calorie dense. Not to mention, it’s very easy to eat a cup of cooked pasta pretty quickly. Also, we almost always combine pasta with other items like pasta sauce, cheese, and meats.

So, you can very quickly turn a simple 220 calories into 500 – 600 calories by just adding a healthy amount of pasta sauce, cheese, and meat to your dinner.

4 – Fruit Juice

  • 1 Cup of Juice = 136 calories

This is one item that many people don’t often think of. And it’s incredibly easy to drink a lot of juice very quickly. In fact, just having one 16 ounce glass will add 272 calories to your day.

The previous article on high calorie foods for weight gain contained soda and although juice is healthier for you, it still contains a ton of sugar and calories, and isn’t too far off the calorie count of a Coca-cola.

5 – Mayonnaise

  • 1 Tablespoon of Mayonnaise = 94 calories

This is probably one of the easiest ways to give extra flavor to your sandwiches while also packing on an incredible amount of calories. The fact that only a single tablespoon of mayonnaise clocks in at just under 100 calories is pretty impressive, especially considering that most sandwiches you get from a restaurant contain far more than this.

I’ve paid close attention to mayonnaise in foods from fast food restaurants, and whenever you order an item without the mayo, it cuts down the calorie count by at least 70 and up to 200 calories, depending on where you order from.

Here are a few examples. A regular Turkey Tom sandwich from Jimmy John’s is 505 calories. Order that same sandwich minus the mayo, and it’s 322 calories. A McChicken sandwich from McDonald’s goes from 400 calories to 331, simply by ordering the same item without mayo. That’s almost 70 calorie cut.

So, the lesson here is, if you want to gain weight with extra calories, mayo will definitely do it. I’m not saying it’s a healthy choice, but if you pack on 2 to 3 tablespoons onto your next homemade sub, you’ve got a good 200 – 300 extra calories you’ll be taking in.

6 – Dressings & Sauces

  • 2 Tablespoons Ranch Dressing = 140 calories
  • 1/2 Cup of Alfredo Sauce = 260 calories

This is a big one. Many people gain weight simply because of the dressings and sauces they add to their foods regularly. These little condiments that feel like sides count big time. When your goal is to lose weight, they’re detrimental to your progress.

However, in your case, since you’re here looking for high calorie foods to gain weight, they’ll actually help you when it comes to adding on the extra pounds. At the same time, many sauces and dressings are filled with preservatives and are simply unhealthy choices, so I’m very mindful as to how often I consume these.

Still, adding dressing to a boring salad can add 200 calories or more pretty fast, not to mention, make it delicious. Often times, 2 tablespoons isn’t enough, especially when you’re in front of a huge salad. So, an otherwise healthy salad, can be drenched in 300 – 400 calories pretty quickly, depending on how much dressing you use.

Adding a half cup of Alfredo sauce to your pasta, ups the calories by 260 calories in an instant. And from my own experience, eating pasta requires at least a quarter to half cup of sauce to really be able to enjoy the flavor it adds.

7 – Fast Food

  • McDonald’s Cheeseburger Value Meal With A Medium Soda = 1,130 Calories
  • Burger King Whopper Value Meal With A Large Soda = 1,273 Calories
  • Taco Bell’s $5 Cheesy Gordita Crunch Box Value Meal = 1,270 Calories

The thing about fast food, is that a lot of the value meals you find at most chain restaurants, combine a number of the foods that have been listed above or in my previous “high calorie foods” article.

You’re getting oil, potatoes, cheese, bread, and dressings, all packed up into one meal. This is why fast food is so incredibly calorie-dense. Not to mention that the portions you get are usually pretty damn big too.

I definitely won’t recommend going this route, as fast food has a number of health hazards. So my recommendation is to eat mindfully when it comes to fast food, but it is certainly an option for adding calories to your diet very quickly.

High-Calorie Foods In Summary

This has been Part 2 of a list of high-calorie foods for weight gain. You can find a separate list of 7 more high-calorie foods right here. While these are high-calorie foods that will certainly help you gain weight, they’re not high in protein, meaning that a lot of what you’ll probably pack on is fat if you aren’t careful with your diet.

If your purpose for being here is to find ways to gain lean muscle by eating more food and adding calories to your diet, then I strongly suggest checking out this article here, which explains how to eat at a lean bulk. It’s a very strategic process and ensures that your gains are in the form of muscle and not fat.

It’s very important to calculate your protein intake and make sure you’re doing proper resistance training to get the benefits of a lean bulk. Still, calories are calories, and if the only goal is to gain weight, the foods listed here will do that.

I hope you found this list of 7 items to be helpful. If you have any questions at all, please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading!

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