5 Good Habits For Weight Loss – Get The Body You Deserve

If you’re serious about dropping pounds, then it’s important to develop good habits for weight loss. As much as losing weight has to do with the foods that we put into our bodies, it’s equally important that we instill certain habits in our daily lives to make sure we are making progress towards our weight loss goals.

I didn’t have effective habits in place for years. What I mean is that I was sort of half heartedly following rules to get the results I wanted. Habits take time to form. In fact, there’s research that suggests that you need to do an activity daily for at least 21 days in a row in order for it to become a habit.

One of my fitness goals was drop my body fat percentage and get lean & defined. But I couldn’t really accomplish that by sort of eating 2000 calories per day and kind of eyeballing the foods that I was eating to get a general idea of my food and calorie intake. Without any kind of tracking system or consistency, weight loss will be hard, if not impossible!

Developing habits to lose weight is not only simple to do, but the extra 10 minutes you put into your day will be a game changer, and you will be ecstatic, after a month of implementing these habits, when you start to see a difference on the scale and in the mirror.

Here are the 5 habits you’ll learn about in this article:

  1. Track Every Calorie You Eat
  2. Weigh Yourself Daily
  3. Keep A Meal Routine
  4. Walk Daily
  5. Drink Lots Of Water

Habit #1: Track Every Calorie You Eat

Without knowing how many calories you’re putting into your body, you cannot effectively lose weight. If you want to drop 4 to 5 pounds of pure fat per month easily, then read this article right here. I lay out exactly what I did step by step to drop 3% body fat and lose 13 pounds. I’ve also shared that method with friends who got amazing results too.


This habit begins by looking at food labels every time you’re about to eat something. When you order out from Chipotle, pay close attention to the nutrition calculator on their website so you know exactly how many calories that burrito has in it. Everything you eat must be tracked. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to easily track everything you eat.

When you get into the habit of doing this every single day, with every item of food you put into your body, you’re well on your way to hitting your weight loss goals without fail.

  • Don’t freak out if you don’t know how to track calories properly!

We aren’t superheros that can magically do this in our heads. This is why I use 2 tools to make it super simple. Master these two tools and you will become a calorie counting superhero:

  1. MyNetDiary (phone app)
  2. Food Scale

Click Here to learn exactly how to use these two tools to track calories and lose weight.

Habit #2: Weigh Yourself Daily

I weigh myself almost every single morning or at least every other day. I truly believe this is very good practice because you know what foods you’re putting into your body regularly. Stepping on a scale daily keeps you accountable, and you know if you slipped from one week to the next.


There’s a study that tested 47 people who weighed themselves daily. Those people lost 13 pounds on average over the course of 6 months than those who weighed themselves less often. There was another study that showed adults who weighed themselves daily lost almost 10 pounds in 2 years, while other adults who weighed themselves monthly gained 5 pounds in the same time.


This habit begins by first owning a scale. This is the one I own.

Once you have a scale, weigh yourself in the morning before you’ve eaten any food.

The scale I own tests 13 different body functions, and personally I feel that digital body weight scales are going to help you develop good habits for weight loss compared to regular scales. This is because they are so detailed with the information they provide us and do an amazing job of keeping us accountable. Digital scales provide you with high precision measuring functions, such as body weight, body fat percentage, BMI, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, and much more.

Also, with digital scales, all your information is stored in an app on your phone, which then syncs up with popular apps like MyNetDiary and MyFitnessPal. When you weigh yourself daily on a digital scale, you can clearly see the progress being made on a chart. There’s nothing quite like being able to see how you progress week to week

Habit #3: Keep A Meal Routine

I’ve always had a meal routine, whether that was eating 4 – 5 small meals per day, or more recently with Intermittent Fasting, I’m eating 3 much bigger meals per day.

Whatever you choose, I strongly suggest you stick to meal times throughout your day, and don’t randomly snack on foods. Randomly snacking will put on pounds. Having designated eating times will ensure you are sticking to a plan to hit your weight loss goals.


In order to develop this habit, you must first know how many calories per day you should be eating to lose weight. Read this article to find out how many calories you should eat daily to lose 4 – 5 pounds per month.

Once you know how many calories you should be eating daily to lose weight, then you need to decide on an eating schedule that works for you. You can eat 4 – 5 smaller meals per day, or you can eat 2 to 3 larger meals per day. It’s up to you, but you must adhere to your calorie intake calculation above.

I do intermittent fasting. I eat 3 times per day, and I don’t eat my first meal for 4 to 6 hours after I wake up. and aside from its fat burning benefits, I just love it because I get to enjoy my favorite foods like pizza and burgers if I want them.

I eat 2400 calories per day and this is my meal routine:

  • Meal #1 – 5pm – 600 – 700 calories
  • Meal #2 – 8pm – 1000 – 1200 calories
  • Meal #3 – midnight – 600 – 700 calories

But, if you don’t want to do intermittent fasting, that’s fine. If you want to eat many smaller meals throughout the day, just break up your calories and eat them throughout your smaller meals.

Most importantly, create a schedule for your eating, and stick to it every day.

Habit #4: Walk Daily

The beauty of walking daily is that it is such a powerful cardio workout that seems to be underrated or ignored by many because we do it regularly anyway.

If you can get into the habit of walking 10,000 steps daily, you’ll burn approximately 400 – 500 calories each time you do it.

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Before I started walking daily, I weighed 153 pounds. As of this writing I weigh 140 lbs, and the only thing I changed in regard to cardio is I started walking, and I stopped doing crazy insane workouts that I dreaded having to do.

There’s a lot of research out there that suggests intense cardio isn’t effective for weight loss because we often become ravenously hungry from such intense exercise and overeat. When you’re implementing walking into your daily life, you’re doing a low impact cardio workout and effectively burning calories, without really feeling like you’re exercising.


Decide when is the most ideal time for you to walk. Walking 10,000 steps takes approximately 90 minutes to do. Breaking it up into multiple sessions throughout my day works best for me, but that may not work for you.

I also enjoy going on longer walks during the summer, but during the winter, I’ll do some walking outside, and some of it on my treadmill.

Choose a time each day to walk, and stick with it. Even if it’s just a quick 30 to 45 minutes of walking, you’ve gotten a lot of the steps out of the way. Plus, I get about 1,000 – 2,000 steps in everyday just by doing everyday activities like walking around my house, to my car, or to get the mail.

Every step counts. And all you need in order to track your steps is your phone and MyNetDiary installed on it. Or, if you want to get super serious about your daily steps, overall health, weight loss, and body fat percentage, you can look into Amazon Halo, which is one of the most fascinating health improvement devices I’ve learned about in a long time.

Click here to learn about Amazon Halo.

Habit #5: Drink Lots Of Water

Everyone knows the importance of drinking water, but we so often don’t consume enough of it. It has tons of health benefits, including more effective weight loss. Drinking enough water actually increases the amount of calories your body burns over the course of 60 minutes.

There are various studies conducted that point to water being incredibly important for weight loss. One study shows that drinking just a single 16.9 ounce bottle of water increases metabolic rate by 30%. What that means is you’ll increase the number of calories you burn whether your are resting or exercising, simply by drinking water.

There’s another study that was conducted with overweight women who all drank an average of 34 ounces of water daily. This group lost an average of 4.4 pounds over the course of a year compared to overweight women who did not. These women didn’t make any other changes to their lifestyles or diets at all. They simply drank more water.

The majority of studies on water consumption suggest that drinking 34 – 68 ounces of water every single day will aid in weight loss. For many people, it also curbs cravings and stops them from overeating.


What’s worked miracles for me is investing in a high quality water bottle that shows measurements, so you know exactly how much water you’ve had throughout the day.

This is a perfect example of a water bottle with measurements on it.

Bring the water bottle with you everywhere throughout the day. This way, you always have access to water. And really, from there, just drink, and drink more, until you’ve hit at least 34 – 68 ounces of water per day.

Will These Habits Help You?

I’m willing to bet they absolutely will if you can stay consistent and actually develop them into a daily ritual. These are 5 good habits for weight loss that I personally follow every single day of my life. They are important to follow, even after you’ve hit your weight loss goals, because we’d all like to maintain the results we get from putting the work in.

Remember, it takes time to develop a good habit. I’ve seen different bits of research on this, but my understanding is that it takes at least 21 days of consistent action on a specific activity to turn it into a habit. Everything on this list will take a bit of effort. If you can take just one item on this list at a time, and turn it into a habit, I think you’re well on your way to hitting weight loss goals. Sometimes we just need to break things down into smaller bites to make them work.

If you had to choose one to start with, I’d suggest #1 – track your calories.

Let’s take a quick look at the breakdown of weight loss habits in this article:

  1. Track Every Calorie You Eat
  2. Weigh Yourself Daily
  3. Keep A Meal Routine
  4. Walk Daily
  5. Drink Lots Of Water

I hope this article was helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the information laid out here and I’ll be more than happy to help. Do you have any weight loss habits you’ve developed that have worked for you? What are they? I’d love to know what’s helped you. Please leave any questions or comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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