5 Benefits Of Collagen Protein Powder

There are a number of benefits of collagen protein powder, and by simply taking this supplement regularly, you are taking an active part in improving your overall health.

Most collagen protein powders on the market are odorless and tasteless, so a few scoops can easily be mixed in with hot coffee, soup, or even baked into a meal. In fact, here’s a list of delicious collagen protein recipes that are simple to make.

Collagen is the most prominent protein in your body. It is actually one-third of your body’s overall protein composition. Because its job is to make connective tissue, it promotes healthy skin, nails, joints, and hair. Some people consider it the glue that keeps all things together in our bodies.

I’m not a huge fan of Collagen protein flavor, even though it IS flavorless. However, I do mix a few scoops into a warm glass of water several times a week. You’ll notice that when its mixed with cold liquid, the consistency of the powder is clumpy. So, it’s best to mix with a warm drink, or baked into goods.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the 5 benefits of collagen protein powder below.

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Boosts Muscle Mass

The biggest reason I began taking this collagen supplement was for its ability to actually provide my body with sufficient protein. I take in about 120 grams of protein per day, and once I learned of the many benefits of collagen, I decided to begin supplementing this powder into my diet.

What I’ve come to learn is that collagen is responsible for keeping your muscles strong and maintaining their functionality. As mentioned above, many people consider it to be the glue that keeps things together. Well, this is just as true with our muscles.

In fact, this study here demonstrates its power. 27 weak men took collagen protein while also being involved in a 12-week workout program. After the study was concluded, the men who took the collagen protein regularly had gained significant muscle mass and strength compared to the men who did not.

Improves Joint Health

The older we get, collagen becomes less abundant in our bodies. This affects our joints and increases the likelihood of developing various conditions. We become more susceptible to injury.

Collagen is almost like a cushion for your joints and protects them. There have been a number of studies conducted that suggest collagen can help improve joint health.

In this study, athletes who took collagen protein for 6 months noticed an improvement in their overall joint health compared to participants who took none at all. Those who took the supplement noticed less pain when walking.

For joint pain relieving effects, it’s suggested to take about 8 to 12 grams of collagen daily.

Improves Skin

Because it plays a major role in strengthening your skin, many people take this supplement to develop more elasticity and hydration overall. Because of this boost in hydration, dry skin is lessened, and wrinkles become substantially reduced.

Collagen protein must be taken regularly for months to begin to reap these benefits. We lose collagen in our bodies over time, due to sun exposure, poor health choices, and just aging in general. So, when we take this supplement, it begins to restore what we’ve lost.

What’s more, is it actually is known to improve skin tone by evening out an uneven complexion. It also can help minimize scarring and dark spots from acne. Because collagen connects tissue, your skin can repair itself more quickly.

You may have noticed that there are creams and lotions that contain collagen in them. These are great to treat the outer layer of your skin. Taking a supplement, however, actually allows collagen to reach a deeper layer in the dermis, which is responsible for keeping your skin firm.

Improves Hair Health

Taking collagen protein can potentially improve your hair health. Many people have stated these benefits. Our hair is mostly made of the protein keratin. Proline is an amino acid that is in collagen. Proline also happens to be the main component of keratin, making collagen a supplement that can help improve your hair health.

The ways it can help improve it is by fighting damage to your hair follicles. It can help prevent hair thinning as well, due to the fact that promotes a healthy dermis in your body. It may be able to also slow graying hair due to its antioxidant properties.

It’s important to know, that while these are potential benefits of taking collagen, there is limited information and research on the effects of collagen on hair health.

Improves Heart Health

Because collagen’s job is to create connective tissue, it provides your arteries with an organized system. Simply taking a collagen supplement can improve the good cholesterol in your body, which helps reduce your risk of heart conditions down the line.

Collagen is important to maintain healthy blood flow and gives balance to blood pressure. It helps eliminate plaque on artery walls.

In this study, 31 people took collagen for 6 months and reported a decrease in artery stiffness and plaque buildup.

Benefits Of Collagen Protein

Aside from being a fantastic protein supplement for nutritional needs, collagen has many other benefits that can improve your overall health.  Here is more info on its benefits.

While I’ve primarily chosen to take the supplement in order to improve my muscle mass and strength, I feel that it’s important to be conscious of how this supplement can benefit other areas of my life, such as my skin, hair, joints, and heart health overall.

My daily collagen is by Horbach, and it includes Type I, II, III, V, and X.

I take this brand because it’s a high-quality collagen protein that is far less expensive than other brands. Plus, the customer reviews are great, and my experience with it has been fantastic.



Also, here’s a list of top-rated collagen protein brands on Amazon.

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