4 Health Benefits Of Relaxing Music – Plus Six Calming Tracks

Outside of this health and wellness blog, I’m an indie rock musician. And even though I’ve been writing and recording songs for years, I can’t escape the health benefits of relaxing music when I really need to clear my head and just come back to the present moment.

There are various studies conducted that prove the cognitive, psychological, and overall emotional health benefits that simply listening to relaxing music has on us.

It doesn’t really matter exactly which songs you choose to listen to, as long as you enjoy them. The exact scope of what constitutes relaxing music varies person to person, as we’re all different.

Calming music could be traditional classical instrumentation such as soothing orchestral music or simple relaxing piano. It could also be stretches of ambient music combined with sounds of nature, which is very popular in traditional meditations.

Below are 4 benefits you can expect to get by simply listening to relaxing music. Below these benefits, you’ll find samples of relaxing music that can be listened to in the background for studying or for meditation sessions. Some of them are as short as 15 minutes long while others are perfect for falling asleep at 3 hours long.

Without further ado, here are the benefits of relaxing music:

1) Stress Reduction

A slower tempo of calming music can relax muscles and calm your mind, which allows you to release stress from the day while helping soothe you.

Interestingly, from studies conducted, some findings show that Indian stringed instruments, flutes, & drums, even when played at louder volumes, are incredibly effective at calming the mind.

When combined with sounds of nature, such as rain, thunder, or even crickets in their natural state, the effects

2) Better Sleep

There’s a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University that states listening to music can potentially change brain functioning in the same way that medication can.

So, rather than take sleeping pills to get to sleep, we can alter our brain functioning just by listening to relaxing music. Calming music is a great way to put you into a state of relaxation, making it much easier for you to drift off to sleep.

Even though there isn’t enough research to explain why this is, it seems that listening to music nightly before bed can reduce the amount of times you wake up in the middle of the night and wake up in the morning feeling much more rested.

New age relaxing music causes physical changes in the body which actually mimic a state of sleep. Because of a slower heart rate, and more relaxed breathing, along with lower blood pressure, your body can much more easily fall asleep and also stay asleep.

By staying consistent with relaxing music at night, your body will thank you. Creating a nightly routine is great for sleep. Synctuition is a phone app that I would listen to nightly right before bed. It has a swarm of 3D sounds from nature as well as music using a breakthrough audio technology. Click here to read about its many benefits.

3) Improved Concentration

A study conducted by BirdLife demonstrated that people with ADHD can benefit greatly with improved performance as well as concentration, simply by listening to relaxing music that incorporates sounds of nature as well.

Classical music specifically has been shown to have an impact on the brain in such a way that it takes in new information much more easily. So, if you have trouble trying to absorb new material you’re reading or learning about for instance, simply listening to relaxing music can make the process of absorbing this material much easier.

Music can stimulate your brain very similar to the way working out stimulates your body. When we exercise our bodies regularly, our muscles naturally become stronger. It’s no different when we choose to exercise ourselves mentally as we give our brains a cognitive workout.

So, it’s no wonder that listening to relaxing music regularly can improve our concentration, the same way working our bodies out regularly can improve our overall strength and fitness.

4) Improves Your Immune System

This may be a bit more surprising, but there is research that shows listening to relaxing music actually improves the body’s immune system and reduces stress.

It was even shown to be more effective for patients who were about to undergo surgery than taking prescription medications in order to reduce anxiety.

One of the reasons that music is associated with relaxation is that it reduces levels of cortisol in the body, which is the stress hormone. It also causes the body to produce more cells that attack invading viruses while boosting the effectiveness of the immune system.

Six Relaxing Music Tracks For You

Here are some YouTube audios that can help you relax. These are designed to be listened to for anxiety or stress relief. They can also be used as meditations.

15 minutes relaxing music – ambient music & crickets

30 minutes relaxing music – ambient sounds

1 hour relaxing music – soothing piano & rain sounds

2 hours relaxing music – ambient sounds

3 hours relaxing music – soothing piano

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Music – Soothing Sitars

Are These Benefits Surprising?

Are any of these benefits of relaxing music surprising to you?  It seems to make perfect sense that engaging in relaxing background music has so many health benefits, from stress reduction, to better sleep, and even improving immune system functionality, just as regular exercise benefits our physical bodies.

Especially after a hectic and stressful day, I often resort to listening to classical music because it’s a very simple and quick way for me to calm down and feel rested. Relaxing music is used in meditation audios as well because it makes the process of mediating easier.

Synctuition is an app I’ve used for a long time to help me fall asleep.  It also has many health benefits such as anxiety and stress relief.  It’s a breakthrough technology using 3D sounds and uses music as well as nature sounds to create a meditative environment.

Read more about it here.

In fact, some more detailed benefits of listening to relaxing music include more fulfilling yoga sessions, mindful meals, relaxing airplane trips, pain reduction, inspirational mornings, calm baths, and so much more.

I hope this article answered any questions you had regarding the health benefits of calming music. If you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, I’d really love to know. Are there any musical pieces you listen to that help you relax or that you’d suggest I listen to? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading.

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