The Best Shoulder Workouts For Men – Develop Mass & Definition

This article will share with you 4 of the best shoulder workouts for men that can help you develop more mass and definition. I recently switched up my routine from being exclusive bodyweight training to now including weights for a hybrid version of the same program. After 3 months, I noticed a definite increase in definition and size in my upper arms and shoulders.

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand that developing muscle mass has more to do with increasing your calorie consumption than it does with the actual workouts your doing. The combination of the two though is absolutely killer.

You can learn more about gaining weight by lean bulking here. I just happened to bump up my calories by 200 right at the same time that I also began this hybrid routine. 3 months later, I noticed an increase in size and definition in my shoulders.

The workouts I follow are by Kinobody, and every time you switch up your routine, you target a new muscle group slightly differently than the previous round. The workout I’m referring to is the Movie Star Body hybrid routine, which places a large emphasis on working your upper body.

After doing this routine for 90 days, I noticed my upper arms and shoulders becoming more defined and thicker than they were before.

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The specific exercises that played a huge role in shoulder development were:

  • weighted dips
  • leaning lateral dumbbell raises
  • bent over dumbbell flys
  • handstand push-ups.

The beauty of all these workouts is you can do them from home with minimal equipment.

In all fairness, I’m using my grandma’s extra walker to do my weighted dips! But you could use the edge of two couches side by side. There are ways to get creative with these. Also, if you don’t have weights for dumbbell raises or flys, you can always use bottles or jugs of water.

Greg O’ Gallagher, founder of Kinobody programs has definitely taught me the art of getting creative when you don’t have access to certain pieces of equipment. There’s no excuse to not be able to get a workout in just cause you’re not at the gym, or don’t have access to dumbbells at home.

Without further ado, let’s discuss these 4 exercises that, with a proper eating routine, can truly work your shoulders amazingly well by adding mass & definition to them.

Weighted Dips

I never really understood how powerful dips were until I actually started doing them myself. Wow, this is an amazing workout, for a number of reasons. One of them is that it works your chest, triceps, and front shoulders in a single movement. This article explains in detail just how powerful this exercise is.

This is the only workout I know of that knocks out 3 different movements all in one. While this article is focused on shoulders, if you’re interested in developing mass & definition in your upper body overall, weighted dips are probably one of the most powerful workouts you can do, period.

Also, you can really increase the intensity of this workout more efficiently than you can with many others. What I mean, is that increasing the resistance of weighted dips week after week with larger increments of weight is easier to do than with other exercises. So this is an amazing workout that can help you make incredible gains very quickly.

One word of caution about this workout is that it’s important to make sure you’re doing these with proper form. In my very first week, I had a shoulder injury, because I wasn’t performing them at the proper angle. The correct way to perform these will actually put more emphasis on your chest muscles, but no worries, you’re still working your shoulders amazingly well.



This will show you how to do dips with proper form to avoid injuries.

Leaning Lateral Dumbbell Raises

A slightly awkward movement, but you can really feel this one as you do it, even with minimal weight. I started each arm at 10 pounds, and I haven’t moved beyond 17.5 pounds because this is intense and if you’re doing this movement correctly, you’ll really feel the burn.

This exercise really works the middle part of your deltoid muscle. And because you’re leaning for this specific exercise, you’ve changed the angle that your delts work. So, you have more tension on your muscles, even in the bottom position of the exercise, which isn’t the case when you do them standing upright.

The leaning position makes the exercise tougher to do because there’s a lot more tension throughout the entire movement, making it more effective at building rounder more defined shoulders.


This will show you how to do leaning lateral dumbbell raises with proper form.

Bent Over Dumbbell Flys

This exercise is fantastic at working your shoulders completely. It targets them similarly to how lateral dumbbell raises do. However, while dumbbell raises put more of an emphasis on your front shoulders, the bent-over dumbbell flys target the back of them.

This is specifically a great exercise for being able to target your rear delts, which are the main muscles in the back of your shoulders. These muscles are not easy to hit with other workouts. Bent over flys also work your rhomboids and traps.


Here’s how to do bent over dumbbell flys with proper form

Handstand Push Ups

I’ve been doing handstand push-ups since I began following Kinobody workout programs, and I continue to do them. Why? This is one of the best workouts you can do for your shoulders, and you can do this exercise just about anywhere.

No worries if you can’t do a handstand push-up right out of the gate. You can always begin by doing pike push-ups and working your way up to handstand push-ups. This is exactly what I did, and now I do these against the wall.

Because you’re using your bodyweight for this workout, you can truly add an insane amount of tension that many people don’t get by lifting weights alone.


This will show you how you can work your way up to handstand push-ups with ease.

Shoulder Workouts In Summary

These are some of the best shoulder workouts for men for truly developing size and definition.  They’re insanely powerful, and when combined with a proper eating plan, you can truly sculpt them in ways you haven’t seen before.

I do each of these workouts on different days. For instance, weighted dips, handstand push-ups, and bent-over flys are part of my Monday routine. Leaning dumbbell lateral raises are part of my Friday routine. It’s really important to give your muscles ample time to recover.

If you’re looking for a solid full-body workout routine, I strongly suggest looking into Kinobody programs. I feel that they are some of the most solid routines you can find anywhere. The reason for this is that both nutrition and resistance training are dialed in with precision to ensure you get the most powerful results possible in only 3 months.

When I say powerful results, I mean that these programs are designed to burn off excess fat and build up lean muscle at the same time, based on your specific goals, whether you’re looking to lose or gain weight.

I dropped 15 pounds and stripped off 3% body fat in first three months of the program.  I also dropped from a 32 to a 30 inch waist.  Since I’ve leaned down considerably,  I’m now in the process of gaining weight in the form of lean muscle by following a lean bulk protocol.

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There’s a simple quiz at that link that will help steer you in the right direction.  If you have weight to lose, then one program will suit you better than if you are looking to gain weight.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments at all, please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading!

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