5 Amazing Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting 16 Hours – How It Changed My Life

There are truly amazing benefits of intermittent fasting 16 hours a day and it’s honestly so much easier to do than I ever imagined. From serious fat loss to actually enjoying delicious foods again, I don’t see myself ever going back. I lost 13 pounds and stripped away 3% body fat in just a few months following this eating plan.

The word “fasting” used to scare me, and when I heard of intermittent fasting, it wasn’t any different. Are you saying I have to starve myself? No thanks. I’ll continue eating my 5 to 6 tiny little meals throughout the day as I’ve always done.

But when you come to understand that intermittent fasting is simply a matter of changing up the hours of the day that you put food into your body, it becomes a little less scary. It has nothing to do with starving yourself, and if you choose to do the 16-hour method, which is the one that I personally follow, I’d be willing to bet you’ll soon find yourself enjoying life a lot more.

Although I will cover the benefits of intermittent fasting in this article, I want to stress that the majority of the benefits laid out below are coming from my own personal experience. I like to teach people what has worked for me. It’s been a wonderful journey, physically and emotionally, and I prefer to write from that perspective rather than dive into scientific evidence or terminology that can easily be found in MayoClinic and Healthline articles.

That’s not to say I won’t get into any fact based info, as I’m sure I will. But first and foremost, I want you to know how the 16 8 intermittent fasting plan will improve your life, without all the techy mumbo jumbo getting in the way. Since I began, the 5 amazing benefits I discovered are as follows:

  1. Incredible Fat Loss
  2. No More Binge Eating
  3. No More Dieting
  4. Food Tastes Way Better
  5. So Much More Free Time

So, let me break down each of these 5 benefits one by one so you can understand how and why they will affect your life.

1 – Incredible Fat Loss

So, a lot of people decide to jump into intermittent fasting cause they’ve heard that it’ll burn fat and help them lose weight. There is certainly a truth to that, as fasting increases fat mobilization and speeds up the fat burning process. I believe it’s been incredibly powerful in my own life because I combine it with just the right amount of calories, protein, and bodyweight training.

When you bring those elements together, intermittent fasting will truly shine in regard to shaping your physique and helping you burn fat. Remember though, this is not a diet. It’s simply a time frame in which you choose to eat.

In 2017, a study conducted suggested that obese men had more substantial weight loss and fat loss than by simply eating a low calorie diet. Here are the details of that study. In another 2016 study, participants who followed the 16-hour approach of intermittent fasting combined with resistance training, lost substantially more fat over the course of 8 weeks. You can find the details of that study here.

If your goal is to burn fat and lose weight, then it’s incredibly important that you eat at a reasonable calorie deficit. I write about this quite often, as I attribute the majority of my own results to dialing in my calorie intake with precision. It’s very simple to do with the right tools. I suggest people eat at a 400 calorie deficit daily, because it’s a very realistic number.

A 400 calorie deficit will cause you to lose about 4 to 5 pounds per month. Learn how to calculate your own calorie deficit by visiting this article here. It’ll take you a minute to do, but it is a game changer when it comes to weight loss. Dropping pounds has everything to do with calorie intake and has NOTHING to do with carbs, as you’ll learn below.

2 – No More Binge Eating

I had a major problem with night eating syndrome for years. Technically, this was binge eating, because it happened in my sleep, and I’d overeat my calories on tons of foods, from sandwiches and chips, to cookies and ice cream. Even if I ate well throughout the day, I’d destroy any progress I made, because I’d be half asleep, go to the fridge to get all this food.

The next morning, I’d know exactly what I had done because I’d wake up feeling terrible and especially angry. I spent so much time trying to eat well during my waking hours, while following strict workouts. Yet, even hypnotherapy didn’t stop me from night eating.



I truly believe my midnight binge eating was a result of mental barriers I had up, because I felt I wasn’t getting enough food during my day when I was eating 5 to 6 small meals. Plus, I had no time frame for my eating. I just ate every few hours, and I knew I wasn’t supposed to eat right before bed either.

Intermittent fasting changes this structure.  The only way this system will work for optimal fat loss is if you are fasted for a full 16 hours. There is no wiggle room to mess up. You either do it or you don’t. So, I’ve chosen my fasting time to be from Midnight to 4pm the following day. Sometimes I’ll do 1am – 5pm. It just depends on when I go to bed. You can choose any time frame that works for your lifestyle.

Since the eating time frame with Intermittent Fasting is strict, there’s nothing to question and there’s no room to mess up. I didn’t have rules before, but when you implement this into your life, the one and only rule is you do not put food into your body for 16 hours. It’s that simple.

3 – No More Dieting

Oh my how fun it was when I realized I don’t have to follow any kind diet again. No more low carb or low fat or low anything. Simply eat mindfully and the fat burning just keeps going strong, even if I eat a cheeseburger and fries, with ice cream for desert. Now, this works when you follow a calorie deficit, NOT a diet. Learn about it here before you run out to McDonald’s for a Big Mac.

I’ve seen so many diet plans come and go it makes my head spin. I mean no disrespect if you are on a diet. I’ve been on them myself, and you can easily combine intermittent fasting with whatever diet you’re currently on.

I’m simply not a fan of mainstream diets because I believe their strict rules and guidelines are why so many people fail to hit their fitness goals and lose weight in the long run. Even when these diets do work initially, the problem with them is those results aren’t long-lasting and many people gain the weight back.

We’re meant to enjoy the foods we eat. No one ever asked for a cauliflower pizza, but now they exist, and you know what? I used to eat them, and they’re good! All I’m saying is you don’t have to eat a cauliflower pizza if you don’t want to. You can eat a real pizza if you want.

It wasn’t until I discovered an incredibly powerful fitness and nutrition program after years of doing the same thing again and again, that I learned I no longer have to diet. You also no longer have to worry about eating before bed. I do it every single night and I love it.

I do want to say one more thing about dieting. Even though I’m not a fan of them, if you ARE following a diet, and you’re happy with it, then you likely already know the number of calories you’re taking in each day to lose weight. That is what’s most important. You can easily incorporate the 16 hour Intermittent Fasting schedule along with your diet. I have friends who do Keto combined with this and they’re happy with it.

4 – Food Tastes Way Better

Food tastes amazing now that I follow intermittent fasting. Eating is actually exciting, the way it was when we were kids and got to order pizza on Friday nights or go out to dinner at a restaurant and eat your favorite meal.

As you know, I’m not a fan of mainstream diets. That said, it took me some time to gravitate away from my previous beliefs. I used to eat 5 to 6 small meals per day and I was predominantly eating low carb meals.

My meals were so often egg white omelets with fat free cheese or plain chicken breast and vegetables. I reserved my cheat day to be Sundays. And guess what? That Sunday cheat day messed me up big time, because I over ate by so many calories, that I would be sick all the next day.

See, with the intermittent fasting plan I follow, combined with making sure you’re getting the right amount of calories & protein in your body each day, it’s as if though every day is a cheat day. And because my meals are all pushed to a later time in the day, I get to eat HUGE feasts.

So, when I feel like eating pizza, I do. When I’m craving a new york strip steak and a cheesy baked potato, I eat it. If I’ve got a random urge for McDonad’s, I don’t hold back.

Food is now food again. It’s delicious and unbelievably enjoyable. You can experience the same exact thing as long as you’re mindful of what you eat every day and how many calories you put into your body during that 8 hour eating window. As long as you stay within your calorie budget every day, you’ve got a system for success.

When you understand your caloric needs, you have complete control over losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining your current weight. It’s a beautiful thing when you learn that all of this is completely up to you, and extremely simple to do.

5 – So Much More Free Time

This is one of the benefits I didn’t see coming when I started following the 16 hour intermittent fasting plan. Those 16 hours in your day when you don’t eat anything, actually frees up so much of your time, especially if you’re accustomed to eating 5 to 6 small meals per day.

Man, it used to be really annoying to have to think of what I was gonna eat for meal number 1, then a few hours later for meal number 2, and so on throughout my entire day. It easily ate up a full hour of my time just thinking and preparing foods in order to make sure I ate those 5 to 6 meals.

I now spend all that time getting work done that needs to get done. And I don’t even think about food throughout the day any longer. I know that I’m going to eat delicious foods later on, and I get so much more accomplished during those 16 hours earlier in the day.

Here’s something I want to mention really quickly. If you are worried about being hungry during those 16 hours, I’ll give you a few tips. I’d choose part of my fasting window to be during your sleep time. So, 8 hours of my fasting is while I sleep. And in the morning, I’m not even hungry anyway.

What I’ve found is that drinking coffee and sparkling water throughout the day keeps me satisfied. I have no appetite until later on anyway. This is what many people do during their fasting window and it seems to work great for them as well.

Summary Of Intermittent Fasting Benefits

The benefits of intermittent fasting 16 hours are pretty amazing once you actually begin. Here’s the breakdown of what you can expect by implementing it into your life:

  1. Incredible Fat Loss
  2. No More Binge Eating
  3. No More Dieting
  4. Food Tastes Way Better
  5. So Much More Free Time

I know this article didn’t focus much on scientific research or even too heavily on fat loss. But I really wanted you to see that this kind of eating schedule can really improve your overall well being because of the way it allows you to incorporate food into your life.

It’s meant to be fun and eating can be exciting again. Plus, when you combine it with a proper calorie deficit, you’ll see some amazing results. I lost 13 pounds and 3% body fat since I began and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made.

To me, the biggest benefit of following an intermittent fasting plan is the fact that food no longer feels like some kind of restrictive part of life. It’s something you can enjoy again. We need to fuel our bodies every day with nutrients anyway, so we might as well have fun while doing it, and this is a fantastic way to lose weight at the same time.

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions or comments at all, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate you being here.

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